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The Murder Of Arminas Pileckas, A Syrian Will Restore Peace

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posted on Jan, 15 2016 @ 03:53 PM
As we see from this about to be dropped bombshell, if the girls fight back they could get knifed.

The Syrian boy harassed the girls. The Lithuanian boy slapped him on camera. The Syrian boy swore revenge and stabbed the Lithuanian in the back as he sat on a bench. From this we can extrapolate he'd stab the girls if they offended his 'honour'.

If the girls formed vigilante groups and kicked the harassing boys in the family jewels would they be at risk of mortal repercussions? It seems likely.

The outcome of that we can all guess.

I've been watching this story for a few hours now and it's simmering ready to blow.

It's going to take a Syrian warrior/poet to calm this situation.

The Thirteenth Warrior, my friend, is you.

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