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Help Uncover Mysteries at U.S. National Parks: Tell Us Your Stories

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posted on Nov, 19 2015 @ 07:27 PM
Nearly every park in the US National Park system has numerous stories of unexplained events that range from embellished tall-tales to hair-raising paranormal events that defy explanation. From Bigfoot sightings to alien abductions and malevolent spirits, the legends and tales are countless.

Have you personally experienced something strange in or around a United States National Park? We’re looking for your personal stories dealing with paranormal phenomena, Bigfoot/Sasquatch, mysteriously missing persons, UFO/ET encounters, or other similar and unexplainable happenings. is working with a production company for a television show on a major national cable network. We’re helping them find interesting and credible accounts of strange phenomena in and around one of the following U.S. national parks:
Apache Sit Greaves National Park
Big Bend National Park
Black Hills National Forest (home of Mt Rushmore)
Canyon lands National Park
Carlsbad National Park
Cleveland National Forest (home of Black Star Canyon)
Death Valley National Park
Great Sand Dunes National Park
Great Smoky Mountains National Park
Lassen Volcanic National Park
Medicine Bow National Park
Yosemite National Park
Yellowstone National Park
(Or any other national or major state park not on this list)

Post your detailed accounts here, and we’ll work with the production company to select the most interesting stories for their upcoming show. You’ll be notified via private message if your story is interesting, and we’ll forward your contact information — with your permission — to the producers.

If selected, you may have the opportunity to delve into your experiences in more detail, on camera, and help investigate what really happened.

DISCLAIMER: is deriving no monetary benefit from this collaboration. We’re merely part of an effort to help document, understand, and investigate strange phenomena in an effort to uncover the truth.
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posted on Nov, 19 2015 @ 07:35 PM
a reply to: SkepticOverlord

very cool but me personally I do not but I would like to know when this show airs will you keep us updated?

posted on Nov, 19 2015 @ 07:40 PM
a reply to: SkepticOverlord

Im sure you know about these threads, but they contain a collection of interesting forest stories. Tell your Creepy Forest Stories Abduction or Imagination is something in our forest?
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posted on Nov, 19 2015 @ 07:43 PM
a reply to: SkepticOverlord

I look forward to this. I don't have any personal story.

I read a thread last month on here about missing people in US parks. Really enjoyed the read, and it lead me to look into stories from where I am now living.

JMO, This couldn't have come at a better time. We need something to get our minds off all this terrorist stuff.

posted on Nov, 19 2015 @ 07:45 PM
a reply to: misskat1

Both really good threads.

I am looking forward to this project.

posted on Nov, 19 2015 @ 08:11 PM
There have been quite a few disappearances in the Smokies. I have no personal knowledge other than rumors, news stories, and folklore...

This is an odd quote, to me...

“We’ve had numerous other people who were never found,” Miller said. “Mostly they are suicides.”

I find it odd that they assume they were "suicides" even though no bodies were recovered...
The Daily Times

Probably the most famous missing person case from the park.
Knoxville News Sentinel

It seems as if some people have just "vanished into thin air"

On Oct. 8, 1976, the 16-year-old Gibson, a sophomore, and about 40 other Bearden High School students were in the park on a horticulture field trip. The students were hiking from the parking area just below Clingmans Dome to Andrews Bald when Gibson was last seen hiking toward the parking lot. It was reported that there were groups of students both in front and behind Gibson when she was last seen. The search for Gibson lasted several months before it was officially called off. In 1982 Bob Gibson, the girl's father, told the News Sentinel he believed his daughter had been abducted and taken out of the park.

a reply to: misskat1
Thanks for those links, I don't believe I had seen those threads before!
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posted on Nov, 19 2015 @ 08:12 PM
I have absolutely no reason to fabricate this story. You can believe it or not.

I've encountered an unusual being, although not in a U.S. National Park but in a Los Angeles suburb, who telepathically related the fact that he was a time traveler from our future and was here to abduct female humans.

He was virtually identical to this creature.

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posted on Nov, 19 2015 @ 08:12 PM
Having visited Yellowstone many times, as well as others, I cannot say I have experienced anything on the paranormal sense. My 'weird' experiences are much more benign. Such as the company Xanterra that completely ripps off the visitors, the young people that work under slave labor conditions, the complete zoning and subsequent development of Yellowstone, the culling of the bison herds to the tune of thousands to give them to local tribes for sport killing as their right, the hunters that stalk animals with radio transmitters for the moment they leave the property borders, etc. Things like that that seem appropriate on the outside looking in but to a veteran visitor seem like there are other reasons more monetary.

