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The Nine

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posted on Jan, 10 2016 @ 04:51 AM
a reply to: Peeple

OsirisOne. Well yes and no. I was stuck for a name last night whilst in bed. Not having the capability to spontaneously imagine new words without previous experience / direct learnt input somehow, it came about due to the fact that

i) I has just read your post which contained Osiris
ii) I play destiny and trials of Osiris which is a PVP in game mode.

my brain made a strong connection between past and present memory and thus was the only word I could think of.

We gain exposure either consciously or sub consciously weather we like it or not, you may not realise it, friends , adverts, other memes of the back of destiny , general group emergent consciousness .... we believe that these ideas are fresh and unique but in reality its an illusion.

PS Hello every one on ATS, i've been stalking this site for years.

posted on Jan, 10 2016 @ 05:28 AM
a reply to: Boscov

If not, at least he was on to it. I've found a ton myself though in applying the Qabalah to Science. 369 is the number of Sophia in Greek, meaning Wisdom. And that's just the beginning. I'd put more here but why cast pearls before swine. Finding out for yourself is not only fun, but you wouldn't understand otherwise.
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posted on Jan, 10 2016 @ 06:23 AM
a reply to: OsirisOne

Well hello then I feel honored you chose my thread to make your first comment!

I know what you mean the pool of thought-smash we are exposed to all the time. Which in its self is already some sort of shared consciousness. As I like to say, never underestimate the power of fiction!

posted on Jan, 10 2016 @ 02:33 PM
Very interesting thread! Not sure if this fits here but I had read that some extinct Tribe had used 9 as a Symbol, when writing, that represented the Portal or Gateway between Our Physical Lives and The Spirit World...

I have encounters with 9 that cause Me no problems, unlike My Wife, CCbears, Who has bad luck when a 9 is involved...
For Me though:
I was born on The 9th. Weighed 8 lbs 1 ounce. 8 plus 1 equals 9.
I was born at 8:01 P.M... Again 8 plus 1 equals 9...
Not even sure what all that means but it is interesting to Me...

posted on Jan, 11 2016 @ 05:32 AM
a reply to: SyxPak

In Tarot the IX is the Hermit. Looking inwards in solitude. A card I like very much. Maybe it represents you too?

posted on Jan, 11 2016 @ 12:25 PM
a reply to: Peeple

Well I Do Like Solitude. I'll consider that representation! LOL!
Thanx for the info on that Tarot Card! I did not know that!

posted on Jan, 12 2016 @ 12:50 AM
Not really 9 species, but this post caused me to stumble across a myth about an Indian king Ashoka who after some wars using advanced technologies formed a group of nine men who would conceal this forbidden knowledge and constantly add to it. I found this Quora page asking about its legitimacy and it promptly falsifies it.

Found it interesting and was not mentioned. Curious it would be if there were a group who were keeping some profound technological understandings hidden for the sake of preventing its misuse.

posted on Jan, 12 2016 @ 01:40 AM
a reply to: Canamla

It is a popular thing apparently, as i first googled it I found this: Pope Francis meets Council of 9

or the South Park Imaginationland episode also has a Counciil of Nine link

Or this:

In Greek mythology, when Prometheus gave Fire to mankind, he infuriated Zeus, so to punish Prometheus, Zeus had him chained to a rock and every day an eagle came down and ate his liver. The liver grew back and the eagle returned to do the same to him the next day. To punish mankind, Zeus and eight other deities gathered to form the Council of Nine. The council members were Aphrodite, Apollo, Athena, Demeter, Hephaestus, Hera, Hermes, Poseidon and Zeus.
Together this council created Pandora, and sent her, as a gift, to Epimetheus. Epimetheus was also given Pandora's Box, and told to never open it. Curiosity got the better of Pandora and she opened the box, releasing all of the misfortunes of Mankind.
Is maybe the most interesting one.

posted on Jan, 15 2016 @ 12:12 PM
Humans aren't the younger one, they're the master test. We are the older souls. Well, in a sense the flows work in both directions and more and more are coming in from the direction of going up, so they're not younger, they're just coming in upwards from the nazi realms, having fallen farther.

Which tends to happen when a euotpia type planet is overcome by dark side, run by criminals, who lower its frequency through massive bloodshed and destruction, it brings its standing closer to the wrong doorways and flows.

The universe being akin to a digital game, lessons, work stations. It's more like this:

The first levels are freedom ones, with a lot of dominance and predators gaining advantages over others. Beast. Alot of animal type human hybrid blends as well, warriors. Felines and Reptiles and Mantis for example.

But those who wish to the gain the next level are often in human form, being the one that is wired both to be loving and reactive. Duality form. But who have beauty and intimacy, can hold hands and run fingers through anothers hair.

