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Atlantis and its recurring human inheritors

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posted on Jan, 19 2016 @ 08:30 PM
Atlantis.......reviewed as the Cuban origin life destruction.....from ancient human occultists millions of years ago. BDD5cQsAQIUA#imgrc=f5NclTmBRBJflM%3A

Fused stone melt temple site. The key of Prophecy.

The information states that human life has been reviewed as a constant act of self destruction......advised by the crystal fused light spirit that transmits its information in the holographic memory of our atmosphere.

The ancients did a science...they destroyed our life on Earth.

Earth's nature returned from out of origin light...after the atmospheric Earth gases refilled emptied out space. Earth's Heaven communicated to origin Light Heaven. Spirit returned to life on Earth...we emerged out of origin light at the ground state, which is why spirit visitors walk out of origin light into visitor spirit manifestation.

The spirit consciousness who destroyed life reinherited its own spirit DNA radiation realization of conversion....the original spirit in origin light who sang for Earth's conversion. HIs memory impregnated in stone.

The first recorded mention of the Old Man was in 1805. It collapsed on May 3, 2003

February 28, 2003: "We all felt like we needed to put on 'hard hats'! The sky was absolutely full of meteors," recalls astronomer Jim Young of JPL's Table Mountain Observatory. Earth had just plunged into a debris stream trailing comet Tempel-Tuttle; the resulting meteor storm, the 1966 Leonids, was literally dazzling.

This weekend it could happen again.

Right: Jim Young photographed this Leonid fireball in 1966.

On March 1, 2003, around 2154 universal time (UT), our planet will encounter a stream of dusty comet debris "only 12,000 km from Earth. That's as close as the Leonid debris stream was in 1966," says Bill Cooke of the NASA Marshall Space Flight Center's Space Environments Team.

CUBA, now suffering Earthquakes.....huge sink holes appeared.

The seals of the Earth as demonstrated in the badland attack can cause holes to open and release volcanic magma.

This is why the above ground seal of volcanic magma in CUBA is the above ground strata was replaced in the ancient Earth attack.

Now that the attack has been reinvented by the application of nuclear fuel creation and now the collider experiments Earth is demonstrating its destruction.

The ancient Christ realization against occult practices was reviewed as the CARPENTER (secret meaning plate tectonics)

The Carpenter review was against the stone Mason review .....the philosophy of the stone.

The Carpenter...the builder with WOOD identified that the use of conversion signals WOOD/AIR/FIRE/WATER altered the natural fusion of Planet Earths crystal.

The Carpenter review stated that the stone plates were destroyed as evidence of the LAST.

Therefore the review would state.....that natural fusion was altered and 3 states of crystal fusion removed.

1st removal of fusion was with uranium crystal.
2nd removal of fusion was with plutonium crystal.
3rd removal of fusion was with lava.

4 x 3 = the holiness of 12 LIGHT in the Earth atmosphere.

4 levels of fusion.

Stone therefore attests to 1 level of fusion left....natural and older colder stone....origin itself.

What happened in the ancient review when sink holes opened...and earthquakes were initiated? the loss of crystal fusion no longer interacted in the atmospheric wavelengths with the Sun irradiations.

posted on Jan, 19 2016 @ 09:42 PM
a reply to: beenharmed

what meteor cloud/shower is supposed to happen this weekend?

I'm sorry, but I don't see how any of these different sites/references to Atlantis/Emerald Tablets relate to each other. it seems like a bit of a reach - feel free to try to explain the connections between these things because I don't see it
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posted on Jan, 20 2016 @ 06:59 PM
Crystal light wavelength imagery.

Channeling of spirit holographic memory involves the crystal fusion of Earth's stone.

Stone therefore changes holographic memory when the fusion of crystal is altered.

As the ancients also did gravitational changes to the force of the atmosphere due to using levitation after applying the signal to gain the was attacked...the fusion is combusted...sink holes appear....magma oozes through the holes and the holes are very close to being opened.

Inside of Earth are many emptied out tunnels of crystal fusion that once existed as a fixed body on origin Earth...called Atlantis as a holographic memory.

We know about our origins only because the Earth in the stone levitation activation face rip off and crystal liquefaction/combusting into sand/dust outcome converted a higher atmospheric gas body that supported the huge amount of crystalline inlay of Earth.

It is obvious that Earth had this inlay, when you research the geographical/morph of the stone body...with a filial inlaid pattern, now missing the crystal bed.

Our ancient brother's angelic being impression was made in that crystal bed....for the human males are the origin Creators. We now live as a smaller version of a huge angelic presence. Change of light and Universal sound made us become smaller.

The atmosphere converted into the saving body he reviewed as Christ from the memory...the holiness of oxygen and water creation. Water saved Earth from totally exploding, like other Planets in the Universe...water fell upon the face of Earth, which is why the memory stated that Earth sunk beneath water.

I have also seen this holographic memory.

Every time the Earth loses its crystal fusion from irradiation attacks caused by occult science converting Earth's crystal fusion for energy/fuel, the Earth crystal records change. The records then give new holographic information about the disasters activated by loss of underground fusion.

As sink holes have been appearing everywhere around the Earth...what occult science did not consider is that magma released filled up the ancient holes bored into Earth when Earth lost its crystal fused body...and altered into the Earth we know. As the magma is a younger cooled stone formation, it is the first sign of Earth combusting.

Beneath the holes of magma are huge Earth holes.

When enough crystal fusion is lost from the amount of collider removal of energy or the Holy Ghost embedded inside of the Earth...then the sink holes open into huge holes.

Earthquakes are a sign that the O fused bodies inside of Earth stone have been weakened by removal of their nuclear orbital fusions. The plates begin to crumble from the removal of the magma that restabilized Earth as a body.

Cuba is a true review of what the Collider is causing incorporation with nuclear fuel.

The 2 conditions are the destruction for life on Earth.

Earth does not naturally change its fusion...the fusion is needed for Earth's stability.

Hence the ancient memory is warning us. The warning of Thoth relates to the changes of the crystal chambers of Planet Earth...and when the information was related a huge history of human beings changing light...being attacked and causing atmospheric then losing their life. Life then returned...the human males consciousness reconsiders the acts of converting and attack life again.

This is simply a review of the occult itself. It was how our ancient brother regained his original memory to allow conversion of Earth's crystal for he was present when the conversion of crystal was activated.

As we have always stated...our lower brother's male consciousness is a self possessed occultist who only wants to continue to destroy life....his consciousness only considers that he is a powerful conjurer...magician and scientist and the warnings of spirit have always professed that under the leadership (channeled information) will possess the male human who then commits our life to destruction...the prophecies already proven.


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