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Why are no aliens artifacts found here on Earth?

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posted on Jan, 5 2016 @ 04:06 PM
Here's a couple of my space alien artifact photos...

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posted on Jan, 5 2016 @ 04:36 PM

originally posted by: Bedlam
By the time you add on even a few options here, you've pretty much reduced the possibilities to zero.

Yeah, if you're going to go strictly by the probabilities, then human time travelers is a much more likely potential explanation for UFO/pilots/abductors than ET aliens. After all, we know that human beings exist, and that we're remarkably clever, perhaps to the point of solving the puzzle of time travel.

It would also go a little ways toward explaining why there are no "alien" artifacts found on Earth. Because they're home-grown.
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posted on Jan, 5 2016 @ 04:58 PM
I think that both aliens (extraterrestrials) exist as well as time travelers. We lump them both into "aliens" because we as yet cannot differentiate between the two. Both of these become part of our reality because of self fulfilling consequences of Quantum impact:

The anthropic principle
Example: "The universe is the way it is because if it was not, you would not be here to observe it"
The uncertainty principle
Example: "The closer you observe any process, the more likely it becomes that you will influence the outcome."
The entropic principle
Example: "The probability that the cosmological evolution will end up as a Universe with a particular shape of
the hidden dimensions" (chaos from order)

Put it all together, and it means that we create our own space, and jump into it.

Therefor, we will achieve time travel some time in the future.
Given that, we are being visited by ourselves now.

Aliens, representing life forms far more advanced than us, have already achieved time travel.

So they can visit us as well, since the distance to their worlds and ours is not a limiting factor.

It may also be the main reason why it is so difficult to leave physical evidence behind as it probably has to go back with them.

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posted on Jan, 5 2016 @ 05:09 PM
I think you all horribly misrepresent the numbers, and demonstrate a complete lack of ability to observe the natural world and puzzle together plausible outcomes based of observable patterns. You take concepts that go against observable nature and sciences, the break the natural patterns we can observe and study, and pretend they are more likely. You then decide arbitrarily how rare something is, with no actual logic and reason to it.

Really your arguments fall to, "because" and not actually reasonable reasons. You make up entities that are not as likely because there's nothing observable like them in nature, then make bizarre bear people that develop advanced sciences while you do everything you can to define them as having no traits that would incline them towards or enable them to do so.

Nature has patterns, it has things we can look at, observe and draw conclusions and make predictions by. Ignoring such supposition to instead support arbitrariness is not intellectual at all.

There's no reason to suppose that intelligent species outside our planet is going to be completely bizarre when every species on our observable planet, the more intelligent it becomes, the more it demonstrates traits and actions similar to our own.

posted on Jan, 5 2016 @ 05:29 PM

originally posted by: Puppylove

There's no reason to suppose that intelligent species outside our planet is going to be completely bizarre when every species on our observable planet, the more intelligent it becomes, the more it demonstrates traits and actions similar to our own.


If they didn't die in their first two years, they'd be in charge. Very intelligent.

And nothing LIKE a human. It's your kissing cousin compared to OoOk-qakk9 the alien from Zeta Reticuli, though.

You absolutely cannot look at life on Earth and make the assumption that any other non-Terrestrial lifeform is going to be similar in any way whatsoever. Remember, Earth's biome went through many gross changes and dice throws where everything changed. We lucked out and lasted long enough to evolve to our present state.
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posted on Jan, 5 2016 @ 05:33 PM
a reply to: Bedlam

I know about octopi, and they still demonstrate the basic intelligence traits of curiosity, etc. They are exceedingly intelligent, but that intelligence still incorporates all the traits that encourage learning. They don't live long enough however to develop a truly complex interaction with their environment, so sadly we have absolutely nothing to go with on what they would be like if they did.

posted on Jan, 5 2016 @ 05:34 PM
a reply to: Blue Shift

I did not see your post before I entered mine. Amazing the similarities and the concept of time travelers.

posted on Jan, 5 2016 @ 06:56 PM
Alien demonstrates like angelic visitation, that it is spirit manifestation.

We exist because the atmosphere exists...humans in their thousands have been witness to manifestation and then disappearance.

Does matter materialize in our atmosphere? You would need to consider science regarding this event.

What is outside in the surrounding space....stone floating, and also radiation particles from star systems.

Does the Earth atmosphere keep life safe.....and the answer is Yes.

Has the atmosphere been changed by science using its body to form a fuel from out of radiation dust? Yes.

We therefore know that the Earth's atmosphere has changed.....because the atmosphere as a higher body was used to form the fuel.

So we witness the changing atmosphere as the nuclear power plants form a fuel from out of dust....and hence our atmosphere demonstrates the witness to the changes....UFO formations that appear and then disappear.

Aliens, seen coming out of the manifestations "appear and disappear".

What should be the human consideration to this condition?

