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The Feeling Is New...

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posted on Dec, 21 2015 @ 02:38 PM

The Feeling Is New

The feeling is new, never for sure,
The uncertainty it is real, questions is it pure;

We search for it, we pray for it,
But when we think we have it, it falls from our grasp;

Never knowing what to think we feel, misguided by lust,
The hurt is unjust, when the moment arrives;

That single spec, wishing for reciprocation,
What is the motivation, how can it be revealed;

Over and over trying the same thing, only to fail and fall flat,
Short of the goal, like a newborn foal;

If only there was a way to find that path, the one where happiness can swallow the pain,
The place without obstacles, the one without shackles;

Where can it be, that such a place exist,
Struggling with the anger and shaking our fists, when the time is upon us;

Can we finish the task, can that elusive far reaching place ever be met,
Trapped by dependability, did we really think life could be so simple;

That all our hopes and dreams could be, one frustrating task to achieve,
What do we want more than anything, what will makes us totally complete;

That need for desire, that passion for fire,
Quenched so easily by that one silly little thing;



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