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the nature of life

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posted on Nov, 22 2015 @ 03:32 PM
although the leaves have fallen
the oak is not dead
the leaves were told by the lowering sun:

"give back your life to the tree,
fall upon the earth
create a blanket for roots."

this year a leaf,
next year an acorn
for the next 100 years an oak
raining leaves and acorns

there are no years
the tree is
the leaf is
the acorn is


in the pain of being born
as often happens in this cold world
the robins egg had no apparent life

the mothers love and warmth
called through the shell:
"its been two weeks now,
be born again
come out of the darkness
love will spread your wings."


a raging man
a raging dog

a terrified boy
a terrified dog

a calm old man
a calm old dog


a chimpanzee smoking a cigarette
the irony
the irony
the irony
the irony

i quit now

how many creatures will we spread new forms of death too?

what happens when birds learn war?

what happens when the ocean cant live with itself any longer?

im done.
no longer a howl in the forest.
no longer a wing on the wind.
a wave of the sea.
no longer a man.

i'll be the wind
a spirit
a whisper in your hair


life is not pointless
it is all there is
when i saw it, truly
all these plastic idols we call "life"
are nothing

life is the desire

the objects kill the desire

to become satisfied,
is to know that you are life
nothing else has any value
it actually is pointless


there was a reason for everyone
every candle i blew out
it is right to kill this one
i do the world a favor
i create order
i feed


if my body is a ship
the world is my ocean
i am at the helm
i spin the wheel

breathing deep i inhale the wind
then i can taste it

the remembering that i am
the wind
i am the seas
i can breathe water
and swim in air


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