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Alien Ideas

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posted on Jan, 14 2016 @ 10:15 PM
Things to consider regarding aliens:

Could the radiation from alien craft be there on purpose, though not absolutely needed for propulsion, for the purpose of "cleaning the outside of the craft from contaminants (bacteria, viruses, etc.) Maybe the radiation is the cleaning function of the craft to make sure that no "germs" hitch a ride.

Perhaps if aliens did indeed need to take time travelling to get here the size of the grays' bodies is on purpose, so that the amount of food needed is kept to a minimum. Smaller = Less food consumption.

It could be that the grays are the workers, and the good looking aliens are the people in charge. Think of the "little people" with big eyes and tiny pupils, the eyes round rather than asian, their bodies looking kind of plump, with an odd sense of humor and an attitude. (interpret this as hypothetical)

What would be the most valuable things that aliens can provide humans with in exchange for stuff? Medicine. On the top things that are most important to people when asked in surveys "what is the most important thing that you could ask for?" The answer is health. You might just find that some of the new medicine has an origin somewhere outside of the corporate or university chem lab.

People are not very intelligent when compared to "aliens." Lets say an alien has a life span of a thousand years and is mentally far superior to humans. This would indicate that we need to seriously work on bridging that gap. I'm thinking about Mensa marrying other Mensa members creating a break away civilization.

There are people out there that really really want to silence UFO/Alien conversation. Think about the possible risks before diving in. Imagine Men In Black (the real MiB, not the movies) knocking on your door at night, or stop you while you are driving. Their presence is menecing, there have been people who "fell" out of high-story windows at night or have found themselves dead from some horrific type of murder making it look like the theorist killed themselves. Sometimes the closer you get to the truth in this area of study the harder it is to leave to save yourself should you be targeted.

If you're going to get seriously into this (alien science, exopolitics, contact) then seriously keep a low profile. Someone or some people are trying very very hard to keep this secret an actual secret. With no exaggeration, unless you are willing to ruin your life and the lives of your loved ones be careful to keep a low profile. Think of the lawn mower analogy, the blade of grass that is the tallest is the first one to get cut down.

Keep the relics. It is often found that there are things left around witnesses to aliens. The tokens might be things of any sort of size or shape, just so long as you can be certain that they weren't there before. Such items can be stones for example. Place these outside by a flourishing plant; if the plant dies then get rid of the item or items some place safe (away from people); if the plant does not die or even grows at an increased rate than bring the stone (or whatever the object is) into your bedroom and sleep beside it. If you can't remember your visitation try to recall any strange sounds after the event, like sound of many flying insects but not seeing anything of that sort. This will ground you in reality so that you have a place to start remembering from. If you decide to undergo hypnotic regression be sure that the hypnotist is trained in police/security authorized hypnosis. That means no leading questions, no "transference." Also, a serious point to consider is : "do you really want to know?" I speculate that many people would have a better life not knowing horrors buried deep within. Even if the memories are not horrors at all but simple contact, do you want to have that new reality in your life?

Some things to consider...

posted on Jan, 14 2016 @ 11:40 PM
Well-written and thought-provoking thread. Nicely done, friend.

posted on Jan, 15 2016 @ 12:42 AM
a reply to: kittensandpaws

A threat to humanity, as usual.

Aliens....a human created outcome...caused by atmospheric body removal, burnt by converting processes...the burning of atmospheric gases..witnessed in the UFO bodies, to then form an alien spirit presence via the transmitting signals.

The signals transmitted seen by psychic awareness are signals of radiation...old radiation, heated radiation. Cooled radiation does not have signals.

UFO ships therefore demonstrate that science of the occult is currently attacking and destroying life on Planet about the outcomes so that the public will not notice the life and cell changes happening to us all.

I think it too late to warn the public about the UFO and ALIEN discussions on forums, for the evidence is already known.

Good luck to everyone......that's about all any human could say to another, after realizing how destructive UFO activation actually is.

How indecent this information is, to impose a healing spiritual circumstance to an Alien craft...what a laugh.

Next thing you will hear is a NASA spokesperson saying that an alien craft is Jesus...wouldn't surprise me after what you have written about ugly they are, I always thought that the Healer spirit was a beautiful being...and I do not think Aliens beautiful myself...a scientist might think so though, I hear that they don't get out much in the public.

posted on Jan, 15 2016 @ 02:20 AM
Why do people assume aliens are bad and scary monsters etc .. They may just look the same as us just more superior ????