The place has become a corporate cash cow and is poorly managed by the government. Our heritage as the first national park is being raped on a daily basis.

Scooby Scooby Doo,
Where are you,...

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posted on Nov, 19 2015 @ 08:34 PM
I'd like to express my thanks to ATS for working on this. It's a subject I'm only recently getting interested in and a TV show would be awesome. As soon as you can, please update us on a name of the program and what channel it will air on (assuming it gets licked up.)

I'm going out camping in a national park next month so hopefully something interesting will (not ever) halpen to me.

Cheers and thanks again ATS!

posted on Nov, 19 2015 @ 08:50 PM
a reply to: SkepticOverlord

I'm not sure if it would apply but what about state parks or wild life management areas. If so Corpswood Manor between Summerville Trion Georgia would be a cool. The area is owned by the US Forestry service. Just a thought S.O.

Now to the story. Me and friends have heard about the place years ago and thought we would take a trip to check it out. The trail in was easy and not to hard to find if one knows what your looking for.Some of the ruins of the home were still standing and it was the creepiest thing I had ever seen. We could hear foot steps it the forest but we told ourselves its just squirrels. So we looked around and hiked out before dark. A few days went by and was talking to a friend of a friend about the area. He asked if we had taken anything I told him no to my knowledge, but I didn't know my girlfriend at the time and a few othwrs had picked up some rocks and taken them home. From that time forward the one's that had taken the rocks had bad luck or worse. My girlfriend had her arm cut off in a work accident, my buddy Kenny was working on hi car when it jumped out of gear and ran him over he was DOA. Two other just had plain bad luck from that time forward. Coincidence or happened stance, I don't know, but I will not be going back to that patch of dirt.
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posted on Nov, 19 2015 @ 09:49 PM
Just to put this out there,..

Whats the common denominator at all US national parks?...

Xanterra.... hmmm

posted on Nov, 19 2015 @ 10:18 PM
Is this effort associated with David Paulides and his 411 books?

posted on Nov, 20 2015 @ 02:54 AM
These reddit threads might be of some interest:

It reads like a mix of fact and fiction, but it's very interesting all the same.

The mysterious out of place staircases described are spooky.

There's one story about a little boy being taken by a 'fuzzy' man. Not furry, just out of focus. All manner of strange encounters, and interdimensional weirdness. Whether any of it is true or not, the woods are as spooky as they are lovely.

Personally I think that there are forest spirits/elementals or whatever you want to call them, and they aren't all friendly. Skinwalkers and wendigos come to mind, from First Nations cultures. There's a puzzling commonality between the folk tales told by wildly disparate groups of people. My no-bull# great grandfather was always gravely serious when he spoke about the 'spirit folk.'
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posted on Nov, 20 2015 @ 08:27 AM
I am going to be super, super cryptic here, but not out of want, it's out of ignorance. I don't' remember.

But, there is supposed to be places out west that have "vortex's" something spiritual, supernatural, I don't know. I just remember hearing about them and how people go there and notice the energy. I am sure someone with some sense remembers a bit more about this and can enlighten the rest of us.

posted on Nov, 20 2015 @ 08:30 AM

originally posted by: seasoul
I have absolutely no reason to fabricate this story. You can believe it or not.

I've encountered an unusual being, although not in a U.S. National Park but in a Los Angeles suburb, who telepathically related the fact that he was a time traveler from our future and was here to abduct female humans.

He was virtually identical to this creature.

Oh, that's Bob. There was a thread about him quite a few years ago. Old timers will remember.

posted on Nov, 20 2015 @ 08:46 AM
a reply to: Monger

that reddit thread creeped me out for days..those metallic stair cases to no where really freak me out..I mean come on..there are no records that state what they used for???? Also that kid stories where especially creepy...I know kids can have an imagination..but some of it is just too far out for even the wildest imaginations of children.

posted on Nov, 20 2015 @ 08:50 AM
All those are out west, the closest National Park to me is the Edison Factory and Labs.