We progress into Higher Human form and its the form most envision on higher levels.

So a natural progression from animal to animal human to human.

Some fall back through the levels if they cling to beast too much. Or they can progress ahead.

The ones who stay in predatory forms are called the Fallen Angels, akin to Lucifer. They're angry that their belief in natural rule, right to rule, Godlike authority, due to Domination of Others, Being the Top Predator, Evolutionary Warrior, (which by its definition can only enslave by having limited amounts of compassion and love) is the correct way to progress to the next level.

But they can't because Freedom had to be wedded to Equality/Compassion, and thus Father's energy had to Wed Mother's, to actually graduate.

And they don't like that, they consider weakness and their ego's won't admit they're wrong. They continue to dominate and try to recreate their own lower level, lower universe kingdoms.

Our leaders are this in human form.
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posted on Jan, 15 2016 @ 12:41 PM
a reply to: Unity_99

Is this your own observation? Or did you read this somewhere?

posted on Jan, 15 2016 @ 02:03 PM

originally posted by: Unity_99

....Our leaders are this in human form.

Interesting perspective!! I'm glad I read that!

posted on Jan, 16 2016 @ 06:05 AM
a reply to: Blarneystoner

It's probably nothing but that's freaking me out a little - The Council of Nine. I had a weird dream last summer about relaying a message from what I thought wasw the Council of Ninety - kind of similar. Just more weirdness that my brain cooks up - I never have normal dreams...

posted on Jan, 16 2016 @ 08:26 AM
a reply to: Peeple

Peeple, this is funny... after Dolores Cannon passed early last year I decided to buy her series of books, "The Convoluted Universe," books 1-4. I've been intentionally reading them very slowly, taking my time and reading many pages repeatedly before moving onto the next book. A few minutes ago, I opened book #3 to a random page and on that page is the record of one of her thousands of former clients talking about his role on the other side. It's just a brief accounting of what he revealed under her specialized form of hypnosis. He's a member of a Council of Nine which advises on solar system development, a sort of guidance team as it unfolds. There are nine Council of Nine's in that particular group.

posted on Jan, 16 2016 @ 08:46 AM
a reply to: tweetie

Dolores Cannon is dead? Oh. That's sad, I liked her talking, been listening to some of that on youtube as "good night sleepy stories".

Thanks for sharing it ads to the general weirdness of the thread!

posted on Jan, 16 2016 @ 09:18 AM

originally posted by: Peeple
a reply to: tweetie

Dolores Cannon is dead? Oh. That's sad, I liked her talking, been listening to some of that on youtube as "good night sleepy stories".

Thanks for sharing it ads to the general weirdness of the thread!

Yes, it is sad she is gone. I wasn't keeping up with her a lot while she was alive but I do appreciate the huge contribution she made in her work to reconnect people with who they really are in the spiritual sense.

posted on Jan, 16 2016 @ 09:43 AM
a reply to: tweetie

The three waves of volunteers has quite a lot of council of nine talk in it, i was just reading a bit at Google.books.
I don't know, most of it seems very far fetched and too "fluffy" to be true.
But i like the lemurians part. The mystery of Atlantis. 9000 years before Platos time...

posted on Jan, 16 2016 @ 11:19 AM
a reply to: Peeple

Memories. And knowing. Also ufology experiencer since preschool and it was generational, involving grandparents, parents, my own children. But remember past life in a very old cycle, it wasn't related to earth.

Many of the species are incarnated here, my closest friends are feline, with human stints as well. And when the grandson woke up briefly at 16 and had a long conversation with a friend from Finland, they were writing in a unique language, he was saying things he couldn't possibly remember or know and identified as feline, and was told he was fierce (they are indeed!) like the felines from the moons of sirius a and b. Certainly explained my friend constantly telling me there were lions guarding her property and having Sehkmet on her wall.

Earth is a school.

The universe is a school. Snakes and ladders. Up to Higher Mind, Down to Beast.

My past life memory dealt with those running the slave camps in this solar system, and earth now. They took out the humans, on tiamat, (I also at that time knew we were a family/race of survivors from Lyra, where the very same Old Empire Nazi coalition had taken out our planet there. Then Mars.) Someone told me its not right to call people enemies, but its hard to find a good word, to soften something, but recognized the Windsors as being the very people involved in destroying planets in the past. Normally a person would call this, enemy, to humans and equality/progression/freedom. Anyway, looking at some photos nearly knocked me off my chair until I recognized the magnetic repulsion and that they were most certainly opposite forces. Polarities of opposites attract in the lower levels, but on a soul level its like unto like. Groupings of like frequencies. Some of those mismanaging this planet are like jailers and they just get pats on the back, promotions and sent in again.

