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Love in a disguise

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posted on Dec, 28 2015 @ 07:27 PM
I choose my solitude a very long time ago, yet i always get the simple question;" Dont you feel lonely?" I usually reply ;"There is a life out there, which is hidden from the common man and its the place where i find my solitude. Where the birds whisper, the ground shakes or the wolf howling, something we are all a part of, but forgotten when we strove for simple things in life"..
I see my friends happy when all they ever strove for was to misplace love with to feel needed. And i always ask them when i see them;" Are you happy?"
Someone once said;" You can have a laughter with friends, a loving wife and kids to foster. Yet still, you can be the loneliest man when no one understands"
A bird flying to its nest to feed the newly hatched, can give you a glimpse of what love really is about without any disguise..
And all my friends say;" You seem so at peace "

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