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Being "Awake" and Living Your Life

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posted on Nov, 21 2015 @ 10:27 AM
Right now I am in a very beautiful part of the world, looking at a very beautiful body of water. I'm here to finish a book. Publishers can be so demanding, right? They actually want these things finished.

Anyway ...

So I've been doing a fair amount of thinking. And a fair amount of procrastinating. (It's part to the writing process, honest.) And a subject crossed my mind that often crosses the minds of those of us who are "awake". How can you be "awake" and live a normal, productive enjoyable life?

Let's start by defining "awake". I think of this in its broadest sense: An "awake" person is someone who has realized that the information given them by official bodies (government, religion, science, etc.) is very often not the truth. They have shut down the matrix. And are living in the real world. They may not fully understand this real world. Or they may. But they live in the real world.

But being awake comes with its problems. Chances are if you're awake that your friends, family and co-workers aren't. And some feel a disconnect. Like they can't really be part of life, because they don't share the collective delusion.

Here's three simple rules I follow that help me. But I really want to hear your rules and strategies.

1. Don't try and convert everyone. Becoming awake is something like a religious conversion. It comes to people or it doesn't. And some may see the value in it. But still not want it. So don't push.

2. Most of your life hasn't changed. You still need to eat, find a place to live, find love and companionship, and do some type of meaningful work. Being awake may inform much of this but it doesn't fundamentally change these things or your enjoyment of them.

3. Utilize the freedom it gives you. Because you're not lost in all the collective delusions of the over-culture, you have so much free time to pursue other interests. These interests could be spiritual, artistic or philosophical. Or they could just be hobbies. And you'll find you think more clearly when you're not weighed down by all the propaganda and nonsense others are dealing with.

So what are some of your strategies? And our sleeping friends out there are welcome to comment, kibitz, make fun. We love you too. Even though we think you can be a bit silly. We know, you think we're silly as well. Sleeping people are so amusing. Don't worry, we won't put your hands in warm water. Well, we probably won't.
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posted on Nov, 21 2015 @ 10:52 AM
I've been 'awake' since I was about 13 years old.

I find myself unable to hold a job or find love and companionship. The autism doesn't help on that front.

I'm a basement dweller by choice. I knew very early on I would not be able to fit into normal society, I knew very early on I didn't want to fit in. To this day I observe and read about normal folk and how they seem to effortlessly assimilate into modern culture and it confuses the hell out of me. Makes me question if I'm broken.

At the end of the day I'm actually happier now than I ever have been. I was at the heights of despair when I was trying to conform and live a normal life. I luckily stayed strong and stayed true to myself despite knowing society would hate me for it.

-Your resident basement dwelling unemployed loser

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posted on Nov, 21 2015 @ 10:58 AM
i was not going to post and have changed my mind
anyway i am a good looking man and was not always awake .
i had a long term partner but we split after 15 years
and then after some time i started to try dating but by then i was fully
awake ,now being awake as i am today i find gets in the way of my love life
some people do not want to know the truth but i can not help it ,
just listening to the news and talking can create such a difference
of opinion its unreal almost a nightmare,some are of the opinion
there is nothing that can be done,to others saying that is nature the strong survive
in the wild animals prey on each other,anyway i have said to much
but 7 years on and fully awake i am lonely and tired of trying to wake the undead.
but once awake you can never go back to sleep.
oh i have given up looking for a relationship now and i am resigned to the fact i will be alone
even though i am only 40 fit and good looking sometimes there
is a price to pay for being awake.

p.s it was eric von daniken who first started my awakening wish i had never read that book because now i see all the global manipulation

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posted on Nov, 21 2015 @ 11:07 AM
Sometimes being awake, you have to just stand back and watch the ones asleep, fully knowing you cannot change their world.

Silence and acceptance that you are not alone in a crowd of people who are.
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posted on Nov, 21 2015 @ 11:07 AM
a reply to: Moresby

Similar problems here, I can't seem to connect with anyone on a deeper level (although I do tend to push people away too due to life experiences).

The hardest part about "awakening" for me was everyone around me treating me like a nutcase for trying to help them better themselves.

I've found solace in doing my part to make the world a better place (taking care of the homeless etc..).

posted on Nov, 21 2015 @ 11:12 AM
A few things I have figured out about this world since I awakened.

