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Me and the reptilians,

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posted on Jan, 17 2016 @ 03:21 AM
I remember my first encounter of one in particular, I was in a lucid dream. I was dreaming that I was in a cave with a fire pit in the center. I cannot exactly describe what this alien looked like except it was a reptilian, but I can describe it’s voice. It had very strong vocal cords and very high fidelity and strength in it’s vocal tone. It kind of reminded me of a wicked witches voice. It spoke with such clarity you could make out the sounds of each letter as if you were listening to English for beginners with 7.1 vocal audio. Like 24 bit audio with 3d 7.1 sound.

Anyone ever had similar experience ?

posted on Jan, 17 2016 @ 05:18 AM
a reply to: Svaba

Shouldn't this be in the dream forum? After all, that is what it is and calling it a lucid dream pretty much cements that even though I assume your use of the term "lucid" let you think that it was a valid experience beyond a mere dream.

posted on Jan, 17 2016 @ 05:46 AM
I love me a good reptilian thread but I gotta say this one is highly disappointing

It reads more like a sound technicians report on concert acoustics than the shape changing, flesh eating, mind controlling yummyness I was expecting

posted on Jan, 17 2016 @ 07:44 AM
Any Probing?

posted on Jan, 17 2016 @ 08:51 AM
a reply to: Svaba

What was it saying?

posted on Jan, 17 2016 @ 08:57 AM

Švabo, Švaba (offensive)

Term Švabo (Cyrillic: Швабо) is most often used in jokes but also very popularly used by the Yugoslav Partisans during the Second World War. In SFR Yugoslavia it was commonly used in the movies depicting the battles betweens the Partisans and Nazi forces.

Me thinks we are being clowned…

posted on Jan, 17 2016 @ 08:58 AM
So you had a dream which involved movie audio standards?

posted on Jan, 17 2016 @ 09:01 AM
a reply to: Svaba
Would you be willing to tell more? Can you elaborate on what the Reptilian was saying etc., if you wouldn't mind? Thanks.

posted on Jan, 17 2016 @ 04:01 PM
I have to admit, that was kind of disappointing.

You should add, what they thing was telling you, or conveying. I know this works through his frontal projection of conscious thought, so what was it?

I've come across a "reptilian" once in my inner journeys.. a had a "foot in the door" in the physical/primary consciousness, and another in a different space. .
Was a pretty low moment for me, prior to this masculine entity and it's confrontation. Very sad, upset, a bit frustrated and such..

He showed up face to face, and snarled at me. I could read his signature and identify his negative intentions.
Rather "pull my foot out of the door", and banish the confrontation, I chose to "shift gears" and project my will on this thing.

It didn't like that, and itself, chose to banish the experience. Which was a relief he wasn't trully ready for confrontation.

I posted such points in another thread a week or two ago, about confrontation with lesser entities/demonic etc..

Having said that, I can completely describe him, his features, colour, expression and my "scan" of his ...."energetic signature".

Like any lizard like creature it's face was elongated, there was a good depth between head and face.
Facial structure was akin to an alligator. It had a "snout" pretty much.

The texture of its skin, exactly how one would assume, who has not witnessed one of these entities, but a biological lizard or snake-like creature.
It's skin was bumpy, and coloured like lizards we see on Earth, with dark purple blemishes.

It's eyes were very lizard like, green and grey in colour. His facial expression as I said, he was snarling, as if he was trying to intimidate me.

The "scan"; this indivudal was very intelligent. I could feel his mental power, was not like any human mind I've encountered. He was very intellectual.
His intention was deceptive, as if he expected me to have no wits.. or he may of assumed his intimidation tactic would work.

Just a dark individual. His aura, I wanted nothing of. Hence I decided to switch gears. His energy was uncomfortable and he was annoying me in my self time of reflecting (being low priority to the encounter).

Anyone trying to knock off OP or others with such experiences in nature's others, may or may not be familiar with... should stick to the realm of thought and experience they are sure of.

Bing atheist or religious, philosophical. . Whatever, has noting to do with what EXISTS. It's all opinionated or lack of experiences chiming in realms they no not about.

People want security and comfort within their current understanding of existence. That is purely fine, keep your mind where it needs to be then. Allow others more experienced to discuss and relate on things they may have experienced, or are even adept in such realms.

Good thread topic OP, but add more to this thread, that's kind of the poiny of authoring one.

Eta- this entire encounter as mentioned, was consciously awake. This was not the dream space I was in, was a different space and also still partially conscious of my being in the body on my bed.