Science is causing the effect and manifestation of a conjured spirit act.

Our atmosphere is therefore changing whilst a larger amount of star particles interacts with it.

Change a particle and you would obviously gain an effect.

Therefore there is really no secret or meaning to alien and UFO manifestation other than human science applications.

Who built the pyramids....did an alien build the pyramids or did a human build the pyramids?

Humans built the pyramids, and then caused the pyramid/temple application to manifest the UFO and the alien, not the other way around.

You would ask yourselves how did human beings gain the information to form an ancient stone technology.

The answer is simple....they previously created the conversion on origin Earth themselves, and were witness to the UFO manifestation.

If our human psyche who formed language...who formed descriptions of language to speak and inform ourselves of awareness...then we already advised ourselves from our personal conscious awareness that alien is alien to is is also extra in our terrestrial, for it manifests by stealing oxygen/water/hydrogen at the ground level where Nature naturally exists. So we know it is abducting/removing/taking our spirit from us to manifest its own presence as an evil spirit manifestation.

Why did we call the CHRIST spirit, the spirit that returned to the Heavens...the spirit of our consciousness and also the spirit that involved our life existence...healing....holiness of bloodline and spirit cell? Because we knew about the condition of the atmosphere....the holiness of water and oxygen as a mass.

The Christ was named the Holy Ox 1000, for it was considered to be the spirit body replacing oxygen and water...the spirit of our life. Satan 1000 was what it defended us from...the natural radiation in our atmosphere, a normal condition.

Hence the balances of the Heavenly body were known and then advised, that if you changed the balances, then the evil spirit was allowed to would steal our life and take its place, which is exactly what is happening.

As the oxygen/water/hydrogen is given to the manifestation of the alien and UFO bodies....we lose the normal/natural interaction that allows a healthy human to healthy blood...healthy cell production....healthy brain chemical itself.

We know by self advice that we are losing our own life as science of the occult allow the evil spirit manifestations to take place of our life. The ancients reviewed this condition as a war and takeover of human life itself, and they were correct.

Therefore if any sort of materialized product has been formed, it was obviously formed from a higher radiating particles and the star particle interaction with our natural atmosphere caused it to happen.

posted on Jan, 5 2016 @ 10:36 PM
I think that aliens would be like that of gods or angels and to which there forms of tech would be exactly a match to to that which is considered magic. So they prob have nothing that which is similar to our tech and may not even need practical devices and merely simply rely on telepathy and telekinesis and teleportation to travel or do something. This would be pretty obvious to spot but the problem is no one is looking. If they did have tech it prob be like super craz and be invisible or phase through stuff. It probably even have it own built it AI so it could not even be captured or picked up by a human or malicious intended person or intruder. The idea comes from the level of technology that would be needed to travel across the stars would greatly the possibility of brain exploding science. We may not even have the right sized cns or CPU and not capable of comprehending alien awesomeness. So the reason I believe they may have not left any artefacts is cause they wouldn't have any or they would nt let you have any. It is possible they would leave a artefact that only a alien could recognise or perhaps they don't understand us like we do and thought humans didint really need a advanced personal spaceship or ftl or AI or electricity or space guns. Or maybe they thought we would just not be interested such oddities or perhaps thought we use our own. Forgetting we don't have any of their life altering tech or any at the time equivalent. a reply to: Frocharocha

posted on Jan, 6 2016 @ 01:18 AM
Human consciousness...self awareness, an awareness that formed the review considerations of what they considered...creation.


The human awareness knew that ANGEL = ANGLE, the PHI wisdom itself as a reviewed status.

ALIEN = extra in Earth's terrestrial
ALIEN = artificial intelligence
ALIEN = UFO Formation.


Human being........evil occultist converts the Nature of Heaven.......ALIENS form as extra spirits.

What happens to the ANGELS?

We witness the condition........the angelic visions/images in the clouds change and are replaced with UFO SHIP formations.

ANGELS destroyed and attacked by human occultists as an evil attack.

ALIENS take the place of the holy beings that once protected our spiritual life on Earth........human beings begin to get attacked as first warnings.

Occultist considerations.....we gained ALIEN physical manifestations as they try to manifest plasma for their new technology......yet the ALIENS disappear for they are not natural to Earth life.

Human beings then get sick, for the natural condition of our atmosphere .....angelic protection is removed and irradiation attacks our cells instead of angelic protection. We begin to die....our cells start to bleed....our holy bloodlines change and we die from inherited blood diseases that remove our angelic health from our cells. Our body looks emancipated and old, as our healthy cell function is destroyed.

Occultism EVIL itself

Human scientists created ET and the ALIENS, which they advised us about. Scientists communicated with the aliens to study their formation so that they could copy the spirit process for self gain.

Instead they are removing the only protection that human beings and Nature have for surviving on an irradiated stone body.

