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Watch the Clock

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posted on Dec, 7 2015 @ 08:12 AM

Watch the Clock

Watch the clock go by and down
see the hands go up and around
everyone knows when the times will strike
but no one knows what those times be like

A noose hanging from the wall
strangles you breathless should it ever fall
ahead of what you're expecting
be pleased that you're not God directing

Cold shadows dance at night
then comes the dawn's twilight
turning into the day's high noon
then falling back to Sun's own doom

Good intentions beckon the road
but no one responds to help carry the load
you trudge and trudge until you drop dead
the coming times running through your head

All man enters
no man leaves
the times oft' forgotten
for the days since past
may soon be the last
of strange things
lost in a
memory ...


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