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Interesting Game of Risk

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posted on Nov, 20 2015 @ 01:58 AM
And indeed this was my first game of Risk. We played, 4 nations on the map of the world with partners. Mine was a roommate that shared movement powers in terms of deployment, but our master plan was my creation, and it was brilliant, I like to think. Four nations, the Blue Nation here on out called Europa, or Arya. This was our nation and starting with a province in Australia which was quickly lost, three in Europe, two of which had Africa to the South, Greenland, Eastern Canada and Western USA and Japan. The Yellow Nation here on out called the Asian Power, though they rose from Australia, The Green Nation here on out called The America's, and the Red Nation here on out called the Lower Southern.

Swiftly the Asian provinces and the Australian province of ours were lost, all the while gaining Iceland, Great Britain, Eastern Europe, Russia and Scandinavia (Russia being the European part of Russia). The Lower Southerly were the first to unite a continent, the continent of Africa and was the Super Power comparable to none, until shortly after Europa was united and created a force stronger than that of the First Super Power. A Third Super Power rose, The America's after uniting South America and most of North America. The Lower Southern waged war against the Asian Power which remained a minor power and pawn of the other three. India constantly changed hands and ultimately The Southerly Powers took the homeland of the Asian Power, Australia and Indonesia. The Asian Power never achieved military strength on it's own.

As the America's pushed north for the final province, Greenland, Europa offered the Lower Southern a military alliance. An invasion by Lower Southerly from Africa into Brazil and from Greenland into Canada and North and Central America. The alliance was declined and an informal agreement was made between Europa and The America's after Europa barely held onto Greenland. The agreement was to eliminate Lower Southerly, to limit the troops on borders or shared water to 5,000 on one shared border or shared water and 4,000 or less on each other shared border or shared water. This meant at least 1,000 of The America's troops needed to retreat. Dispute over control over Africa was settled by agreeing Europa takes Africa and relinquishes Greenland to The America's allowing both to reap the military bonuses that followed complete control of the region's. The War in Africa ended swiftly and the military alliance between Europa and The America's became formal and informally added the Asian Power.

A fact known only between the two commanders of Europa, after the refusal of the military alliance by Lower Southern, Europa decided to blitzkrieg into Asia which was held by tiny, spread out forces, into North Africa and Brazil and through Greenland into North America in a three front campaign that would see large expansion over a short period of time. Literal moments before the troops were to be informed, the military alliance between Europa and The America's was informally made. Lower Southern was trapped in Australia and it was decided, primarily between Europa and The America's that The America's would relinquish four provinces in Asia to the Asian Power in order for the Asian Power to conquer Lower Southern in Indonesia and Australia. For a while there was a large period of peace, met with a strong militarization of each Power, with the Asian Power finally being a Super Power, created by Europa and The America's. The Asian Power grew so strong as to possibly be the most powerful and drew most units onto Asian-Euro borders, only to swiftly withdraw to shared waters with Australia/Indonesia.

The Plan was for the Asian Power to invade Indonesia and Australia, and for The America's to cross the Bering Strait into Asia with an invasion force, and for Europa to send an invasion force from the East. At this point Europa was supposed to, secretly, invade The America's through Africa-Brazil and Greenland-Canada. The Asian Power, and Lower Southern both built up and one each others shared waters declared war on the Europa-America's alliance. The Asian Power sent approximately 70 to 90 thousand troops onto the borders of Europa and Europa met with force, while the America's prepared to cross the Bering Strait with approximately 80-100 thousand troops. Combined the Eastern Alliance (Lower Southern and Asian Power) had a force of approximately 150 to 170 thousand troops and the Western Alliance had a force of approximately 160 to 190 thousand troops. Europa left a gap in the front line, a territory with only 1000 troops which Asian Power troops stormed with full force, into North Africa, Brazil and up to Central America. Lower Southern orchestrated this and sat in Indonesia with full force for the remainder of the war. Europa reunited Europe and Africa and captured all of Asia and, had history continued won the battle of 80 thousand Europa troops versus 75 thousand Lower Southern Troops and conquered Australia making the greatest extent of the Empire of Europa, or Arya, covering all of Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia. Had history continued The America's would have wiped out The Asian Powers forces in Central and South America with strong resistance, and the war would have ended, with the Western Alliance intact, or broken apart in combat with the America's likely cleaning up Europa's remaining forces.

Love diplomacy, makes everything interesting with behind the door dealings and near invasions just barely prevented.

posted on Nov, 20 2015 @ 03:04 AM
a reply to: Tiamat384

You should definitelly try Major Command, a online Risk like game. Seriously, it's absolutelly fantastic and much better than its inspiration. I intend to make a Thread about it, but still need some free time to do it. If you check it out look for me there! Good luck
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posted on Nov, 20 2015 @ 03:21 AM
a reply to: LordAdef
I assume you have the same name there as here? I'll be looking for it, but I need to get 4 and a half hours of sleep now. You should absolutely make a thread about it. Some people don't like diplomacy in Risk, but it adds so much.

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