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Weird Dream I had at the weekend

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posted on Jan, 14 2016 @ 06:13 PM
Happened on Saturday night. I always have really strange, vivid dreams that tend to make no sense but this one was especially strange and has been bothering me a bit.

I was on a mountain and the sky was red. I sat looking at the clouds which were purple and as I looked at them theyd separate and form patterns that I could see but not distinguish clearly, a lot like the weird geometric patterns you see on shrooms.

Anyway as I was sitting there I tried to move and was stuck, I began to get freaked out and tried to speak but nothing came out. I'm not sure if I saw it or if it was just a voice but it said I was in the temple of abbadon and if I wanted to move again I'd have to let it control me for 72 hours. I said no, then I could feel myself being pulled in different directions. It then said I didn't have a choice anyway and it was already doing it.

The dream then changed completely and I was driving in my car but the rearview was clouded and when I would try to wipe it my hand just got dirty but I still couldn't see in it. Then the dream changed again and I had woke up in my room, I tried to turn on the light and noticed it was dimmer than usual which made me think yeah this is still part of the dream. I went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror but the top half of my face was blurred out, whenever I tried to move to a different position to see it I'd still just be blurred out which made me frustrated. Then I woke up. I told my girlfriend about it because she finds it hilarious that I always dream about random weird stuff but she thought it was strange that I remembered the name and began looking it up on her phone.

So she then does this nervous giggle and goes "check this out", when I take the phone off her I see that abbadon is some demonic entity from the bible, we both looked at each other for a second in silence then laughed awkwardly before we got up to deal with the kids.

I dunno, we watch a lot of horror movies so I could have subconsciously remembered something I'd seen or read before which I think is the most likely explanation but it still bugs me a bit. Am not religious at all either. The rest of the weekend was pretty normal and I didn't kill anybody in the next 72 hours.

If anybody has any ideas about what it could mean I'd be interested to hear them.

posted on Jan, 14 2016 @ 06:39 PM
a reply to: MagnaCarta2015 In my favorite TV show, Supernatural, Abbadon is a Knight of Hell. You could have gotten it form there.

Beyond that, mirrors are always difficult to look in in dreams. Like it is difficult, yet not impossible to read in dreams.

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posted on Jan, 14 2016 @ 06:50 PM
a reply to: MagnaCarta2015

Fascinating, you did right by saying NO though and that will work in your favour
at least from a heavenly point of view and your action probably prevented a waking possession during which you would not be free, a quick our father and the nightmare should pass.

As for weird dream's, despite my Christian faith as a young man and this is many ears ago, I was studying electronics at college, mainly discreet component and circuit design at that stage of my education and I was ready to jack it in as I was not enjoying my education and just coasting though I used to find electronics an almost intuitively easy subject before some head injury's I received later that may have changed my personality.

Now that dream was about being under a repressive regime on a world run by the military whom were like fascists and had suppressed most technology from the INFERIOR civilian RACE, it get's even stranger as in that dream I and several people worked in secret as we knew the military was going to wipe us out to build a vehicle that was meant to send a message for help, it would only be able to go into orbit but that would be above the militarys jamming field and could only hold one occupant for whom it would be a one way journey, now the world we lived in, in that dream, was a place that was more ocean even than the real world with many island's, it was far older than the earth on the order of about 6 billion years old and most geological activity had ceased with it having no moons so the world ocean was only broken by many archipeligo's that were the remnants of its' ancient mountain chain's forming elongated island chain's and small narrow continent like land masses much smaller than the land masses of our earth though it was still heavily populated.

I woke form the dream still trying to remember the schematic's I was working on as I was working on the long range communication device using some component's I was familiar with in my real world and some I was not familiar with but as with the way of dreams I could not retain it and it faded along with a more brilliant understanding of electronics that only the subconscious when in sync with the conscious can allow and waking up was more like going back to sleep in some way's.

Later I had a following dream in which I was in the same place but decades had passed and we, the underground resistance had been working feverishly for some time after the Military Race (whom I think were genetically engineered or something) had withdrawn from the planet leaving us with no mean's of escape, we knew we only had so long and only so many resources which we had hidden, our civilization was ancient (and had once travelled among the stars) but we lived in simply one story houses on our islands but we did look human nevertheless though perhaps with larger head's and much longer life span's.

We had managed to build about 30 or maybe more but not enough anyway long duration ship's, they were not very large, probably about twice the size of an articulated lorry in total with a basic rocket like shape, white hulls with three pod's at the rear of each that housed some form of drive or engine, not a rocket in the usual sense and we could not save our people, inside each of these we had about 20 pod's that slowed aging a little like a sleep chamber but did not stop it entirely as to do so would have meant stopping life and each ship had three adult's with the rest of the pod's occupied by children, one adult would waken to check the ship every so often so we aged much quicker while for the children only a few years passed.

