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How predictable

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posted on Nov, 29 2015 @ 10:49 AM
Ummm...continuing in the previous two veins of thought...

How predictable

Everything is…not
We are led to believe that things are as they appear to be
We are gorged on this concept until we overflow and exude this facade
We live this lie…

We are filled with this version believing it to be truth
In our believing we become content
In our feigned contentment we succumb to the lie
We lose all ability to pierce the veil

Thus something righteous and grand
is warped and stuffed into a small and human package

Gone is majesty
Gone is heritage and divinity
Gone truth and light
potential and promise

All bleached away as if they had never been
That others may wind us up
watch us unwind

How predictable our performance's Sunday...did you think you could escape the preaching...



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