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would Michael Jackson like John Fiennes interpreting him in a Film?

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posted on Jan, 27 2016 @ 09:52 AM
The Peace of God to all that belong to the Light,

Hi Dear Readers,

This thread is opened to start a discussion from the news that appears today published of a movie that is right now being planned in which Michael Jackson as a character is going to be acted by the awarded actor John Fiennes.

Please Read:

Joseph Fiennes Will Play Michael Jackson

There is no doubt that Fiennes is a great actor, his work in Shakespeare in Love and other productions is extraordinary in high standards of acting, but in times in which there is strong critics to the supposed lack of diversity in the Oscars it is in some way interesting but also ironic that the principal African American Singer and Musician of the Pop music of 1980s and 1990s will have to be interpreted by a white actor.

What do you think ? would Jackson accept this interpretation and genuine and acceptable or to the contrary react against racism in the media and film industry.

It is true that along the years of his life Michael experienced a very visible physical transformation that gradually gave him an appearance that is not the African American standard, but also he openly disclosed in his later days that he suffered of a genetic condition in his skin that is called vitiligo, a depigmentation for which there is no known treatment.

Please read:

Michael Jackson Vitiligo

Michael Jackson skin problem, the truth

The thread is opened to the free discussion of the topic in the framework of the rules of decorum and mutual respect in the communication.


The Angel of Lightness

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posted on Jan, 27 2016 @ 09:54 AM
a reply to: The angel of light

No, but maybe he would like Joseph Fiennes.

Ah, I see you edited the title.

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posted on Jan, 27 2016 @ 10:28 AM
Well that's certainly one way to piss off an already pissed off demographic

posted on Jan, 27 2016 @ 11:00 AM
Michael Jackson wanted to be white and he only remembered he was black during his trial when he seek support of the people.

Sure he had Vitiligo, so he bleached his skin to get an even look, does that account for the change in his face? In my opinion he may not only wanted to look white, but also a woman, nothing wrong with that really, if he would have been born 30 years latter he may had done a sex change who knows.

So my opinion is MJ was not white or black, man or woman, he was Michael Jackson, and any individual that could fit his appearance, man or woman black or white is a good fit for the roll

the man himself said it no?

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posted on Jan, 27 2016 @ 11:05 AM
I don't know, did they leave in the parts where he paid off the parents of the kids he molested?

posted on Jan, 27 2016 @ 11:13 AM

originally posted by: Discotech

Well that's certainly one way to piss off an already pissed off demographic

White people?

posted on Jan, 27 2016 @ 12:05 PM
a reply to: The angel of light

I'm not familiar with his work, but I'm sure Pappa Jackson is already consulting his lawyers.

After the reports I've seen he treated his dead son and his siblings like trash and now that his cash cow is dead he wants to cash in once again. Older friends of mine backed up those claims and said that Joe is a real piece of work and after seeing his reactions after his sons death I have to agree.

posted on Jan, 27 2016 @ 12:11 PM
Good luck to get his moves down, that guy was a freaking alien

posted on Jan, 27 2016 @ 12:57 PM
a reply to: The angel of light

Michael would probably only say nice things about it in public but behind closed doors he wouldn't be happy about it.

He fought for black people in the industry, he was a proud black man and was proud of his heritage.
So in all realness I don't BELIEVE he would have been happy about it.

I hate it when people say, well he was white during those years, or he was closer to white than black.

No, he was and always will be a black man. Vitilago didn't make him white, what does that make a white person who has vitilago?

Vitilago kills the pigmentation and white people HAVE pigmentation.

Back to the question.
If he was alive he would most likley not approve that the movie would be made, and absolutly not with a white man represanting a black man.

posted on Jan, 27 2016 @ 12:58 PM
a reply to: The angel of light

Who cares what Michael Jackson thinks, he's dead.

The only people who do care are racists.

What were they going to do, get a black guy and paint his face white?!

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posted on Jan, 27 2016 @ 12:59 PM
a reply to: tothetenthpower


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posted on Jan, 27 2016 @ 01:28 PM
It's about respect.

Of course non MJ fans don't care, never will care.