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posted on Jan, 17 2016 @ 04:47 PM
Mine was during our sitings, this one huge cloud that was perfect cloud ship, with kind of grooved edge, don't know maybe 80 feet circumference, just guessing, low, it looked like it was behind the tops of a cluster of tall evergreens but I would have suggested low plane height. It was afternoon. All the other clouds were up in the sky. But felt this really negative energy, felt afraid, and lept back in the house. Then thought, this isn't like me, and so went out a minute later and it was gone.

Like this but more perfect and symmetrical. I actually have to edit to add this: can't find a good picture in a quick search. It was slimmer depth, maybe 80 feet or so in circumference, like a slightly fat (diameter) frisbee with beveled or grooved edges, perfect symmetrical shape:

Then the next day, picked up the kids from elementary school, was on the computer, and my youngest possibly 8 or 9, ran in and said for me to come outside and see the cloud ship. I hadn't even discussed the idea of a cloud ship. My native friend has talked about them and thinking they're going to be taking them away in end time disasters, but I feel she should rethink this idea. Anyway went out with him, and it was gone. He pointed to the same place I'd seen it and it was roughly the same time.

The third day, just prior to picking them up from school. Didn't go outside, but was so tired that I laid down on the couch with sleep falling so quickly, as if going down for surgery.

The reptilian was in my mind, it was like a movie in my head, interactive, could see his console and seat in what looked like a control room, and the image he took was this (again edit to add: dark red eyes):
The top one in the middle.

He was actually semi attractive for a reptile, but that wasn't really a normal feeling. He had yellow and greenish mottled scaley skin and muscular physic like a body builder. And there was a strong rush of: wanting to talk to him, seeing images of us at a table, drinking coffee, he was answering every question I had or could throw at him, and had this very compelling male vibrant energy.

This was happening in about 1 minute, a 10 minute detailed image, as I was being put to sleep, and I knew it was a trap, somehow knew he or they needed permission to contact me or take me or whatever this was about. If I'd gone to sleep which was almost impossible to prevent, this would be giving permission, but instead rolled off the couch yelling NO! I have to pick up my kids!

Also there was a contact in the bath, it was a couple perceiving this in my mind as human but they identified as a formal name of a reptilian race from Father basically, ie serving God. It was most odd. Male and Female and they took turns talking, putting out a message that was about: writing/posting, meditatating, working for positive, bringing about a positive outcome to all problems and that I was from the future and had come into this situation for this work. Something about timelines and this how they tweak them and assist, that wasn't just about reptilians that was about all positive groups. That there was another side working against the progression of people here. That I didn't remember but just to continue. I was recoiling on the whole part of identifying as reptilian and he said, that no one expects anyone to trust anyone without proof. Not to worry about this they weren't offended. That Good trees bear Good fruit over time.

I was very close to actually being asleep in the tub, inbetween wake and sleep.

So I don't believe they're all evil either.

Have other messages from being from the future coming in here, not from just that group, but also some memories.

one more edit: Learnt something on that cloud ship siting and the follow up: they need permission. Not every group can just access a person. There are different sides here and believe very strongly interventions can take place and experienced this twice in memory.
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posted on Jan, 18 2016 @ 10:43 AM
a reply to: Unity_99

Thanks for sharing that Unity.

Of course, these realities and natures of foreign consciousness able to make physical and Non-physical contact with us, is very unbelievable and not accepted by most.

Which is almost irritating that people only look to the material world, and do not understand the internal world.
All things always start INSIDE and manifest OUTSIDE.
Just like a seed, egg, a mammal coming from a vagina, planets coming from stars, stars dispersing from the center of galaxies, or galaxies forming from the universal womb.

It's how our reality works, the construct of life, who we are, and what we created to be apart of. No one understand or agrees how the universe and our existence came to be; what is accepted by Western thought is a random and spontaneous event happened for no reason, and things started evolving from dark matter..

But from that point of the first visible matter manifesting; it could only do so being outside of something, that was inside and created it.

In simple terms; a 1 came from a 0. But 0 is everything and nothing. All the potential of everything to be created from consciousness, nothing in the material universe.
1 being the intial matter formed from 0, which would be the first visible matter of the universe.

The point here; people see the material and not what is unseen, because they trust the eyes in their sockets to be the truth of what EXISTS outside of their self (the matter being visibly observed from the conscious entities inside a material-body).

Hence the third eye, mind eye, eye of Ra, all seeing eye ... its different words trying to say; the visual component to see what is not material.

