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Everything has a reason

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posted on Nov, 22 2015 @ 05:41 PM
My teacher and i took a walk in the garden, a nice walk and a little talk we havent had in a while ;" Times are different, your ancestors laid the first building block for every kingdom we can see on all the five pillars"

I know now what happened that day.. Those wooden poles through the heart, the cross burning and the drownings came with parables of myth and history, man will always seek power he cannot wield.. The soil filled with corpses, the trees that followed the next spring.. A neverending cycle of love and despair.. Death brings life and life brings death..

My teacher looked at the stars;" It has started, its moving" he said with a smile.
They understood, even if it takes half a millenia it will be done..

I said to my teacher "; When the last mover died, they enslaved everyone. " They are lost i thought to myself.
My teacher replied "; Everything has a reason "


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