But for those who did and do love him, respect him, care about him, care about what he was all about and wants his legacy to continue, do care.

It doesn't matter if the person is dead or alive.
It all has to do with respect, love and compassion.

But we also know that all people don't have those attributes.

posted on Jan, 27 2016 @ 02:51 PM
a reply to: AugustusMasonicus

North Koreans, Kim Jong loves Jackson

posted on Jan, 28 2016 @ 05:53 PM
a reply to: Discotech
In 1993 Michael Jackson granted a Historic interview to Oprah, to clarify many myths and half truths that the media has repeated a lot years with respect to his career, his truly motivations, his difficulties and challenges, as well as why he went in to too many surgeries or skin treatments, etc.

A crucial question was precisely asked to him, and he clearly responded that he would not like to see a white actor performing his character in any film at future.

Here are links in which you can check this precious gem of journalism,

Michael Jackson Interview with Oprah

Michael Jackson talks to Oprah 1993


The Angel of Lightness
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posted on Jan, 28 2016 @ 06:03 PM
a reply to: The angel of light

The question was specifically about a CHILD playing him during his young years.

Before the disease and the skin bleaching.

Also, it was 1993. I assume his ideas about what an adult playing him should look like, might have changed in 20 years.

said as much in 1993 when Oprah Winfrey asked him whether it was true he wanted a white child actor to play a younger version of himself in an early '90s Pepsi ad.

"That is so stupid," Jackson told Winfrey in the sit-down interview. "That's the most ridiculous, horrifying story I've ever heard. "Me when I was little. Why would I want a white child to play me? I'm a black American."


posted on Jan, 28 2016 @ 06:16 PM
a reply to: The angel of light

would Michael Jackson like John Fiennes interpreting him in a Film?

Considering that Michael Jackson spent so many years lightening his complexion... I can't imagine he'd complain. In fact, it basically rounds out what he himself began.

posted on Feb, 4 2016 @ 02:15 PM
While he was certainly an iconic music personality, an innovator, etc., it is all overshadowed by the allegations against him, that according to even his own words, seems to definitely point to those accusations being true.

While no doubt his lifestyle and its departure from reality has some bearing there, ultimately, his own actions, so the blame falls squarely on him.

posted on Feb, 9 2016 @ 01:53 PM
a reply to: Gazrok

Well Gazrok,

Your claim that Michael Jackson has a place in History of Music more for the scandals around him than for any other thing is not only exaggerated it is definitively unacceptable, you are talking about the greatest talent of the Pop music, a man that had a unique combination of gifts that are extremely difficult to find in only one person:

Dancer, Musician, Singer, producer, actor and even at some point composer.

Michael was already famous even before to reach adulthood, and one of the most famous American figures ever known around the world, he was for years a cultural ambassador of the country.

Please Read:

We are talking about a person that in only 50 years of life span became recipient of an incredible large list of honors:

Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1980 with the Jacksons
Hollywood Walk of Fame 1984 as solo artist.
Music Awards' Best-Selling Pop Male Artist of the Millennium,
American Music Award's Artist of the Century Award
Bambi Pop Artist of the Millennium Award.
Double-inductee of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, of The Jackson 5 in 1997 and later as a solo artist in 2001.
Vocal Group Hall of Fame (as a Jackson 5 member) in 1999
Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2002.
In 2010, Dance Hall of Fame as the first (and currently only) dancer from the world of pop and rock 'n' roll.
In 2014, Second class of inductees to the Rhythm and Blues Music Hall of Fame;
8 Guinness World Records just in 2006,
13 Grammy Awards
The Grammy Legend Award
The Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award
26 American Music Awards (including the "Artist of the Century" and "Artist of the 1980s"),
13 number-one singles in the US in his solo career—more than any other male artist in the Hot 100 era
Estimated sales of over 400 million records worldwide,
Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters Degree from the United Negro College Fund
Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters from Fisk University.

Now, there are always scandals when somebody has fame, and it is difficult to determine how many of them were actually what they appeared, or were also probably smartly manufactured by people wanting to get money from him.


The Angel of Lightness

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