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Will you ever know

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posted on Nov, 30 2015 @ 07:57 PM

Will you ever know

I sup your breath as it crosses
on this chill…bright morning air
Clouds of vapor I inhale
as they leave your lips
and enter mine

They taste of your essence
much like that lingering kiss
shared…scant moments ago
Their scent a powerful melange
of subtlety

Not because of scent…rather
because of the overwhelming effect
on my sense
and sensibility

Will you ever know

The worship…that you engender within me
Will you ever likewise share the marvel
as my eyes trace every imperfection
That gathers the entirety of you
into perfect harmony

This is how I see
How I am
How grace chooses to be expressed
in that space between
one beat of your heart
and an answering beat of mine

Will you ever know



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