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I've Just about Had it with Trolls and Narcissitic Behavior!

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posted on Nov, 17 2015 @ 01:47 PM
a reply to: SoulSurfer

Im asking for unity, not fighting among st ourselves. We are all in this together. I personally dont like fighting of any kind but there are those that can push you into the corner until you have no choice but to fight back. And I have a very nasty sting when I am cornered.

Of course. Look at my "mood". For years it said "Peaceable", but my mood has changed because of the very thing you are discussing here. Maybe different subject matter, different perspectives, but still........ I understand.

posted on Nov, 17 2015 @ 02:11 PM

originally posted by: Metallicus
a reply to: SoulSurfer

Okay, I get that there are many 'we are the world' types of people and that is fine, but the whole unity thing is a turnoff for me. It discourages independent thought and creates a group of weak minded followers dependent on group think and leaders who may or may not have their best interest at heart.

I like a person just fine, but I abhor groups and following the leader. I don't like Authoritarians and I don't think just because you find something to be in the common interest I would necessarily agree with you.

I am an individual and will remain so. Sometimes my goals and interests may align with yours and sometimes they may not, but I will never be a 'unity' kind of guy so count me out.

oh im not talking about that kind of unity. More like, solidarity for a common cause. I understand where you come from, i do think the same way. Im more of a lonewolf type of guy aswell, observing silently in the shadows atmy surroundings. (kinda makes me look like a creep.)

But I know one thing, I hurt when I see other people hurt. I dont really do things for myself anymore. Ive given up on dreams and my hopes. What I do now is mostly a selfless act.

for example... (trying to convey correct words to avoid misunderstandings)

I don't like being hurt. So I tend to be protective towards those who are defenseless, even when I am defenseless myself. I know I will lose, but it doesn't matter. My heart showed me to do it so I do. Because I don't like pain, I don't wish it for others.

Unfortunately, not everyone thinks this way. But i know its all about choices. The fork road, do we become hateful ourselves because of our pain? Or do we thrive to avoid pain unto others? What would it take to help others avoid pain? Information, knowledge, awareness of said pain.

Perhaps yes, I am being a little selfish here, but in the opposite side of the table. I am hurt because I see other people being hurt. I think, a real leader is those who empathize with people and shows them the way to lead themselves without the authoritarian aspect.

But no, I don't believe in that type of unity, (new age, as a poster put it. and you are correct in what you said.)


This is the new age thinking a tweet thought. People no longer read something and go off and search, check the facts, LEARN they simply respond with some of hand saying, a sentence, a rude joke and gather their friends with shared admiration at their quick wit.

I know how it is, many years ago back when 4chan was still new, I used to troll with anonymous. (I no longer do so because back then I was in fact, insane, and truly lost. Thanks to people with common sense and morals, i was able to escape from that dark world. So I know the troll like the back of my hand and identify them a mile away.)

I think someone on here ats once told me (a few years back) that I wasn't ready to face my karma. I guess I am now facing it, and its a lesson well learned. I receive the pain I once put out myself, so I guess what goes around comes around.)

Today i discourage trolling because of the emotional damage it can do to the victim. A lie hurts far worse than a bitter truth. The reason because the lie becomes a battle with yourself. A lie can create schizophrenia within people because deep down we are intuitive. So we know, but are not aware. (if that makes sense).

So it becomes a battle between what you know vs the lie which trolling tends to do.

But yes, thats exactly what they do as you said. You pretty much hit the nail there.

In my experience, a troll is just someone who you disagree with, but cant beat them in an argument.

that is a small description of them, and doesnt apply only to trolls. Some fellow posters made a good point with regards to the right we have to not agree or buy into any story. To question everything is the wise choice.

However, in the trolls case, the aspect of the troll is much more sinister and different. They do it simply because they can and for the "lols" as they put it. I know, because I used to participate with anonymous in the past (Vs Scientology to be more precise). So I know what goes on there.

I abandoned that world in 2009 though. And have not looked back since.

But now you know why it is easy for me to spot a troll.

posted on Nov, 17 2015 @ 02:14 PM
a reply to: SoulSurfer

I was in tax court this morning. To think there is any morality or ethics left in the world is simply naive. This is bizarro-world. Get used to it cause it won't be changing for the better in our lifetimes lol.

Cheer up! The worst is yet to come....

Cheers - Dave

posted on Nov, 17 2015 @ 02:26 PM
a reply to: bobs_uruncle

im not sure if I even want to be on this planet by the time the "worse" comes.

But please... dont lose faith. I know its hard, at times I feel like giving up all hope. But then I remember,those that died before me, for all of our liberties.

Did they all die in vain?... what did they die for?

There is still some morality left, we just gotta water it for it to grow back.... maybe I am naive but... the way I see it, it does not hurt to try and do something for a good cause... right?...

posted on Nov, 17 2015 @ 02:35 PM
a reply to: SoulSurfer

I think that your main downfall in this rant is that you assume all facts to be absolute.

There are many "facts" that are shared on ATS that are later proven wrong. Hell, if you go into the Posse Commitatus forum, most posts present the "fact" that most police in America are corrupt and that it's the criminal that is the victim. Or in the Current Events forum where news stories are quoted with facts and figures, many of which are found to be ill-gotten or incorrect or incomplete. Or look at the Fragile Earth forum--that place is so riddled with "facts" from both sides of the Anthropogenic Global Warming debate that it looks like it was shot up by a mobster with a tommy gun that shoots facts at 720 facts per minute.

My point being that debate and countering facts with facts is an appropriate use of this website...hell, it's the point of this website. The thing that you have to do as a user is learn to research on your own and come to your own conclusion, but having too many "facts" at your disposal is never a bad thing if you really want to get to the bottom of the issue at hand.

posted on Nov, 17 2015 @ 02:47 PM
Ive found that people with a "background in psychology" have an incredible talent for using as many words as possible to say absolutely nothing, yet claim its profound.

posted on Nov, 18 2015 @ 07:19 PM
I will say one more thing, I admit I allowed my own anger to get the best of me. But today i saw something, that perhaps gave me a glimpse and hope.

I wont reveal who I am, but I will post some numbers for the illuminati paid trolls. It does not matter now, what you do or say. If one person can reach this number of views with spreading the truth. Then I have accomplished far more than I expected of myself.

Why do I show these numbers? They are views Ive had with information spreading. And many of them are spreading info on their own. Small waves within small waves, which means the tide is turning on the "illumned" ones.

If one person can reach this number, then I became the spark of a gigantic wave through truth media, that combined with other alternative media. The world is awakening as we speak. But I ask you, YOU who do nothing other than for yourselves. What have YOU accomplished in your life? You have no excuses. If all you do is sit and argue with everyone or try to discredit good people. I speak not only to those trolls who may dwell within ATS, but those who also read these posts outside of ATS. What GOOD have you done for someone other than yourself?

I think we can all learn something from this classic movie.

I already accomplished what I needed, so i become an observer from here on out. The rest is up to you all.

Soul Surfer Signing off.

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