Before we left the children whom were about 5 or six years of age in human terms were sent into the chambers and we left at the last minute, there was no time to spare, we set off in different directions trying to get out of the region of space governed by our errant creation's the military race and each pod of ships consisted of three ship's so we went to at least ten different directions in the stars as we sought to escape.

As we left I remembered looking back and seeing the world as time moved strangely on the ship and was slower than outside it as the world exploded slowly, the military had placed some sort of device that had made it's way to the core of the planet before exploding and that was why they had left and our time had run out, as the world exploded we were filled with terrible grief and a terrible sense of loss as if our beloved had died before us and those of us awake seeing this were crying in sorrow at the sight as our world was reduced to an asteroid belt.

It must have been ages of boredom and silence but I woke, the last of the adult's to still be alive, by now I was white haired and bearded and very old, the children were probably early teen's but still sleeping, something had taken control of our ship and the other two and brought us down onto a planet, it was apparently the military race whom had long gotten there before us as they had expanded there sphere of influence ever larger into the universe, we were merely a curiosity and perhaps so much time had passed but they kept us alive for a time in some kind of basement like prison cell in a concrete like structure a little like a bunker, we (I and the teenage children with me in the cell) FELT the death of the occupants of one of the other ship's as the military race had decided to wipe us out having learned nothing as we did not know the destination of the other ship's in the other pod's.

It was then this vivid dream became really strange, We felt the souls of our dead race and world whom still lived within us wake up in anger at the death of there children and our eye's glowed fiery red, I reached out at the bars that blocked the window as the door was massive and as I touched them they began to melt and bend easily in my hand's, we, I and the children all had these glowing eye's, the sky of this world which was more like the earth with a single large moon was greenish rather than the blue of our own long dead world but as we escaped we did not flee now but rather set out to hunt down the soul less killers and wiped the military race out then changed the world as the sould of our world left us and took it over, at this point I woke from this second vivid dream.

I have remembered these two extremely strong and vivid dreams for over twenty years now.

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posted on Jan, 14 2016 @ 07:02 PM

originally posted by: reldra
a reply to: MagnaCarta2015 In my favorite TV show, Supernatural, Abbadon is a Knight of Hell. You could have gotten it form there.

Beyond that, mirrors are always difficult to look in in dreams. Like it is difficult, yet not impossible to read in dreams.

That's one of the shows that are on the watch list but we haven't got around to seeing it yet. Am pretty sure I must've picked it up from somewhere but no clue where.

posted on Jan, 14 2016 @ 07:08 PM
a reply to: LABTECH767

Those are some really cool dreams. Would make for a great Sci fi story, how far apart were they?

It's weird how you can sometimes pick a dream up from where they left off or tie into a previous one. Unfortunately my eva mendes ones never work that way.

posted on Jan, 15 2016 @ 04:57 AM
a reply to: MagnaCarta2015

A couple of day's if I remember and very vivid but yes the subconscious is far more powerful and I was and remain a sci fi fan so probably just a dream, it was like being there though but skipping from time to time as if jumping back in further ahead each time.

The strange thing was in the first dream one of my companions was someone I would not have liked but under that oppression we had become like brother's.

And in the second dream it was like we had been taken over by that angry energy that had come with us after our world had been destroyed, it remained dormant until the occupants of one of the other three ship's (they had brought us down in seperate places in our three ship') we actually felt being killed or executed.

the ship's were not like a saucer but if you looked at them from the front they would look like a triangle with rounded sides and no sharp angles, they were from the side about the a bit longer than an articulated freight lorry and had no wing's but at the read round cylindrical bulges set into the fuselage at each of corners of the triangular structure, the front was tapered to a rounded point with fairly obvious window like structures and when we had been brought down it had landed horizontaly despire the absence of wing's and was sitting on a tripod arrangement with what looked like skid's at the base, I remember waking as an alarm alerted me.

I think the world had been the destination, our previous civilization before our technology had been suppressed must have catalogued it but by they time we got there in our substandard ship's which we had to cobble together in limited time after the oppressive force had evacuated our planet, the Military Race whom all looked alike one to another had already gotten there and had a base on the planet which was how we ran afoul of them.

As dream's go it was very emotional swinging from fear including extreme fear and working in secret fearing the military race police whom were everywhere to extreme sorrow at the sight of our world and race being destroyed to anger at the end of the second dream when we felt the occupants of one of the other ship's being murdered and were taken over by the angry spirit of our dead world when I woke I was still feeling angry, extremely vivid and even with a more or less continuous story to the dream as I was the same person in the second dream but much older and by the end of it actually ancient.

I have tried to write storys but only over a decade later and to be frank I am crap at story telling, my subconscious though like most people's is obviously up there with spielberg.
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