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Contact ATS link, sends opera browser crazy.

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posted on Dec, 31 2015 @ 06:13 PM
Hi, Just noticed something,
I have tried this on 2 pc's with the same results.

Using the latest opera browser on windows 10..

Scroll to the bottom of any ATS page and click on 'contact ATS'

Then click on the first email address link in the text displayed.....

My opera browser starts to open tab after tab after tab, this continues till I close the browser.

Just thought Id let you know this is a problem I am experiencing.

Anyone else able to see this issue also?

posted on Dec, 31 2015 @ 07:08 PM
a reply to: brancolinoxx

The mail address link is a standard "mailto" type link.

I don't think the problem is with ATS, I think your Opera Browser has been selected as the default mail client, opening a browser window/tab from opera and containing the mailto link, which opens another window/tab... & etc.

Register something else as your mail client. Here's a link from Microsoft on how to set your mail client.

Happy New One!

posted on Dec, 31 2015 @ 07:16 PM
a reply to: chr0naut

I already have a mail client that is called from websites without problems. Opera does not have mail in this version as far as I know. Anyway, it is not a problem for me, Just thought Id mention it in case it was an ATS issue as like I said, no problems with other mail calls from the browser.

Just trying to do the right thing, cos I like ATS.

If not an ATS issue then great.

Its already 2016 here, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Ill be saying this on every

It may still be worth while anyone with the current Opera and another email client already set as default to give it a try just to confirm whether it is a local issue or not. (Im also on windows 10)

Time for a wine i think.

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posted on Jan, 3 2016 @ 06:13 AM
I'm using Opera beta 35.0 on Windows 10 without any problem, when I click on the email address on that page I get the Windows screen asking what program should be used, suggesting my email program, Windows Live Mail.

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