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Outrage after Saudi Arabia executes Shiite cleric and 46 others

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posted on Jan, 3 2016 @ 04:07 AM
I wonder if the following is related to the currently unfolding events in Middle East:

Qatri royals rush to Switzerland

posted on Jan, 3 2016 @ 04:48 AM
a reply to: Seed76

It's customary in Iran, that when the Ayatollah does not get his way he allows lots of young men storm an embassy. Predictable stuff from Iran.

posted on Jan, 3 2016 @ 07:55 AM
a reply to: ReadLeader

In Saudi logic and law anybody expressing criticism against government or their line of Islam - is a terrorist.

This opens up easy violation of any human rights - without openly violating them.

Add to this, Shiite muslims are not much tolerated in Saudi, and yes, it will a chopping spree... human life has never been cheaper.

posted on Jan, 3 2016 @ 08:02 AM
Are people missing the obvious, deliberately?

'' why should we care ''

'' I dont understand the outrage ''

'' its in their country let them do it ''

I'm shocked.. Saudi Arabia executed a well liked and followed Shiite cleric who was not a terrorist.

Iran has already sacked the Saudi embassy in Tehran, there are protests around the world and rockets have been fired at the Saudi embassy in Iraq..

The outrage here is because Saudi just did an incredibly stupid move that is going to cause massive conflict...

the reason Americans dont understand this, is because the media doesn't want you to realize this was all planned (and approved by the west) as to deliberately provoke the middle east into strife.

- take note of all the people posting '' I dont get why this is causing outrage '' and keep an eye on them!

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posted on Jan, 3 2016 @ 08:05 AM

originally posted by: order in chaos
I wonder if the following is related to the currently unfolding events in Middle East:

Qatri royals rush to Switzerland

I'm guessing yes, considering audi-Arabia-return-freedom.html

Kidnappers who snatched nine members of the Qatari royal family have demanded the release of a Shia cleric facing the death penalty in Saudi Arabia in return for their freedom.
Armed men kidnapped at least 26 Qatari hunters, including members of the royal family, from their camp near Samawah province, 230 miles from Baghdad last week.
Reports suggest they are being held by Iranian-linked Shia elements who have set out political and sectarian demands for their release.

posted on Jan, 3 2016 @ 08:13 AM
I am waiting for those in the UK who want to ban trump for making immigration comments to make a commitment to ban saudi royals from the UK for this action.

I am getting outraged at such unequal outrage. A lion is killed in africa and the world goes nuts.
I think I've just about given up hope.

posted on Jan, 3 2016 @ 08:26 AM
just to make it easy for every one , here is why

posted on Jan, 3 2016 @ 09:45 AM
watch for Erdogan of Turkey to gain lots of influence and authority of the watch-tower in Mecca and control over access to the Kaabah & Holy Stone...

being that He (Erdogan) has aspirations to become the Global Caliph and right now has lots of control over the Sunni-Jihadists who are presently doing attacks on the Saudi Monarchy which is the acknowledged protector of Islam (for the immediate time)

related reading: urkey-jordan-egypt-and-qatar-to-form-a-sunni-coalition-to-confront-iran/

happy 2016

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posted on Jan, 3 2016 @ 03:58 PM
Iran Iraq war

Date 22 September 1980 – 20 August 1988 (7 years, 10 months, 4 weeks and 1 day)

Last time the Saudi government cut its diplomatic relations

Saudi Arabia in 1988, cut its diplomatic relations with Iran and ensured that no Iranian could obtain a Saudi travel visa for performing the Hajj (Pilgrimage)

They didn't use NIMR vehicles in the Iran Iraq war AFAIK, maybe some of the military experts have an inside line on whats happening now?

posted on Jan, 3 2016 @ 03:59 PM
they may engage into a war conflict, while ago we have news, they seize any diplomatic communication between them.
Did I saw correctly in a video footage, It was a behead?

The turtles got it right up their head this time.

The news we have conflict, that is why I dont post any. For example we have news that the saudi arabia minister of external affairs, invited the Ambassador of Iran, to complaint about the Iranian rioters against their embassy. But we also have news that the minister of external affairs Antel al-Jubeir is in Bangkok for hormone therapy and rioting for gay rights in Thailand, just yesteray!... lol He may invited him in Bangkok ? (lol)

after edit :
In my country they already have articles with the bellow info for those who bother with numbers.

Mafia in Jewish Gematria Equals: 47
Obey in Simple Gematria Equals: 47
Judge in Simple Gematria Equals: 47
Beast in Simple Gematria Equals: 47
Authority = 47 (Pythagoras numerology)
President = 47 (Pythagoras numerology)

and mirrors of 47

Nuclear = 14+21+3+12+5+1+18 = 74
Energy = 5+14+5+18+7+25 = 74
Weapon = 23+5+1+16+15+14 = 74
masonic = 74 also

Its just an indication that the decisions taken are not coincidental, always do sacrifices to their false flag gods, provoking even higher events later on with the energy drained.
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posted on Jan, 3 2016 @ 04:33 PM
The Detroit Lions beat the Chicago Bears today. Nothing else matters!!

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