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Today Josephine Baker spirit stands and call America to embrace and support a hurted France!

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posted on Nov, 14 2015 @ 09:24 PM
The Peace of God to all that belong to the light,
Dear readers,

In the middle of the aftermatch of the French Army and police trying to suffocate these horrendous terrorist wave that has left back more than two hundred people in between injured and dead in Paris and its surroundings, it is interesting to remember the figure that joins France and America closer than nobody else in our common History.

I know many of you are thinking in the Marquise de Lafayette, that fought in the American Independece war, or perhaps in Joseph Bonaparte, the brother of the emperor Napoleon, who died in Philadelphia, or Benjamin Franklyin or Thomas Jefferson that both carried out so important diplomatic work in Paris, but no, I am not referrring to any of them.

The greatest American - French Hero of all times is an African American lady that grew up in poverty and suffered all the rigor of the time of the racial segregation until she decided to migrate to France and try to continue oversees a dancer career that she started in Broadway without not too much success.

Josephine Baker became soon after in the 1930s the great diva of the cabaret shows in Paris and also a Movie star, a singer, a great performer in all aspects. But those achievements were not enough to satisfy her thrist of conquest, since in the most grave hour of the French History, when the Nazi empire invaded the country she became Hero of the resistance.

She risked her life alot to deffend her adoptive nation and finally she was sent to Morrocco by the resistance to boycott the third Reich plans to expand their influence to such strategic site. It was there where she joined to the American forces and in the way made peace again with her country of origin.

The spirit of Josephine Baker today stands to call us to don't leave France alone in this so dark hour, to extend our arms to a nation that needs our support and that we must deffend at any cost since their liberty is also ours.

Here for the ones of you that don't know nothing about this admirable woman that spent her last years adopting orphan children of all nationalities, here a link of her fascinating life:

Josephine Baker came back at the peak of her career and was a key factor to promote the desegregation, she only performed in American soil where shows were admitting people of all races all togehter gathered to see her in scene.

The thread is open for all of you that wants to explore, discuss and comment the rich experience of life of a woman that made the American dream occur even overseas.

May God give courage and strength to all the ones that are right now mourning friends or relatives in Paris, give eternal peace to the fatal victims and inspire all the sectors in France to join together in deffense of a fatherland that is certainly injured but is ready to deffend its integrity from the evil empire of terrorism that ISIS represents.

France gave to America Lady LIberty that is always greeting immigrants coming from so far to find her appear in the Horizon on the New York bay with her torch illuminating their hopes and the ones of all nations.

America gave to France Elizabeth Baker, a woman of incredible passion, strength and character to deffend all the values of principles that identify a democracy and that illuminated the performce scene where dreams of freedom become reality for all the ones that once watched her.

Thanks for your attention,

The Angel of Lightness
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posted on Nov, 15 2015 @ 06:42 AM
Great read!
Yes she was a great and gifted lady for sure.....

posted on Nov, 15 2015 @ 02:02 PM
a reply to: DogMeat

Hi, Indeed Josephine Baker was a remarkable woman, she went out of the schemes of the so narrow mentality of her time, she was a person that had a very clear idea, since the begining, that she was before to be an African American a woman and before that a human being, and liked to be treated as it.

This lady since her early youth with unusual strenght of character taught everybody wanting to meet her those fundamentals aspects in treating her, so her rejection to the segregation or the discrimination against women was absolute.

I know we In America have read about other women involved actively in civil rights, but many of us have never heard of this lady that did it not do that in 1940s or 1950s, as the others, but since the 1930s. Unforutanaely against her there was a determined dicreditation campaign by whom attacked her attitude while she was in America and later in a very unfair and hypocritical way denounced her as a defector when she moved to France.

By the way my excuses for the typo committed at the end of the previous post since trying to correct a spelling of Josephine the system turned her name in to Elizabeth, what is wrong.

Now, her name was not all her life the one she made famous, even the lastname Baker was the one of her second American husband that she divorced so early.

She was born Freda Josephine McDonald in St. Louis, Missouri, on June 3, 1906 to washerwoman Carrie McDonald and vaudeville drummer Eddie Carson. Eddie abandoned them shortly afterward, and Carrie married a kind but perpetually unemployed man named Arthur Martin. Their family eventually grew to include a son and two more daughters.

Josephine grew up cleaning houses and babysitting for wealthy white families who reminded her "be sure not to kiss the baby." She got a job waitressing at The Old Chauffeur's Club when she was 13 years old. While waiting tables she met and had a brief marriage to Willie Wells.

While it was unusual for a woman during her era, Josephine never depended on a man for financial support. Therefore, she never hesitated to leave when a relationship soured.

She was married and divorced three more times, to American Willie Baker in 1921 (whose last name she chose to keep), Frenchman Jean Lion in 1937 (from whom she attained French citizenship) and French orchestra leader Jo Bouillon in 1947 (who helped to raise her 12 adopted children).

The fact is that Josephine had only two true passions all her life, the Performance either in Dance or Music, and two true loves all her life, one was America and the other France, and two virtues: her decision to fight peacefully for the civil rights agenda and her interest to protect abandoned children, to prevent any Child in this world suffers the things she faced in her own early years of life.


The Angel of Lightness
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