Maybe I can investigate there to try and look for Tesla's missing Death Ray.

posted on Nov, 20 2015 @ 08:50 AM
a reply to: network dude

Are you thinking of the Red Rocks of Sedona AZ? There
are supposedly positive vortexes there. It's a beautiful
place, different than any place I've ever seen & would love
to visit again. I wasn't there long enough to visit the area.
People feel all kinds of energy & some see more UFOs around
the vortexes.
I never heard about people disappearing from there.


posted on Nov, 20 2015 @ 08:56 AM
a reply to: Ektar

Possibly. I don't remember enough to have an intelligent input here. I just seem to remember it was in a park and it had to do with vortex's.

posted on Nov, 20 2015 @ 05:18 PM
This is from an investigation me and my group did a few years ago at an old cemetery that was the site of a fort involved in the war of 1812. While its not a national park, it is a national landmark and is listed as a historical site.

Fort Amanda, near Shawnee in northwest Ohio.

It was originally built on orders from General William Henry Harrison or Mad Anthony Wayne (i found conflicting information on who actually ordered the construction of the string of Forts) and constructed as a 160 x160 square foot Fort in 1812 but was quickly expanded in 1813 to 160 x 320 feet and had a total of 5 blockhouses a couple log cabins and a stockade. It was used as a debarkation point for troops traveling north up to Detroit near the front lines. They also built the boats used to move troops and goods up the Auglaize river to the northern Forts closer to the front lines. From what i could dig up the British never made it that far south to engage the Fort in battle. That was mainly handled by Fort Defiance, Fort Meigs and others near present-day Toledo Ohio. The actual site was chosen after the battle of fallen timbers, along with numerous other sites as points of strategic interest. While the British never battled here, Blue Jacket's Shawnee along with other tribes allied with him launched many raids against the Fort in skirmishes for supplies and just general harassment. The wounded were taken down river from the fighting in the north and housed at Fort Amanda for treatment an stabilization, then transported along plank roads into safer country further south. The Fort as decommissioned in 1815 and today nothing remains but a graveyard that houses many of the soldiers who died from around the area, a mass grave of unknowns and a monument.

Our group arrived at the and did a quick walk through to get a feel for the area. Being a public area we couldn't leave static cameras down unattended so we elected to split off into two groups, both groups running one video camera, one regular camera and one digital recorder running at all times in 15 minute increments.

It took us about an hour to get there so after the walk through and splitting up with another team member, i decided to investigate the restrooms before we started. I had my audio running still from a test run i did when we got there and luckily i had forgot to shut it off. As soon as i turned the corner into the restroom i thought i saw something standing behind a trashcan and it startled me because the lights were off. It looked like a soldier but it was so quick i couldn't be sure. They are on a motion sensor and only turn on when you walk near the sinks. I spun around with the recorder in my hand that i just noticed i had forgot to shut off and didn't see anything. So i did a quick evp session but the audio during the questions didn't turn up anything but after reviewing the whole file at home i heard a clear evp of a man with a slight irish accent telling someone to unload the wagons.

I tried another session at the unknown soldiers and all over down by the river and didn't get another evp until i got near the site of the fort. I was walking around trying to mark out where the Fort stood when all the hairs on the arms stood up on end and instinct told me to turn around and look at the field. On the audio after going through it i heard a clear gruff voice say "FIRE" but that was all. For a split second i thought i saw marching and tried to take a pic of it but got nothing. I asked a few random questions but not no response. Later when my friend was reviewing his audio he called me up and told me to bring my evp of someone saying fire and to find the time stamp of it. So headed over wondering what the hell he was up to and showed it to him and he didn't say a word but handed me his headphones.

At the same time i was standing in the field getting my FIRE evp he was nearby looking at a plaque. We were about 30-40 yards apart at the time of his evp. After mine had caught someone say FIRE he caught musket volley just after. I have no idea why i caught fire and he caught the guns firing. But it was definitely very cool to hear. he caught some others to but i can't remember them off the top of my head but they were all residual and none of our evps interacted with our questions. We also caught one female evp near the woods in a little valley. Definitely an interesting site. The history of the place along all the residual evps we received give me chills thinking about what those soldiers actually went through to leave such an mark.

Being a cemetery as well as a park, the site is marked at closed from dusk to dawn and the site is labeled as being video recorded. We only do investigations here during the day. I did send the Allen County Historical Society an email about what we found but i never heard anything back. Typical lol.

anyway thanks for reading

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