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Abduction Revelations: Human Origins A Warning

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posted on Jan, 2 2016 @ 03:04 PM
Human consciousness did not evolve entirely naturally

Approximately 244,500 years ago a rather melevolent race of
beings from a world more than a million light years from this
solar system. They had developed interstellar travel
capabilities, beyond your ability to comprehend. They
traveled this galaxy, exploring, their mission was to find
worlds similar to their own. They found our solar system.
Their long range scans indicaded a high probability of a
world similar to their own. Exactly what they were looking
for. They had already discovered others, and conquered them.

What you are about to learn, and may reject in disbelief is
the truth. There are a lot of details missing intentionally.
They are irrelevant for now. It is the overview and story
that is important. Posted here now, well in advance of the
final solution. There will be more revelations over time that
will provide more substance. 

This malevolent race of beings, if spoken in human speech
would be "Shan-Hobe" They were what most of us would consider
"evil". Within every world they had conquered there were
beings they could enslave and rule over. The Shan-Hobe were
like us, the worst of us. In every way, though they possessed
technologies far more advanced than even our fiction can
dream of. They enjoyed conquering worlds. Not for gain from
resources, we had nothing they actually wanted. It was like a
sport to them, factions claiming worlds as prizes. Status and
power were achieved among the Shan-Hobe by conquering worlds,
building civilizations and ruling over them. The more worlds
a Shan- Hobe "owned" the higher their status and power would
be in their home world. 

When they arrived here on Earth, they found pathetic and
primitive beings. They searched for those that had developed
the ability to use primitive tools and had some level of
social structure and communication skills, physical
attributes similar to their own. They ultimately found our
early human ancestors. The Shan-Hobe had developed a genetic
creation. Something we would define as a parasite. This
parasite could be implanted at the base of the brain. It
would stimulate brain growth, and take control of the host.
It also could be completely controlled by the Shan-Hobe.
These were the slaves they used to build their small cities
and palaces. Small areas of earth were transformed into areas
very similar to the Shan-Hobe home world. Our early ancestors
endured brief lives of endless slavery, and were destroyed
when deemed to be aged, or weakening. They were never totally
sentient, their higher brain functions were never their own.
Their consciousness an illusion. Some evolved over thousands
of years. Others were genetically enhanced to be more like
the Shan-Hobe. More like the current uncorrupted "Europeans"
lighter skin, hair etc. These were the slaves of highest

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the galaxy, another highly advanced
world encountered the Shan-Hobe. This world, unlike the
Shan-Hobe was inhabited by a race of beings far more
advanced, and also very benevolent. Until the Shan-Hobe
attempted to conquer their world. An unimaginable
interstellar war insued. This benevolent race of beings in
human speech would be "Abontari" humanoid, but dramatically
different from the Shan-Hobe, and quite unlike humans.

Keeping it brief for now. The war was facilitated by the pure
desire for survival. A real clash of highly advanced
civilizations from entirely different worlds. The Abontari
concluded that their only solution to survival was the
complete annihilation of the Shan-Hobe, their world and every
outpost they had in the galaxy. Destroy, or be destroyed.

The Abontari won the war. Destroyed the Shan-Hobe home world.
And in the process of seeking out and eliminating their
outposts throughout the galaxy discovered earth approximately
32,000 years in our past. By approximately 12,000 years in
our past, the last of the Shan-Hobe on earth were eliminated,
and the last of their cities and palaces, destroyed.

The Abontari are benevolent. They did have great compassion.
They found scattered clusters of humans, the former slaves of
the Shan-Hobe.  They took in a number of them, and after
a few of our years found a way to rid the human body of the
parasite that enslaved them, and to make them immune to the
parasite. The parasite still exists in our world today, but
is completely harmless to humans. Some animals and insects
can be infested with them, and it may cause premature death
in them, but there are no Shan-Hobe to control them.

Once our ancestors were freed by the Abontari, they developed
their own true sentience, true consciousness. The Abontari
helped our ancestors develop our own cultures. They helped us
find our way. Their early guidance became the early forms of
our religions and faiths. They have helped and observed our
progress for thousands of years now. For the last approximate
6,000 years they have mostly only observed us occasionally.

Now, here we are. 2016. There is a monumental problem for us,
and for the Abontari...

We have advanced faster and farther than the Abontari had
anticipated, and worse we have developed our own powerful
factions that are too much like the Shan-Hobe. Some among the
Abontari have concluded through precise calculation of
probabilities that we will one day become an interstellar
threat. And that our evils are greater than our potential for

Our fate is now, literally in the hands of the Abontari...

To be continued...

This is a fictional account, and could only be posted here.
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posted on Jan, 2 2016 @ 04:15 PM
Next post here will be on, or near January 16.

posted on Jan, 16 2016 @ 08:29 PM

originally posted by: ausername
Next post here will be on, or near January 16.

Um, yeah. About that, it ain't going to happen any time soon.


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