The leaders here serve them. Saturn seems to be a part of this, Venus seems a part of their groups. And earth was a prison/school for all who opposed them.

But the bottom of the multiverse school is also watched over. These may be tough lessons for warring folk, and those who rage at others, or those who don't believe in equality, but its still moves forward.

You are right in the groups of Corporal Ets, and our Soul Families, ie non corporal Spirit, that watch over us and guide us home. Corporal ETs I call Hero's, they are a wake up team and I've been on that team for many lifetimes, one of my Family groups is up there watching over us. And this is the past in a linear sense, though its more like no time and different rooms, in infinity, all at once. This is a critical time, harvests are taking place and ceteceans are being removed from earth, they're graduating themselves from their shifts as earth angels and really don't like our abuse of them. The cruelty of corporations and elite nuclear attacks on the ocean. We're one of the patrole groups apparently, upgrade groups, and manage systems from what I can gather and remember.

There are many boots on the ground here and some are more awake than others.

I'm going to also add this: if the multiverse can be seen linear densities like a skyscraper, with the denser more primitive controlling, fascist and violent realms being the heavy gravity and basement, thats our universe, we're somewhere near the bottom. I'd actually put it as a daylight basement almost first floor.

But all beings are watched over and all are going home in the end as hero's. It just takes a long time in some cases.

I get my memories and know who I am more and more, and live hermit like, waiting. Because it keeps coming to me there is a time coming when large numbers will need to be rescued, and there are huge teams to uplift souls, baddies held back, there are huge patroles for that, and even some accountability for some of the worst slavers here. Always feel we're waiting, but also to keep seeing and working at consciousness and abilities to pull in the Good! All people have those abilities if they would stop believing in the world around them, stop endorsing the corruption and fundamental religions/politics, and go within. They have healing abilities, soul psi telepathy, and abilities to help shape or co-create the reality around them, and start looking after their own areas, their own towns, cities, creating out of the box solutions that bring in equality and relief to people, while still maintaining freedoms.

Family, family ties, unity in our towns, and treating all like brothers and sisters, while preserving Freedoms and growing our inner spirit is the basis for advancing. We need to work at unlocking or developing gifts and being mindful of those around us and see a different world emerging than the elite are working for. That would be really passing the tests and the rescues wouldn't be needed.
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posted on Jan, 19 2016 @ 01:31 PM
a reply to: Unity_99

Don't get me wrong and please don't feel judged:

That is all very fascinating and beautifull, but I have a few problems:
Why would they help us in the first place? Because we share a reincarnation circle?
How do you get your memories, through meditation, dreams, or astral travelling?
And for some reason I really don't like it when someone calls Earth a prison. A school maybe, but isn't it a pretty little blue marvel? Aren't we more likely the lucky ones, allowed to live on it?
And the agenda gainst the free will? What is your take on that? Would you say it is the lower forces trying to explain it away, or is it really not as dominant as we would like to think?

I also at that time knew we were a family/race of survivors from Lyra, where the very same Old Empire Nazi coalition had taken out our planet there. Then Mars.

Do you think those are the ones who had a collaboration with the Nazis through the Vril society?

I am still to undecided to "believe", I rather shake it off as crazy fantasies, but it doesn't ever entirely go away, I keep being fascinated by all the stories and experiences out there. And my own...
But how can you be so self confident and speak so openly about all that?

posted on Jan, 20 2016 @ 08:01 PM
a reply to: Peeple

Why would they help us?

----1. because the people here are their family some in fallen state, and some in various levels of fallen state including those who came in, answering the call to assist. some are here in the master tests to get to the next level.

Those holding people back are destroyers of planets, and are using all means necessary to program souls from cradle to grave, bending and abusing universal laws, and metaphysics, so that free will is very problematic thing on this planet.

---2. I remember, ie the way you way you remember a camping trip.

---3. Experiences: physical, astral (though can't seem to consciously astral project, they seem to be able to pull me there), and communication, ie telepathic, with full visions of them, sometimes the control room. Sometimes its hard to know the difference between you perceive as telepathic and what is actually a checkup with them in your room. But then while this checkup is taking place, and you're telepathic communication with one that you recognize, who is a Hero, Kind and Decent, working to free people's minds and I believe doing patroles here, and you don't know if he's just projecting this in mentally. But then the light goes down as if a viser, at a height that would make him 7 1/2 feet tall in his armor/uniform. And his outline appears. And you know that aside from the physical thing taking place while you're in a semi paralyzed state on the couch, he's phased there, partially in your realm and partially in something else, maybe hyper space.

Ets don't do one way. They use a variety.