The angelic union between the atmosphere and Earth is the only reason we can live on Planet Earth.

Science, the occult is destroying our life as they try to gain the creation of plasma.

Space plasma does not exist on Planet Earth.

Space plasma was created in out of space.
Earth stone was created in out of space.

The 2 functions are totally different and occult scientists do not heed simply explanations....instead they only believe in theoretical factors, that are themselves non existent. Therefore science only believes in destruction rather than spiritual awareness or simple explanations.

posted on Jan, 6 2016 @ 01:41 AM
a reply to: Erno86

In 1885, a block of coal was broken open to find a metal cube ... A nail was found embedded in a sandstone block from the Mesozoic Era. ... be a series of at least 716 circular stone discs, dating back 12,000 years

There have been numerous pieces of human remains found in coal. This is significant, since coal formed during the Carboniferous period- 280 to 345 million years ago. If so, man must be older than the 1 million year old date given by scientists. Here are a few items[1]:
•A fossilized human skull was found in coal that was sold in Germany (mid-1800s).
•A jawbone of a child was found in coal in Tuscany (1958).
•Two giant human molars were found in Montana (1926).
•A human leg was found by a West Virginia coal miner. It had changed into coal.
•A fossilized human skeleton excavated from a mine in Italy in 1959 was surrounded by strata whose age was calculated in millions of years.

Spirit channeling forms information as holographic a spiritual psychic I have seen the memory many times.

As scientists alter the natural Earth atmospheric channels and also the crystal fusion of the nuclear crystal....metallic UFO's have been witnessed forming in the upper atmospheric condition.

This condition belongs to star radiation particles...a higher elemental radiation as it was hotter than Earth's origin crystal matter...which is why origin life was destroyed.

Spirit as a human being remanifested from origin light through the atmosphere...for atmospheric gases replaced the emptied out space.

Origin light where androgynous spirit resides has always existed.

Spirit life remanifested into the Earth's atmospheric body........naturally millions of years ago.

First humans on Planet Earth became origin scientists.....and were the human beings who caused a new UFO attack to Earth by using stone levitation.

Stone levitation no longer existed on Earth, for the radiation heat that attacked Earth had cooled.

Just like modern day science, the atmosphere thins.....the radiation star particles form by circular rotation, on the outside of Earth's atmosphere.

When Earth's atmosphere depletes its mass, the metallic discs are formed as "cutters" and fly into the Earth's atmosphere destroying all life.......just as the ancient witness to the ancient UFO formation attack demonstrates.

Human beings know about the UFO formed attack, because human beings were living on Earth doing science that caused their life to be attacked.

Human psychics are aware of old ancient imagery emerging as holographic memory, because science is taking our own life close to the same act that the ancients gained......self destruction. The archaelogical evidence demonstrates that the human psychic realization is true.

posted on Jan, 6 2016 @ 04:24 AM
a reply to: jjkenobi

How do we know they're lifeless?

We have no clue, or few anyway, of what shapes/forms life will take Out There. Life here on just one little ol' blue marble...

...takes on a myriad of shapes, and sizes, that are nearly beyond count. Some even challenge our imagination. Who is to say what's out among the stars?

There could be little gray men. Or green. Even Romulans, which would imply Vulcans, of course...

My rambling point is this, while I'm skeptical of claims of visitation to Earth by aliens of any sort, much less Romulans...that hardly precludes their absence Out Yonder.

posted on Jan, 6 2016 @ 04:37 AM

originally posted by: Bedlam

originally posted by: Puppylove

There's no reason to suppose that intelligent species outside our planet is going to be completely bizarre when every species on our observable planet, the more intelligent it becomes, the more it demonstrates traits and actions similar to our own.


If they didn't die in their first two years, they'd be in charge. Very intelligent.

And nothing LIKE a human. It's your kissing cousin compared to OoOk-qakk9 the alien from Zeta Reticuli, though.

You absolutely cannot look at life on Earth and make the assumption that any other non-Terrestrial lifeform is going to be similar in any way whatsoever. Remember, Earth's biome went through many gross changes and dice throws where everything changed. We lucked out and lasted long enough to evolve to our present state.

Just to emphasize the octopus

posted on Jan, 6 2016 @ 04:50 AM
Lack of artifact evidence would suggest no visitation, then i see Pumapunku and all previous assumptions are thrown out the rectangular glazed aperture.
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posted on Jan, 6 2016 @ 04:56 AM
Octopi, when kept in captivity, they constantly seek intellectual stimuli. They love puzzle solving, and if kept properly stimulated will remain in captivity relatively peacefully, even entering friendly relationships with their handlers. In notable cases where they were not properly stimulated, they escape from their captivity and try to get back from the ocean. In at least one notable case when treated wrongly by a handler, an octopus waited patiently for the perfectly opportune time and murdered them.

