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A grand disenchantment

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posted on Jan, 8 2016 @ 09:58 PM
a reply to: zazzafrazz

St. Ives is the municipality of choice. ( or used to be )

Listen to zazz ... we even have Pugs here !!

Ed: It is pronounced " Snives " ...

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posted on Jan, 9 2016 @ 05:06 AM
Hi Gemwolf,being South African i know exactly how you feel. Being a mother of an 18yo daughter and a 9yo son,it is an ever-present concern at the back of one's mind..will one's children be able to find work,will they Make it here in the future? To at least have an average quality of life-and lifespan?

I have raised this topic in posts before,quite a while ago,basically everything you've said in your excellent and very true and factual posts on this subject. I said the ANC owns the mess we are in now,and was very rudely told by a member to educate myself. But how/where must i educate myself,to forget the truth-that the ANC IS in charge,and has been for over 2 decades,and as a matter of fact,Do own the mess this country is in? And that Apartheid cannot be used by the current government as a scapegoat into perpetuity,regardless of how wrong it was? Because to do so,is to give up all responsibility for current and future government failures - which means this country will stay stuck in a rut from here on out.

In another thread,about the "Night of the Long Knives" and the genocide of white farmers,plus so many brutal murders of white people,including small children,thinly disguised as robberies..Murders so obscene in it's depravity that the mind can hardly comprehend - when i expressed my concern about that,i was basically told to suck it up,being white, if myself and my family had to be butchered,we basically got what was coming to us. By members of ATS,those were some of the replies i got. That very much broke my heart.

I know the quandary you feel yourself in too,about being a patriotic South African,and the thoughts about if one could maybe leave here-as Ketsuko pointed out,if the writing is on the wall,and it seems to be written in one's own blood,it makes one think if leaving may not be a wise option,if one Can. Does'nt need to be actual blood as in being savaged to death either-if you're unable to find a job because of your skin colour,your family starves anyway,or at best,clings by their fingernails to a life without any quality,just merely surviving day to day like an animal.

But aside from the deep and abiding patriotic love for our country,and the difficulties of legal immigration,my main concern is-where does one Go,if one could? South Africa is horribly dangerous,especially for white people,but to be frank,if one had to think of personal safety,as in preserving life and limb - is Anywhere in the world really "safe"?

Aside from a few far-flung fairly remote regions of the planet,almost anywhere is untenable,in my opinion,if personal safety is one's only concern. Thinking career-wise only it may not be impossible to find work overseas,but it may be difficult. Now i know one cannot live in fear,here or anywhere else,because then you will end up as a recluse too afraid to go anywhere or do anything,and your life will basically be just an existence, Just saying,one's never guaranteed getting home safely at the end of the day,pretty much no matter where you live.

Anyway thank you for bringing up this discussion, i cannot add much as you've pretty much said it all.

And yes,the average person,black,coloured or white or Indian just want to live their lives and get through the day,and do as well for themselves for them+their loved ones as they can. So many fine,fine people in this nation. It really is heartbreaking,and sometimes the future looks very bleak here,and i daresay not just for whites,although we are the most vulnerable minority and ethnicity. It's so bitterly easy to blame the past,to blame everything/one else..being 50 years old,i can understand it if many black people feel animosity towards me because they would assume i was of voting age during Apartheid,and may have voted for the National Party,helping to keep Apartheid in place. Which is so horribly ironic,i never voted,because from a very young age i trusted no one in "authority" and i had coloured friends during the apartheid era,with whom i had many wonderful times. We were poor whites and lived next to the coloured township,and i was just as "out of place" and looked down upon as blacks+coloureds were by most whites (who indeed were mostly well-off financially,in the town i grew up in,Bellville in the Cape Province)

But to know that there is hatred in the hearts of many blacks even towards small kiddies,born just a few years ago,Completely breaks my heart. They had No say in the bitter past of our country,but they too have to suffer for the evils and idiocies of those who are conveniently now longtime dead. And it looks as though job/careerwise, they certainly will have to pay forevermore for the maxima,maxima culpa of their white ancestors-or leave the land of their birth,if they get the opportunity to do so.

On a side note,i was away from ATS for quite a while,and was surprised to find not a Pug,but Isaac
I Loved that movie when it came out-and i had the Worst crush on the character Malachai

And yes,even i found that disturbing

posted on Jan, 10 2016 @ 12:53 PM

originally posted by: 123143
May I be the first to invite you to the United States?

Come on over. We're a big, beautiful country. You've got your choice of fifty states to live in and, despite what people around the world say about us, we're a friendly and generous people.

Alice Cooper - Brutal Planet

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