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Greed n Myanmar-Landslide

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posted on Nov, 22 2015 @ 10:51 AM
I had no idea of the Jade trade/mining and conditions.
I suppose I should "get out of the house more"!

There was a landslide last night and it may have killed upwards of 100 miners.
The landslide may have been triggered by the dangerous act of shooting high pressure water into the walls of the mountain in which to find Jade.

The victims were buried when a vast heap of waste material, discarded by the mining companies, collapsed in Kachin state, Burmese media reported.


Myanmar produces around 70 % of the world's Jade and it's highest importer is China.

Some of the miner's working in Myanmar are as young as 16 and most miners are drug addicted (heroin being the drug of choice).
Many are HIV positive or have contracted HEP C which they are spreading to their families.
The average wage in Myanmar is less than $1/day so most young people would see this opportunity as a way out of poverty although it is a fraud. Terrible peril awaits in this unregulated industry.

Many of the dead were scavengers living on or near the waste dumps, who search through the debris in the hope of finding fragments of jade to sell.

advocacy group Global Witness said that the value of jade produced in 2014 alone was $31bn (£20.4bn) - the equivalent of nearly half the country's GDP - yet hardly any of the money is reaching ordinary people or state coffers.
Local people in mining areas accuse the mining industry of a series of abuses, including poor on-site health and safety and frequent land confiscations.
Many jade mining areas have been turned into a moon-like areas of environmental destruction as huge diggers churn the earth in search of the translucent green stones.

The New York Times did a piece last year and garnered some "secret" footage...I had no idea...

So sad. Prayers for the people of Myanmar!

I did a cursory search and all that came up was either "jade helm" or "al qaeda".
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posted on Nov, 22 2015 @ 11:53 AM
a reply to: TNMockingbird

That's horrific, and yet thank you for an interesting post. It sounds like a dangerous job; we moan about our health and safety policies but we have no idea how lucky we are compared to some.

I don't want to think what will happen to the families of these men now.


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