The telepathy depends on how psi you are, the only draw back for me is with my chronic fatigue and thyroid, get a foggy mind and can't really ask questions, but am more low energy and in blank mind state, but usually really happy.

---Don't know if they amplify psi. One of the experiences, that involved my son rushing out to witness. We first sat outside, in the warm evening, with the music across the road at the sports field. I believe it was a really clear night and there were brilliant stars and that it was the big dipper overhead that made me go into psi mode, it was a smelling psi, Clairalience.

That kicks in at times and when it does its like dmt flowing through my brain and I have a vision or experience. And my nose is blocked and need surgery, and yet in the psi component the smelling is strong, clear. So I started smelling moist wet sod or soil, dirt, growing plant material and knew that the stars overhead had life.

Then started feeling/sensing the craft and placed it around the satellite area. I believe they were doing repairs on the hubble at the time. This was probably 2009.

My son had gone inside to the tv at the glass sliding doors, and there was this music across the road, football event that was until late in the evening. It all happened at once, and the shout in my head was so loud, that literally heard it from without and thought a man, a European type man, was walking the bushes and our shed to greet me.

He shouted, "I'm going to greet you right up close!" And I started walking as if to go around the bushes to greet this man who was lost.

And this wedge shaped light, whitish/yellow, like a lopsided pyramid, flew over the townhouse roof, about 3 townhouses down, at the height of about 50 feet, soundlessly. I shouted for my son and he leapt out, and he said, "Mom, the reason it looks like that, is because it's flying tail down, nose in the air, and its wingless, like a wingless plane." He placed his arm elbow down, and hand up , to show this and basically he was describing a cylindar cigar shaped craft.

I'll give an example of knowing something, not a direct memory. 2.

1. Fell asleep on the couch, waiting to drive a friend of kids home, and this man, whitish blond haired, cold older man, who was young/old, very sophisticated power type man with a sci fi city behind him out the window. He told me that he would personally remove this device that was really bothering me, kind of implants. If I would stop working against their plan for NWO.

And my memory or veil lifted, and more of me flooded in and I remembered him. He was like a distant cousin to me, thought he was also originally Lyra, but had gone the wrong way, and knew he was Sirius, and from the Counsel overseeing earth, I call it the incorporated, Un-Corporate, Bad guys, and had lost his love. This overwhelming feeling of intense compassion for him flowed out of me and enveloped him and he fled. He knew the answer was NO! And I was here to bring him home if he really wanted to play ball, I'd be working to try to heal him. Uplift him out of his delusions and loss of soul and intellect.

And there was more to that because he made threats against my son, who I knew was my real son, in my soul memory, it was Kye or Kei, as my son was apt to call himself zadekei in games and also kept telling me about sleep paralysis and his father and that his name was zadekei. I know of a Zadkiel and archangel that works with Michael.

The past life memory on mars was direct, saw the pictures and remembered. And remembered things about our soul family and felt the river of sorrow flowing through our solar system.

2. Before an abduction, was always given the message. So roughly in the afternoon, contact and communication, and would know I was on their list. Once it was very alarming and knew it was greys. Primal fear type stuff, as it must be for medical and a cold moon based group. But other times it would be that I was going to be in a meeting that night. There is a human pleiadian couple that work with greys and the man looks like the picture that Travis Walton had drawn in the abduction, wearing blue like that couple. They also worked with greys so I think this group works with lots of people. Someone I had shared these with for answers in Finland, had told me they weren't pleiadian and that all human Ets that weren't pleiadian were Altair. Don't know where he got that from because my soul does not agree.

So this check in occurred on a day where I got amped by a CME hitting. They always energize me and usually very positive. So the warning of abduction and a message concering Janus who removed an implant, and I found myself in conversation, (usually blank mind). This time I said, why bring up him, as if I trust him when I don't trust any of you.
Veil lifted, memory flooded in and I knew him, knew they were pleaidian, WATCHERS, had watched over earth for a long time. Just flooded out love to him. Told him, thank you for all your work here, but I realize its been hard and you've grown cold. Its time to turn the dial up on your love, because now we're going home.

Very few people can even help give some insight or answers on my experiences, and most threads are always hijacked and out of the box conversations never happen. But I found someone giving some interesting posts somewhere else and dared to ask her, shared all I knew, and she said they're pleiadian Splinter Group, Beehive, and aren't progressing as fast as they should be, that I need to challenge them out of their protocols, if alone. They weren't bad, but had become neutral. As soon as I read splinter, knew exactly what it meant, because in the cosmos you have Free Will and those who sink, in a way, through layers, or just adopt another group of tasks or growth, will become a different group.

posted on Jan, 20 2016 @ 08:03 PM
There is no short way to describe in depth. These are tip of the iceberg things. And some pertain to other abductions and experiences.

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