You aren't considered crazy because you do not believe in unreal things as others do if you do not say you know. Many others are actually awake and unless you have their trust and do not push this awareness, they will discuss it with you on a limited basis. Many people think they are aware, but are only aware of things on certain subjects. Don't rock the boat and blow away their beliefs in what they believe in.

The expanse of the deception in the societies is so great that everyone is believing lies, working all their lives to make others prosper. That is the way society works. Society actually controls this deception, concensus of the time is always changing.

We were all created equal yet society limits most people within parameters. Certain people can raise you up in society if you bow to them. This is not necessarily bad, it is just the way it is. Also people around you who are of your kind can raise you up in the local society, they want to see one of their own create jobs and succeed. They are content working for others and having a less stressful life. They will support the right person.

If you do have the local people support you and you prosper, remember, you do not have to become rich and famous and expand and die early because of stress. Enjoy your life and try to be honest and not start complicating your life and have to overcharge for your services or products. People go astray and try to get richer and wind up regretting it. I know many who have done this, eventually flopping.

You do not have to believe the deceit and may talk about it on a limited basis with friends, but make sure the majority of your conversations are positive and just plain neutral. Talking about tire brands or what you did in the garden is safe. Complaining about gmo's and chemicals in foods is safe too. Unless of course you are talking to a friend who owns a grocery store and believes they are safe. Nobody wants to admit they are negatively effecting others but in truth everyone does it. That has become socially acceptable. Just know that you are and don't get crazy upset about it or they will give you pills.

posted on Nov, 21 2015 @ 11:41 AM
a reply to: Moresby

Becoming awake is something like a religious conversion.

I think this is a very interesting insight.

People take to religion to help themselves make sense of a world that seems unjust, wicked and confused -- a world in which the good suffer and are exploited while the wicked prosper, in which random disasters bring death and destruction to hapless innocents, in which everyone longs for peace but war is unceasing.

Conventionally, religion offers an explanation for these unhappy realities, and holds out the promise that what is now so wrong will someday be made right, that in some promised Kingdom Come the moral books will at last be balanced and every man and woman shall receive their just deserts.

Conspiracy theories, like religion, help believers make sense of a wicked, confusing world. They explain the dominance of the many by the few, the prevalence of war and social unrest, and very often the believer's own misfortunes too.

However, conspiracy theories -- unlike religion -- don't seem to hold out much promise that things will one day be put right. I suppose that if we attribute the problems of the world to some human agency, it then follows that if only the agency could be removed, peace and prosperity will naturally ensue. And in the meantime, perhaps, the oppressors can be thwarted or bamboozled.

Or perhaps the hope is simply that if one is wise to 'their' machinations one can see through their staged reality, avoid it and be safe. In my experience, only a minority of conspiracy theorists are motivated to expose and overthrow the conspiracies they believe in.

Food for thought. I did a little googling and found that there has in fact been a good bit of work by social scientists comparing belief in conspiracy theories to religious belief. Here's one interesting paper.

Thank you. This explains a lot.

posted on Nov, 21 2015 @ 11:55 AM
Being awake means understanding that "there is no real world" are always limiting, interpreting and defining the world from your point of view..
The most awakened thing to think is.... :"so what"...

I would be careful with defining myself as "awake"... In the realest sense we are all equal in not knowing 99,999999999999999999999999 percent of reality....

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posted on Nov, 21 2015 @ 12:24 PM
Defining terms is always the most crucial thing... what is "awake?" But I think I know the context meant.

The only ones nearly awake around these parts are likely among the very young and the dead... and if someone were to truly awaken, completely, I suspect this universe would flash out, job done.

No matter how 'meta' you are, there is always a step higher to take observe from a higher vantage point... until one reaches the alpha/omega, that is, if one exists.

But be glad for those who are 'less awake.' Appreciate the waking, still sleeping and even the nearly unconscious... it takes all kinds to make the interplay of difference that makes this place interesting. If we were all of the same mind, or if a chaotic factor was missing, then it would cease being interesting... in my opinion. When does one eagerly read a tale in which all involved are reasonable, predictable and in agreement?

After all, the only thing truly interesting is consciousness, or ourselves, and how we express, probe and contemplate ourselves ... and here that interplay primarily takes the form of people. So enjoy all the different expressions of consciousness... all the people, awake, asleep and in-between.

The play's the thing... heh.

posted on Nov, 21 2015 @ 12:37 PM
a reply to: Moresby

So what are some of your strategies?

