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Hate the creation, don't hate the creator?

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posted on Nov, 16 2015 @ 08:01 PM

This will be short and bitter. All of the ISIS nonsense over the past couple years has my mind and spirit vomiting sick of this garbage in the reality I live in.

Through emotional charge and reaction, we immediately put our hate, anger, spite and all the nasty feels, into the product that is causing havoc and has become the cancer to the human race.

We must aim that energy, emotion, thought, at those who created the product, the vessel for evil to exercise it's will on the external plane.

As I've said in an earlier thread; how can we hate the bomber but not the orchastrators? The creation but not the creator of?

Without their Master; aiding, training, supplying, financing, orchastrating, and encouraging the vessel of evil... the evil would not exist. It's the mad scientist kind of thing.
It's being disgusted and hating Frankenstein, but not Victor, the one who created it with his mind and hands. The Master has crafted and engineered its own version of evil.

People.. please, stay focused, save the emotional charge for when it comes to a place near You. Save your energy, your emotions, your thoughts. . For what you CAN control.
You can't control the freak of creation like a Frankenstein/ISIS.
But we can control the Master/Governments that created it.

It's OUR hard earn dollars, collectively being funneled to this sick and degraded vessel of evil in isis, by our controllers - these manipulative, dishonest, deceptive, twisted - politicians and "leader", who are really cowardly actors playing role play like children.

We have the NUMBERS. The government have the influence. Last I checked, quantity will overwhelm and destroy quantity if it's being abused. Why is it not working like that in our society?

Because of a foul police force stretched across North America, which are becoming just as worse as the latest evil creation in isis? Are we fearing our own kin based on ideologies of status, and therfore leave our power at the door, in fear of being detained, looked up, hurt, or killed?

Is that not exactly what isis has become to us? Does anyone see the contrast... isis and police are manufactured by the same master, western globalists.

Reserve your emotions, your mind your energy for what truely matters, that which peronally affects you as a human being. Right now, that is not isis, that is the masters of politics, governments, militaries, religious structures, and royal families.

Be true to yourself, people will die, .we are living in hell, and always have been, that is what they have created for us, like a horrific playground of vampirism of energy consumption and lack of free will being exercised.

Stop feuding with eachother on these damn boards too! We are all in misery together. . But we don't have to be. We have power together, and until each and everyone of us understands and figures out how, we will continue being consumed internally by illusions, and externally by traumatic events and acts of lesser minds and spirits.

Hate the creator, as much as the creation.

posted on Nov, 16 2015 @ 08:26 PM

It's OUR hard earn dollars, collectively being funneled to this sick and degraded vessel of evil in isis, by our controllers - these manipulative, dishonest, deceptive, twisted - politicians and "leader", who are really cowardly actors playing role play like children.

You want us to stop paying taxes to a corrupt government?

posted on Nov, 16 2015 @ 09:54 PM
I don't understand you, or the point you want to get across.

I live in a peaceful country, that is properly policed so that people live in relative safety. I vote for the government I want in fair elections, and for the most part they follow through on what I expect from them. I feel safe walking down the street night or day without fear of crime, or fear of the men and women that keep the peace in my country.

We have almost no military, and the only reason I see them is because I live near one of their offices, but they are not a threat. They are young men and women going to a job like almost anyone else in our society.

Frankenstein was not the monster, he was the one that created the monster, if you bother to read the book.

posted on Nov, 16 2015 @ 10:35 PM
a reply to: anxietydisorder

If you didn't get my point, should of left it at that.

Everyone is being charged for isis l; emotionally, mentally, and using physical resources on them.

All because of governments backing them up, because of personal interest and agenda.

Frankenstein thing was the metaphor that first popped in my head lol..I don't know the story very well, don't really care, a man made a monster, everyone feared that monster as it terrified them.

Hope this post clears your misunderstanding of the OP

Not sure why you took it personal, and pretending everything is fine and dandy.. depending on your nation you reside, your government most likely has interests in global agenda, and your vote doesn't mean much..

Unless your looking to pick the lesser poison

(post by youcannotwin removed for a serious terms and conditions violation)

posted on Nov, 21 2015 @ 12:52 AM
Agree 100%.

And this is a long time in planning. Look at this, end of the world song, clock watch, and Isil type flags, or extremists.

Darren Hayes - Black Out The Sun

The shock here is not only in who is orchestrating it, but who is complicit by their inaction and silence. For example, Obama should be impeached. Endangering the nation is a high criminal charge, as with, aiding and abetting terrorists. This is serious. He has to go and must be imprisoned. Well how to do this. Impeach, then arrest? Military heads remove?

The military head part is interesting as he's replaced them with black women? And thats legal? Its an obvious conspiracy and should not hold up in court. So who is taking this swiftly to court? No one interested, in the whole country?

They can impeach, but no one is? So everyone in office is complicit, as with a good chunk of legal folk, who are silent in this?

This isn't just Obama apparently.

Currently after they passed a bill that cannot be veto'd to pause and make very difficult the refugee problem (not that they're not coming in in UPS like parcels and not that the 10 000 who arrived are being rounded up and sent out...though the 10 000 that landed in New Orleans were all 18-45 year old males).

But currently after they passed this, you'd think they would impeach. However instead its all gone quiet, refugees are good, some kind of damage control, and some kind of way to spin things.

So that bill is just to appease people and now they're trying to spin it.

My question based on all that European leaders, Canada's leader, and all those who can do something from politicians, to lawyers , are silent. This is an incredibly huge conspiracy.

Singers with military background are filled in, well I'm guessing on his background, ie inside info.

How many are behind this?

posted on Nov, 21 2015 @ 01:22 PM
I really don't think that trying to preach to people on a message board is super useful. At least, not for me. I'm here to read about ideas, facts, and certain opinions, but I don't need the motivation, support, or direction of someone I don't know. I think you should realize that telling people to "stay focused" and "be true to yourself here" is kind of useless. Tell it to yourself.

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