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I thought natives making offerings for safe passage were stupid, NO I was stupid

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posted on Nov, 25 2015 @ 04:41 AM
The whole 411 Missing book got me interested in disappearances, so I decided to dig deeper. David P is a bit if a teaser, he doesn't want to tell you what he really thinks forcing you to do your own research.

Unexplained disappearances are a worldwide phenomena not just something that happens in North America

The players involved in disappearances are :

Government (black sites slave labour)
Bigfoot (yes some cases not all though)
Beings from other dimensions (spirits)

And yes yes stupidity, people getting lost and unlucky folks getting attacked and eaten by predators

Well lets be smart here, what can you do about say government or extraterrestrials that are up to no good, not much but squeal like a pig.

This is where ancient wisdom of the natives comes into play.

Before a journey that will be solitary and thus dangerous, you make a prayer to God or if you are into praying to Mother Nature or Jesus or spirits you believe in

And you ask for safe passage and protection and you state truthfully that your actions are honourable, maybe pour some wine onto the ground like they did in Ancient Greece and Rome

Now if you are lying and purpose of your journey is not honourable then don't even bother

Making a prayer and an offering of food or drink will up your odds of survival

You get divine protection

Does this sound desperate to you ?

I'll tell you what's desperate, not realising how small exposed and NOT in control we are out there, that's desperate.

If you are a hunter, hunt only for meat if you need it, not sport. Trophy hunting is a big no no.

If you kill for sport then something out there can kill you for sport. What ? You can dish it out but can't take it ?

In the woods be armed but more importantly be smart, if you see something that doesn't add up, it could be a trap, don't fall for it.

If you hear sounds that are calling you, don't necessarily trust it, be smart about it, you might be walking into a trap

If you start feeling suddenly nauseous or like you are gonna pass out, you are in imminent danger, get out of the area ASAP, or if you can't fire your guns and keep firing, you might as well go out guns blazing

A fool and his life are soon parted

If you start feeling like you are being watched all of a sudden, YOU PROBABLY ARE

Bottom line is, if at all possible don't travel alone.

posted on Nov, 25 2015 @ 04:42 AM
I was fishing one time, alone in the middle of nowhere, and being extremely fortunate I have most excellent sense of hearing probably because I haven't been to many concerts while younger, it is extremely difficult to sneak up on me. I also have large ears, genetic gift from my grandfather.

Well I hear something approaching from the woods behind my back but I don't pay it attention because it is far away, and then I hear it closer, I stop fishing and listen, nothing, I continue fishing and I hear it closer still.

I stop fishing, nothing, I continue and now I hear it mere 40 yards away. I stop it stops.

I turn around and I think to myself, hey you think I am really that stupid don't you. You think I can't figure out the game here. I ain't no dumb deer.

I take my fishing rod and I start swinging it through the air hard creating that unnatural zuvvv sound

Whatever it was, bear, mountain lion or whatever, just walked away. I never saw visually what it was, maybe a moose.

Maybe a blood sucking grey alien, yeah laugh all you want, it ain't funny to those they got, though they usually get you straight out of your bed.

LOL "you avoided woods and us so we decided to come to you, surpriseeeee"

posted on Nov, 25 2015 @ 01:07 PM
a reply to: LastInLine1

Yeah, you can't go wrong asking God to protect you.
You know, have you heard of those weird bodies they find in bogs sometimes? They're of human sacrifices who have been bludgeoned to death after being tied and then they're left in the swamp as an offering. I bet that might have something to do with the things that are involved in making people disappear. It's either that, or it's some form of time travel where people get taken somewhere else. Who knows. One of my favorite modern mysteries.

posted on Nov, 25 2015 @ 01:32 PM
a reply to: LastInLine1

No joke, it can be very un nerving to be alone in the
woods and suddenly, out of no where and for no reason at
all. It's as if you stepped into a different frame of mind.
The hair on my arms stands up. More than once it's stopped
me in my tracks. I never proceed any further, I just take it
as a message. Turn and head back the other way. High steppin.
Maybe intuition or just a chicken sh1t but I'm still here. If
chicken sh1t is why? Works for me.

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posted on Nov, 25 2015 @ 01:47 PM
Intution isn't what we think imo. If we are all one and part of the same, then we can sense the bad intention.... Its the same. Our sub conscious senses the malice and responds by giving you the heebie geebies.

posted on Nov, 25 2015 @ 01:55 PM
You might like this reddit thread from a SAR officer. Dunno how much truth are in the stories but the threads and comments of things happening make for a freaky read

Eta there are 7 parts
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posted on Nov, 25 2015 @ 10:53 PM
a reply to: LastInLine1

As someone who spent time in the woods, a lot of what is said above is perfectly sound advice - I also went through the Reddit link someone else mentioned before - I'm not going to say I believe everything there, but it does add a couple more nuggets of wisdom that I'd like to append onto yours:

1. If you stop hearing "normal" noises (IE: You become the only thing making noise, everything else goes silent), get out and away from the spot! Learn from nature: Birds will stop making noise in the presence of a hawk - So I wouldn't be sticking around if even the larger animals aren't moving.

2. If you come across something that seems too natural (IE: A house, shed, car in the middle of the woods), leave it alone, especially if it doesn't look old.

3. If you feel as though you are being followed, tracked, or stalked...You probably are. Best advice: Don't wait around to see what's following.

4. Don't give in to paranoia - the environment can play tricks on you. Focus on getting out, not getting led deeper into the woods. The scarier events I've been through were those where I panicked, and found that in doing so I was going the wrong way. Could it be that I was purposely being led deeper in? Yes, but looking back it was more than likely paranoia.

All I can say in regards to the above is that if I go into unfamiliar territory, I do sometimes bring something with me, be it a couple coins or a couple crystals. I've felt on more than one occasion that I've trespassed into an area where I'm not welcome (you can tell, because it feels like someone is glaring down your back, and for me, everything goes completely silent). If I feel this way, leaving behind an item seems to lessen the feeling (Like the "thing" is still mad, but will not do anything to you if you retreat back).

I know it sounds crazy that I'd do such a thing, but I trust my gut - if I feel like I should leave something, I try to, even if it's the rock I picked up early in my journey, or my current walking stick. I don't take anything home either, unless I get the sense I'm allowed to.


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