Is going back to sleep an option?


The problem with being awake is its up to me (the individual) to decide that I'm awake. Since I'm often wrong about trivial stuff - I'm kinda not impressed with my awakeness

I've decided that being disgruntled is it's own reward. As a friend recently made me realize - I think I might just keep my head down and eat more carbs. Life is short

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posted on Nov, 21 2015 @ 12:38 PM
As expected, all the responses so far have been brilliant.

I chose the broadest definition of "awake" as I could. So this wouldn't become a debate about "awakeness". Or an ideological debate. Also, no matter how awake you are you're probably dealing with its effect on your life. And dealing with that was the prime purpose of this thread.

Conspiracies theories aren't the only way to be awake. In fact, in some case they can be their own type of delusional tyranny. And there some ways that officialdom acts that is so consistent throughout history, it's surprising such ideas applied to the present are viewed as "conspiracy theories".

Finally, several people have suggested that being awake has effected their ability to find friends and romantic partners. One thing that's worked for me is that I apply the openness I have to the world to other people. I've met some great people that way. And, of course, we can be friendly and romantically involved with people who don't agree with us in every area. And, remember, since you're awake and having trouble finding people, there are likely to be others just like you. Seek them out. They're probably nearer than you think.
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posted on Nov, 21 2015 @ 12:46 PM
a reply to: Moresby

Good topic, OP.

I compartmentalize a lot of my emotions. I don't internalize world events, but do try to understand them in a logical, pragmatic way. I am able to separate my daily life from the lies and deception.

I think the key is to live your life with honesty and integrity.

posted on Nov, 21 2015 @ 12:56 PM
a reply to: Metallicus

Now that, in a nutshell, I like.

posted on Nov, 21 2015 @ 01:06 PM
a reply to: Moresby

Here's the thing no one is truly awake, even by your broad definition of the term.

There's so much information that those who claim to be "awake" are ignorant about, I for one do not know definitively who every member of the controlling elite are nor do I know what exactly their plans are for the world. Yet there are many "awake" persons who use the vague terms like; the globalists,TPTB and the bankers as the foundation for their revelation of reality. If you question the legitimacy of the "awoken's" unfounded beliefs your talked down to like a sheep.

My grievances aside, the only strategy I would recommend is to try to strive towards living off the grid because when the chips are down you don't want to be in the cities and being dependent on welfare when the sheep are being lead to slaughter.

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posted on Nov, 21 2015 @ 01:20 PM
a reply to: NateTheAnimator

No one can know all of the truth, but my goal is to question everything and trust no one (ty x-files). Also, one cannot be afraid to say 'I don't know' which I believe are some of the wisest, if not most difficult, words someone can say. Being awake isn't knowing everything, but questioning everything.
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posted on Nov, 21 2015 @ 01:27 PM
a reply to: Moresby

Matrix reference duly noted.

So what are some of your strategies?

I took both pills, that way I can know whats going on and still sleep at night.

1. Don't try and convert everyone.

How is Morpheus supposed to find Neo without waking people up?

Also reference the allegory of Plato's Cave. Once outside the cave, aren't we bound to give back what we have been given? To come back in the cave and try to bring others outside?

To just remain outside and enjoy it for ourselves seems a little selfish.

Older people know what the last cave was like (Vietnam). They see the same illusory net being dragged over the populace today as it was back then.


posted on Nov, 21 2015 @ 01:50 PM
In it's simplest form I feel like being awake is realizing that the game being played is not checkers but high level chess. Once you realize that the elites and possibly off world entities are playing this game it makes more sense, and you can connect the dots much easier. If you are convinced that the game is checkers, then you can't see the moves for what they are and will appear crazy to anyone trying to explain the nature of the true game being played.

