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Iran captures two US vessels and 10 sailors, detains them overnight, then releases them.

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posted on Jan, 13 2016 @ 01:03 PM
Not seen this on ATS yet.

I am quiet shocked that the Iranians would have the balls to intercept two US patrol ships, seize them and arrest 10 US sailors. The sailors were held overnight and released this morning after negotiations.

What is interesting to me, and somewhat confusing, are the words of gratitude publicly offered by John Kerry. He thanked Iran for their handling of this situation and releasing the sailors and patrol ships. Times certainly are changing. There was a time when a nation would not dare to seize US military servicemen and assets outside of declared war.

It all leaves me thinking that this was somehow staged to show how great the new diplomatic relationship is with Iran and how effective the deal struck with them is. Certainly this is a very different sceanrio faced by the 12 British servicemen who were held in 2007, tortured and interrogated, so maybe that is the case.

What is going on here???
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posted on Jan, 13 2016 @ 01:07 PM
Sorry, already posted

posted on Jan, 13 2016 @ 01:27 PM
a reply to: UKTruth

No .no their equipment failed and they went to the nearest shore.
They also didn't destroy their sensitive items if this film is accurate...

posted on Jan, 13 2016 @ 01:33 PM
Please continue in the ...

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