For all the "alieness" of octopi they still seem capable of entering relationships both positive and negative with other beings, get bored, and have a healthy need for exploration and intellectual stimuli.

The octopi was used to represent this super alien intelligent so completely foreign to our own. This was used to defend the idea that intelligent can develop so alien to our own.

I, however, instead posit that the octopi, for all it's alienness still possess all the traits that I described as components of a scientific intellect. The octopi experiments, it observes, it expresses curiosity, loves to play with and manipulate it's environment and others. It observes and learns about it's prey. There is nothing about the octopus that in any way refutes what I said, and in fact everything about it promotes what I said.

The octopi as an intelligent still have several traits similar to our own, especially where scientific curiosity and a need for mental stimuli occurs.

Tell me everyone what reason any of you could possibly have to think that if octopi who are naturally curious, and require complex mental stimuli and enjoy experimentation would not be curious about our planet where they to have evolved somewhere else and live long enough, found out about us and had the proper technologies to get here or send drones to poke and prod? Because I'd love to hear it.

Find me proof that intelligent lifeforms capable of developing science or tool use, don't have intellectual inquisitive traits inherent to that development fueling it.

Curiosity, and a desire for intellectual stimulation and puzzle solving increases with intelligence. Intelligent beings get bored, it's all part of being intelligent.

posted on Jan, 6 2016 @ 07:18 PM
Are you implying that the octopus is an alien?

I thought an octopus belonged to Nature....natural life on Planet Earth, as a huge body of diversity...coming from the same spirit light origins that we did, being the reason why it is intelligent.

Aliens come out of the UFO bodies...and we told ourselves that they do.....this is not natural to life on Earth.

Spirit manifests and demanifests....which is why alien is witnessed as a manifestation and then it disappears.....yet many of the UFO outcomes manifest physical states.

So you use logical did this circumstance happen and you say occultism numbnuts.

Occultism is science and conjuring of powers.

Human beings already created using their own awareness conjured powers......changed the natural state of Earth and atmospheric interactions to use those interactions for their own purposes.

Hence scientists possessed by their own evil occultist belief look at information as if it is alien, only because they want it to be alien and have completely lost their own rational selves.

This is what happens to the evil minds of those who impose a theory that is not real....and that the theory is about gaining a new resource no matter what...due to the life conditions owned by those who want the resource.

Therefore their intelligent review demonstrates how unintelligent their reviews have become as they are so desperate to have a new resource.

posted on Jan, 6 2016 @ 07:33 PM
a reply to: beenharmed

Honestly I have no clue what in the world you are talking about. I was countering the use of Octopi to counter claims I made by demonstrating how they in fact further support my claims.

You're all over the place talking what I can best describe as gibberish. But maybe I'm just not enlightened enough to understand... Perhaps I need to raise my vibrations.

Addendum: Sorry that was rude. Honestly though I have no idea what you are talking about or how to respond to it.
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posted on Jan, 6 2016 @ 07:42 PM

originally posted by: Frocharocha
That's a big question of mine. If extraterrestrial entities have been on Earth for so long and also stabilished some civilizations, outposts or whatever like some people usually say, why we can't find artifacts or any kind of vestige from extraterrestrials beings on Earth?

Could be because similar beings like

Confiscated them

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posted on Jan, 6 2016 @ 07:49 PM
Gibberish, a common use of an operative response on the Forums.

Scientists believe that water formed cells belong to the Alien formation condition. This is because they are studying why they infer water is the conditions for plasma creation as a new science involving radiation/sun.

Occult scientists want us to believe that aliens created us, and that they are the intelligence of life itself.

Yet the information of the alien belongs to the occult practices.....occultism is conjuring/causing.

Human beings believe that they can create....yet know that everything in creation already exists and then impose their own evaluations upon the information.

Science is therefore imposing a condition about intelligence.

Water exists at the same time that all form in Nature exists.

The artifacts of aliens have already been discovered in archaelogical evidence....coal bodies along with human remains. Alien artifacts are scientific conjurings....artificial chemical interactions caused by human science.

Human beings living on Earth are the reason that the UFO is manifested, due to their own psyche/spiritual self/physical self review, using self information and then destroying self information, which is what the condition of the alien manifestation actually involves.

Human intelligence already advised the condition of evolution.....and the water species a pre-ceding body to land animal life.

Science takes the evolution of atmospheric light/sound oxygen and hydrogen mass and remove it everyday in nuclear conversions and then study if it belongs to the condition of their scientific changes. Therefore they are shown already how wrong they are.....for who is a scientist to impose a value upon a natural creation, when they have already imposed an artificial and unnatural light condition in their study model?

posted on Jan, 6 2016 @ 07:55 PM
a reply to: beenharmed

Yup still lost, don't bother continuing. I'll remain ignorant. Thanks for trying though.

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