Either way it's still just a game!

posted on Nov, 21 2015 @ 01:53 PM
a reply to: intrptr

Some people don't want to be awake.

posted on Nov, 21 2015 @ 06:02 PM
pure empathy... the most difficult is the ones that have never shown you real empathy care or concern... it's like floating on peace and harmony... but fetters and hooks of others all ones back... that desire, want, expect & assume many people are so wrapped up in what life should be in a made up phantasm... they have no idea what moment to moment reality can be... it's much like watching a 1st person ride on a roller coaster... vs. actually being on it. But there's just no ups and downs... other than those elicited by a moment moment to zen like experience as reality unfolds before you... and the fate of body, speech, and mind as I like to think of karma... not returning in lifetimes or years but minutes or even hours later... instant cause and effect is why there is so much training and preparation in training and eventually mastering ones mind...

the strange thing is I dont know if others have had this or not... but there was a choice to enter nirvana/heaven/paradise or whatever one wants to label it with rote understanding... or remain; of course still doing solitary practice various emanations visit some friendly and some not so friendly; whether this is an illusion and thought form is not even a question, things unfold as you move about like ripples; so the energy of the area either has peaceful or wrathful energies... like a trailer park or a ghetto where everyone is scratching and surviving in any which way they can and theres either grace and dignity in that survival or there's not. But it's like empathy has become a scale and you're the balance but have no desire to control them or their lives but see every single aspect of harm they do to themselves totally unaware of this... trying to interact with the utmost in compassion and empathy can keep one feeling very drained especially when balancing out all the negative energies...

this seems to have a two way effect though... the scales tip towards pleasant as the positive flows out and changes; but the negative soon returns like the natural force of yin and yang in constant polar battles between the right hemisphere and left hemisphere of the mind where someone goes from logic and ration on a teeter totter instead of perfectly balanced...

The biggest issue having them balanced in perfection is the interaction with those unaware of what they put out on a daily basis because it hasn't caught up to them yet... when karma fate or whatever becomes level... anything negative you put out has the ability to ripple back with an unexpected magnitude... most beings are unaware of this, this unawareness may seem like bliss, but it is truly not and there's no way in the world to open that curtain directly in front of them on the outside as you pass by... all you can really do is if walking by to notice them waving you wave back, you can say hey you're trapped from proper communication even though you have proper seeing... but they wont hear you only parts or fragments from body language.

It's also like being in superman's fortress of solitude when at rest... not a sound nothing all pervasive space a dark embrace that is comfortable almost like living and dying with each sunrise and sun set. Yet the only burden you carry is the burden of others and it may sound silly but knowing the root of all their burdens makes the heart even more empathetic... I learned a hard lesson about letting someone slip their burden in my open heart... not like oh it was horrible but knowing what their life felt like for a few weeks was eating me alive... it was if escape had been wholly reversed... but it was this ball of energy that let me open a door to remember what that quiet desperation was like... because I very often forget people don't see the framework everything lay on this props up that, this covers this, that causes that, this arises from this... having every dependent origination's root as it arises seen for what it is... only occurs after it has been truly cut off... and the only connection anyone has to you is whatever understanding they have on the path.

I just try to promote happiness by pointing at what gives rise to bias and discrimination, a separation of self and other and encourage people to live what they are passionate about. At this point though Mara is seen pretty well, it's like a snake that tries swallow a rock that looks like an egg over and over... at some point one would think it would give up or starve to death on no sustenance, but what was once a 7 course meal seems to have gotten smaller and smaller to where it is subsisting on crumbs and then finally becomes a hungry ghost that starts trying to thrive on compassion and your empathetic nature instead of the greed, hate, and ignorance it was used to feeding on instead... of course it still can be fed by others mired in darkness but it wont ever be able to make that rock into an egg to be birthed inside it's body of delusion again... in one end out the other is no longer a life time of dream and self/other created fantasy.

One's existence might as well be like a dream someone has that has no effect on actual life... other than what they imagine or mistake it to be. This is why karma/fate coming flat plays a role in my opinion... any harm or intention one may want to do cannot even graze ones being, you can allow them too and that's as far as it goes, and of course it's a hard lesson about letting go of what we want or desire others to be, instead of what they are supposed to become... being pulled in so many directions by familial or societies expectation for a life... is part of the issue it stunts ones growth and adds to karmic debt on all fronts... those pro-porting it, those upholding it and those spreading it.

Of course that's the nature of samsara though... much like the Earth slung out of balance or off tilt by 33 degrees... it just is no matter the cause that way... we have our effect on it... but the more biased and extreme? The worse the balance and less peace and happiness for humanity.

So I dunno... kinda like having a public service job as a supervisor in Beetle Juice, where the self you actually killed was the illusion. Dead... alive? Doesn't mean anything it seems as a perdition of a sorts has already been dealt... the heart weighed against the feather... and the only weight around? Comes from others.

posted on Nov, 21 2015 @ 10:57 PM
very nice thread
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