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The desert dry

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posted on Dec, 17 2015 @ 03:16 PM

Beggars begging from each other
because they have forgotten love.
They have forgotten, that once they were rich.
Like a well concealed by a large rock
full of gushing gushing water.
It is there, it is always has been.
but still we remain ignorant,
and we beg for rain.
Because the well of our heart,
we have painted dry,
Yes all with the trick of the mind.
We think we are, the desert dry.
But it is only our mind
that fools us.
Ever so fast, its way unkind.
Its lies, suffocates us slowly.
Oh so unkind.
The only way out,
to blow its cover.
Blow the mind.
Don’t take for ever,
for your true pleasure,
is there, ready to be the lover.

Eliberocelta Dic. 2015 Antequera
edit on 17-12-2015 by ancientthunder because: misspell

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