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Random: Fractured /linear time and the universe, thoughts.

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posted on Jan, 17 2016 @ 10:27 AM
So I was thinking,

What if we were all stuck in a time machine?

I am not arguing that we are all in a self contained mechanism that transported us into different states of time's progression or even to another time. I am asking if it could be possible for us to be stuck in a projected field that was effecting the local time around us?

I argue that time is fractured from its consolidated state on a quantum level. The distinction of past present and future is absolutely valid and true, HERE. Time dilation and known effects of density of matter and other factors like proximity to a star or black hole change the perceived progression of time. Right?

So what if we were stuck in a sort of rainbow effect. A projected field or effect that fractured time into its basic states of past present and future. Space time may exist in a collective state on a quantum level as energy and we may be caught in a pocket of space time where everything is being broken down into its base state as part of a convergence back into energy. Like everything had a fluctuating state of existence., Like a heart beat...... all energy being converted into matter and back again.

basically time is naturally supposed to exist on a quantum level beyond linear progression of quantifiable energy and matter.
WE may exist on what is really the quantum level. The natural state of all things is different beyond this bubble or effected area of space where all energy is being converted into matter, forming space time and then being converted back into energy...., but really its an oddity with dysfunctional laws of physics. lol. No.

It is as if the perceived universe was all a recycling system for energy and time is only present withing the blender before the energy smoothie is poured out into the natural universe on the other quantum side. The subatomic everything and beyond that.

Matter may just be a state of energy. This entire perceived universe could have various fields and forces altering it, slowly consuming it like a big digestive system. All matter is slowly converted into energy, and energy as it changes from state to state passes through our universe and forms matter.

Stars could be giant mechanisms for converting matter into energy, matter that was once energy itself. We could be like bacteria in a tank of a recycling system. The outside world beyond the tank we live in could be vastly different. There could be no distinction between the tank and the outside world, yet because of matter existing here a "universe" formed much like a tank where a conversion process is taking place.

Perhaps part of that conversion process involves the natural fracturing of time around matter into linear form as it is converted back into energy.

I dont know.

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