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Hand and Hand

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posted on Jan, 24 2016 @ 04:34 PM
Some journeys are short
and some are long,
but without you,
I don't think I can go on.

The distance falls like despair,
the trail ahead disappears
like a mirage, it shimmers
and distorts my fears.

My path, my road
is no longer straight
but crooked and narrow,
without an open gate.

I am reduced to one foot before the other,
afraid to stop and rest.
I sing to myself
and whistle to the trees.

Where once I walked with friends,
I am joined by strangers.
I see the faces of those turning back,
they look familiar.

Some hurry ahead,
while others fall behind.
No one keeps my pace,
no one recognizes my face.

Lonely road, mile upon mile,
so many turns and twists,
grimaces and sweat
and poor feeble smiles.

I climb out of dark valleys,
face stiff winds and harsh weather.
There is scarce shadow to shade my soul
from the burning sun.

An unforgiving sense of destination
offers future joy but yells at me,
“Keep going, keep going!
Don't give up, you're almost home!

It cuts my soul like a knife,
separating flesh from bone,
I feel like I can't make it without you
and that I shouldn't even try to.

Are you ahead or behind?
I just want your hand in mine,
and walk shoulder to shoulder,
and complete this journey together.

Some journeys are short
and some are long,
but without you,
I don't think I can go on.

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posted on Jan, 24 2016 @ 09:33 PM
Awwww, makes me want to reach out and hug the person. So heartfelt!

posted on Jan, 25 2016 @ 07:50 AM
a reply to: Night Star

Your hug would be much welcome! I have been going through a period of much "felt" loneliness. I have friends and family and much love but currently living as a bachelor. So the things I am writing about are a reflection of what I am most feeling. This too shall pass just like the seasons. Thanks for taking the time to respond. I hope this year will be good for you!

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