There is an unseen realm, where consciousness IS TEEMING with intelligence and entities self aware of their experiences.

They are in another space that is not of the material.

If an individual wants to knock off what is not seen with two eyes in sockets, not entities looking outside from within. .. because it's too fantastical and has no material proof, that's their choice!

Real eyes, realize, what is real. And to realize such, one must use the "third eye" to discover such.

There exists alternative spaces, and one can be completely immersed in them if they understand the paradox of life and have disciplined and practiced internal work.

You work externally, your job, your family, your home, and everything that comes with the external system of control.

Why wouldn't you work inside, where YOU are, which will be the same space you will be brought back to when the body ceases to function. The space of.your origination, before losing memory of self as a baby fetus.

Meaning, when body dies, you will not even be externalized in that moment and the moments following, you will be conscious of yourself, in an internal space.

If one thinks reptilian and aliens are anything to disbelieve, that is a personal choice based on ignorance, fear of unknown, and lack of experience.

Or learn yourself and the natures of your own being, journey your internal world and manifest. Experience what you were birthed too, it's not just what your 5 senses of the body are receptive too, but the potential of your mind, heart, and consciousness and what they are receptive too.

I wrote such a post for people to understand, these are real encounters, and such beings (reptilian, grey and whatever other entities have been encountered via human consciousness) do indeed exist and have their own thoughts and feelings.

That's the nature of life, to think and feel based on environment, interaction, engagement, and social situations.

What is inside, controls the matter. So what is the origin of thought and consciousness then?

That's what science should be looking for. Not what is obvious and possible to measure based on material forms.

Then, as a species, we can understand this foreign conscious entities and more so, we can develop and expand to or beyond their own intelligence.

To reach divine potential. Our birth right.
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posted on Jan, 18 2016 @ 11:55 PM
a reply to: Elementalist

In simple terms; a 1 came from a 0. But 0 is everything and nothing. All the potential of everything to be created from consciousness, nothing in the material universe.
1 being the intial matter formed from 0, which would be the first visible matter of the universe.

YES! That is it in a nutshell. We're infinite parts of infinite Mind, so all is from that perspective of creation from within.
Only when the question came concerning why anything exists, why is it like this, and the double slit experiment came to me where the "electron" interacted with itself in all possibilities and realized the answer was every conceivable possibility was the only possible reason or outcome of existence. But, that nothing cancels itself out as its void. Its really infinite something.

edit to add: the thing about creation or something people are here and many other places is to try and grow skills, get better at discipline, envisioning, health, communication, support, creativity, solutions, overcoming limitations or anger/flaws. But they can only do so when the platform for learning something is there, and for many its not, they're put in stress and barely clinging to the life raft (if they're lucky and born in the right countries to begin with) to try and keep afloat. I've been shown learning on the next levels, thats where all those who don't even get the opportunities to grow the way they would like can begin to. Here seems to be more about having the will to open mind to that growth and doing as best as one can not to endorse or give into dark traps, or to learn from them if they do.

The Good is here and all around us, not quite sure how inside really works, to rescue, to uphold, to strengthen, to support, to yank out kicking and screaming if necessary, as many as they can.

The part about inside, when I'm meditating, I've noticed that the field plain is infinite, and wondered what the boundaries are as they're not real. A fractal or half a hologram, contains the whole. So are we the whole already within. Its like when you close your eyes, there is no wall from within, without and within are the same thing.
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posted on Jan, 19 2016 @ 12:08 PM
a reply to: Unity_99

One of my favorite quotes growing up as a child..

"The universe has no boundaries and is infinite, bringing limitless possibilities. When we close our eyes; there is no boundaries and our thoughts are infinite.
What does that say about ourselves?"

The mind is boundless, it needs to be explored as does the external universe. To be understood, developed, expand, which allows one to reach internal heights.

Once again, externalizing yourself is a choice. Mainly via 5 receptive senses, one will take what their senses can receive (in signals to the brain) and take the reality at face value.
Then always trusting the 5 senses as if what they are receptive too (sight, sound, tastes, scents, feel/textures) is the only thing that exists.

FOOLS. That is half of what you can experience..

If I focus enough to leave my body in meditative states or pure will/intention; I will be in a parallel space where ones 5 senses cannot sense me.

But a third eye and strong aura could sense me.

Also, in such a space, I can see, hear, smell, touch, feel.

So what is real...

Adepts understand there is one truth; all consciousness and matter are projecting from the same source.

That is real. The rest is temporary.
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