They are here already

posted on Jan, 15 2016 @ 05:47 AM
a reply to: kittensandpaws

Interesting stuff S&F.
But I still believe the "greys" are not real aliens. Just think about it: we send our robots to explore for us, because it is the smartest thing to do.
If they managed to go faster than the speed of light it would be impossible for a biological entity to stand the pressure of its own weight.
What about the time manipulation? If the time on the ship is manipulated to make them go from a to b in a blink of an eye for the observer, wouldn't the time on the ship still take very long to pass? Or how else could they manouver safely through all the planets, stars, black holes, comets and asteroids? Robots. Definetly robots.

People are not very intelligent when compared to "aliens." Lets say an alien has a life span of a thousand years and is mentally far superior to humans. This would indicate that we need to seriously work on bridging that gap. I'm thinking about Mensa marrying other Mensa members creating a break away civilization.

Seriously? You know how that sounds and what that would lead to?
Everybody can be a worthy and meaningfull member of society, not only the smartest ones. Everybody can learn, and sometimes those who have to work harder to gain their wisdom, contribute more, than suicidal geniuses.
And given the right AI-compagnion... the dumbest duck could be as smart as aliens.

"do you really want to know?" I speculate that many people would have a better life not knowing horrors buried deep within. Even if the memories are not horrors at all but simple contact, do you want to have that new reality in your life?


posted on Jan, 15 2016 @ 01:46 PM
a reply to: kittensandpaws

One of the most important technologies that the star travelers could provide us the ability to harness fusion power generation --- Since the otherworlders use a magnetically contained fusion plasma shield, that surrounds their starship, mainly for landing in brushy covered landing zones; but also for offensive an defensive OP's. The swirling plasma currents are electrified, thus having the ability to have the plasma create it's own magnetic shield.

They must use some sort of aneutronic fusion...which would make the neutron levels [created by the plasma] very low. Any remaining neutron rays would be stopped by a small layer of seawater that surrounds the hull of the starship --- Besides the seawater being the source of fuel for plasma generation --- Once the fusion reaction is stopped --- the seawater is released onto the landing zone --- in order to douse any ground fires that were created by the plasma.

posted on Jan, 15 2016 @ 02:25 PM
When we (actually) get to another planet, we'll be the aliens. Does that make us superior / better looking ?

posted on Jan, 15 2016 @ 03:28 PM
The only ETs worth calling ETs are here to wake you up so you grow up and graduate this planet. The rest are just bullies and lower beings.

posted on Jan, 17 2016 @ 07:32 PM
We live as a conscious awareness on a stone Planet surrounded by a massed atmosphere.

Human beings the only higher spiritual consciousness.

Human beings form do conversion using our own planetary information....stone energy fusion and also atmospheric fusion....the only awareness that we personally have.

We do conversions and change natural radiation light and radiation begins to infiltrate our atmosphere and forms FAKE/ARTIFICIAL light sound....causing brain changes of chemical reactions and also imagery itself.

Fake spirits manifest from out of the transmitted held FAKE CONSTANT....the fake constant attacks us...but attacks us as a random event...due to ground radiation changes.

No Aliens exist in out of space....for only Planet Earths atmosphere allows the spirit to manifest.

The spirit manifests when occult scientific practices are used...converting the nuclear dust. The ancient documents attest that they too converted the nuclear dust. We may not understand the actual scientific details, yet the information states that they used dust.

We are the conscious presence as an organic life form that decided to change our own natural environment.

Our consciousness advises us that we created an artificial chemical reaction and an artificial spirit...we told ourselves so.

Who is reviewing the Alien....human beings are.

Does your consciousness exist in out of space.....NO, impossible, no human consciousness exists in out of space.

How would you gain awareness of out of space imagery?

Because it is being recorded in out of space, moving in out of space....and being transmitted to our personal psyche from out of space. We therefore have nothing to do with out of space and are being attacked by star radiation from out of space.

This changes our natural Earth perception and Earth spiritual awareness as an attack. We call it an attack because we are aware as a spirit psyche that we are being attacked.

ALIENS therefore only form on Planet Earth in place of our own spiritual life condition...ownership of the atmosphere and the atmospheric interactions for cell life...for blood health...for healthy mind/brain chemical conditions.

Science steals the atmospheric condition for scientific conversion practices and human life gets attacked by the manifestation of an occult spirit.

DUST...nuclear, belongs to a natural evolved cooled radiation light wavelength interaction.

Science changed this wavelength forming an unnatural and artificial chemical wavelength that attacks our life.

DUST has no fixed spiritual image...unlike stone fusion that has spiritual bodies impressed in its cooled body.

DUST therefore creates/causes many different forms of artificial spirit manifestations that are ALIEN to life on Planet our awareness states.

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