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The mover

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posted on Nov, 19 2015 @ 03:23 AM
I played a game of chess with my dad he made a move and said;" Every move you make on this board has to fill a purpose or a meaning to an end, you never just move of causes "
So i replied;" That makes you a mover?"
My dad smiled;" Every chess piece in this game has a purpose, i only move a chess piece when its needed" I moved my knight and said;" Check " ive never beaten my dad, hoping for a first time.
He looked at me and then down on the chess board;"This isnt a game of luck nor ambition, it isnt a game of greed, its about making the right choice at the right time" My dad moved the King behind the rook and i moved my bishop just to utter;"Check again". My dad looked down and said;" I think you have won, why make it harder when its already lost" So he laid his king down and said;" A mover always win"
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