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The Miracle Is You!

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posted on Nov, 14 2015 @ 08:27 PM
Are you having a bad day? Do you want it to go away? What can you do to wash that blue? The easiest way, to brighten your day, take a moment to reflect.

There is a miracle that is occurring every second of every day; that miracle is you.

The things we take for granted can be taken in the blink.

One moment, you are watching a parade, the next you are flying through the air, catapulted by a run away vehicle.

This reminder is for everyone.

One moment you are saying, “I hate you” and the next you are wishing you said, “I love you”.

Every breath you take is a miracle.

I have to remind myself how precious every second I have with a loved one is a miracle to be cherished.

When the love of my life leaves to go to work, I am waiting for their return, I know that being fearful that they do not return is counter productive.

Still, I will not take this for granted. I will not let them go to sleep at night without me telling them, “I love you”.

So, take a moment, when you are having a bad day and complete this exercise, meditation if you wish, prayer thought, whatever you choose to call it…

You do not need to be someplace physically quiet for this to work, it can be on the busiest sidewalk of NY, or the comfort of your own bathroom, it matters not…

All you need is a mind free of clutter…

Close your eyes, focus on that spot deep in your soul, the one where you and only you can go, take a deep breath into your nose, the deepest breath you can take, then release it through your mouth until there is no more air in your diaphragm…Let it all out…do this 8 times…on the 9th breath as you exhale open your eyes…the world will be a different place.

The negative energy will be released and refreshed with positive energy. You will have cleansed your chakras without knowing what the heck they are.

posted on Nov, 22 2015 @ 04:36 PM
To be honest I'm not a religious or spiritual person; but I always consider how lucky I am to even exist. Or even how lucky we, as a race, are too exist. What bewilders the mind still, is how our universe even exists in the first place. Everything has to begin and end somewhere; so how can everything exist in the midst of nothing?

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