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Waco: Five Bikers File Federal Lawsuits In Twin Peaks Shooting Cases

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posted on Nov, 18 2015 @ 12:14 PM
Good day to you ATS!

The latest installment of the saga that has become the Twin Peaks massacre is in and things are heating up once more.

WACO (November 18, 2015) Two Dallas lawyers representing five defendants in the Twin Peaks biker shootout cases have filed separate lawsuits in federal court in Austin seeking relief for their clients in the wake of indictments in the cases.

Matthew Alan Clendennen, Robert Clinton Bucy, Burton George Bergman, Noe Adame and Jorge Salinas all claim their 1st, 4th and 14th U.S. Constitutional rights were violated when they were arrested and eventually jailed in the hours following the May 17 biker gang shootout at Twin Peaks Restaurant, in Waco, where nine died and 20 were injured.


Mr. Broden is going at the Waco law enforcement establishment with both barrels and does not seem to be letting off, from one of the suits filed: (direct .pdf link)

Within hours of the Twin Peaks incident, information was provided to the media that was inaccurate, exaggerated, and highly misleading. Defendant Stroman allowed WPD representatives to set forth a narrative that was inaccurate in many respects. The “shootout between outlaw motorcycle gangs” theme that continues to be trumpeted is patently false. Perpetuating the narrative has caused irreparable harm to the reputations of the many individuals, including Plaintiff, who had nothing to do with the fatalities and injuries.

And then We all know the narrative that Swanton continued to give out beginning as soon as he got in front of a camer and continues to this day.

Perhaps the most misleading characterization of the events was made days after the incident by Defendant Reyna when he implied that those arrested were guilty because “if they’re victims, then they shouldn’t have any problem coming to law enforcement and cooperating... and, at least in the first round of interviews, we ain’t getting that.” This is blatantly false. A review of investigators’ records documenting the interviews that were conducted with the detained bikers clearly establishes that the vast majority, including Plaintiff, were completely cooperative during interviews, and voluntarily submitted to questioning and requests for forensics from law enforcement. Defendant Reyna knew of these facts at the time he made the above described public statement.

Nearly every one who was arrested that day were told that they were going to be witnesses and merely needed to give statements. At some point in time, the establishment concocted the conspiracy charges to make mass arrests possible and made every possible attempt to control how those who were innocent of any wrong doing were portrayed and silence the accused ability to speak about their ordeal in public.

Motions for speedy trial have been filed as well:

A Houston lawyer, representing a biker charged in the Twin Peaks clash, traveled to Waco Monday with a bold offer that might be too intriguing for a judge not to indulge him.

The plan, described in a motion filed in McLennan County, stands to save the 105 other defendants as well as prosecutors, police, and dozens of other lawyers and courthouse personnel from a massive, expensive legal boondoggle.

As lawyer Paul Looney sees it, there is no way the county can handle the cost, time and logistics of prosecuting 106, and maybe more bikers, especially if most of them refuse plea agreements and demand trials.

Even if the county held a trial a week _ week in and week out without a break _ it would be about two years before all would be resolved, he said.

It has been nearly six months since this event happened and the wheels of justice have been slow and ponderous in turning. Those operating the machinery of justice have not been forthcoming with evidence and have given all appearances of heel dragging rather than that of speedy prosecution.

“The primary issues in this case are legal ones; there are few disputed facts,” Looney said.

Although authorities have not yet revealed how many of the dead or wounded were shot by police or bikers, Looney notes that so far none one is charged specifically with shooting, stabbing or harming anyone else.

The way matters stand now, Looney said the majority of bikers – most of whom have no prior criminal records – will seek trials to clear their names.

The legal issues are the roadblocks that have been thrown up by the DA's office in attempting to deflect any and all scrutiny of police actions that day and to focus all attention upon the idea of "outlaw biker gangs" solely.

Twin Peaks lawyer: Stop legal chaos, start biker trials today (UPDATE)

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posted on Nov, 18 2015 @ 01:09 PM
Yeah, the ZHN gang (Zionist Henchmen Navigators) report to us, about this event, just about every other night, on the prole TV feeds. But they always leave out the parts about cops shooting everything in sight, and instead they just blame the 'bikers', or bike gangs, as the cause of mayhem and destruction.

(That's the great thing about bikes: you only have to shoot out one tire
and then the target is easier to hit because they have to stop to check for scratches)

My goodness….I just don't know who to believe, but thanks for this insight.

I have my eye on this.

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posted on Nov, 18 2015 @ 02:05 PM
I despair of there ever being a just outcome to this mess.
Thanks for the update though.

posted on Nov, 19 2015 @ 09:53 AM
a reply to: jadedANDcynical


A sixth biker has filed suite:

Dallas attorneys Clint Broden and Don Tittle filed the suits Tuesday night and Wednesday on behalf of bikers Matthew Clendennen, Robert Bucy, George Bergman, Noe Adame, John Vensel and Jorge Salinas.

The lawsuits, filed in an Austin federal court, allege the bikers’ civil rights were violated because they claim they were falsely arrested after the shootout. They claim their rights to due process under the law were violated.

Waco Trib

From the Aging Rebel:

The five individual suits also describe the conduct of the respondents to the suit in a way that virtually begs for a RICO indictment. The complaints allege: “In the hours and days immediately following the incident, Defendants Stroman, Chavez, Reyna, and Doe entered into a conspiracy to deprive Plaintiff of his right to be free from unlawful seizure and incarceration in violation of his Fourth Amendment rights. Defendants acted in concert either to orchestrate or to carry out the illegal seizure and cause the illegal arrest and incarceration described in this Complaint when they knew there was no probable cause to arrest him or to charge him with the offense of Engaging in Organized Criminal Activity.”

And, the complaints reference the spurious nature of the indictments handed down a week ago; noting that they are, “identical for every single individual. To date, there has been no attempt to state with any particularity the facts on which the first degree felony against Plaintiff is based. From a fill-in-the-name template probable cause affidavit, to a fill-in-the-name template Indictment, violations of Plaintiff’s constitutional rights continue.”

Here Come the Lawsuits

The state is trying it's best to push a 'guilt-by-association' theme with all of it's bluster and coercion of those whom have fallen within their focus.

The suits are interesting in that they are targeting several specific individuals and calling them out on abuse of authority and using their power under color of law to intimidate and deprive Americans of several of their constitutionally protected rights in such a way as should give each and every one of us pause, whether or not we ride; I do not and still believe that the bikers were wrongs that day and have only had more injustice piled upon them.

They are coming for us, do not let them have an easy time of it by not speaking up when they go after groups to which you do not feel you belong.

Imagine what could be accomplished if all of the different groups that have been targeted by the government ever put aside their contrived (by said government) differences and presented a united face to the oppressors.

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