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A Physicist says he got strong evidence that human mind is capable of influencing matter

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posted on Dec, 1 2015 @ 07:57 AM
a reply to: Astyanax

You pretty much just described the learning curve I was talking about. Having a closed mind means your not willing to research a topic because you think you already know the answer, having an open mind means your willing to look at all angles and make a judgment based on what you've seen.

You implicate yourself of the same thing you claim about me by assuming my comments paint a broad stroke on skeptics as a whole when I didn't make any such claim, and I sense an air of passive aggressiveness in your comment when it clearly wasn't directed to any person in particular.

But one thing is certain, having a large vocabulary doesn't necessarily mean that your opinion is right.
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posted on Dec, 1 2015 @ 09:00 AM
Here is incontrovertible evidence that the human mind can influence matter:
It is remote viewing of subatomic particles accompanied by psychokinesis.
No conventional explanation is possible for why this evidence is consistent with discoveries in modern physics. This is because:
1. cheating was impossible a priori. All ESP observations carried out between 1895 and 1932 - decades before the theory of quarks and string theory were formulated.
2. statistical tests of the data render lucky guessing or use of meagre scientific information then available highly improbable (p

posted on Dec, 1 2015 @ 03:44 PM
a reply to: micpsi
Continuation of previous post:
".....highly improbable (p

posted on Jun, 8 2016 @ 08:57 AM
Oh I love this juicy stuff!!! Here is a good read below for anyone who is interested in opening up their mind a little more on the subject of "Psi".

We are truly living in a reality we don't always understand and science helps us understand the mechanics of such when given the opportunity without ridicule.

Traditionally, Psi phenomena have been classified into telepathy (mind-tomind communication), clairvoyance (knowledge of distant events or conditions), precognition (knowledge of the future), and psychokinesis (mind over matter). However, these categories and descriptions are now well out of date, misleading, and arguably an impediment to greater understanding. From decades of experimental exploration, it has become increasingly clear that these categories are not clearly separable, and are in fact manifestations of a deeper reality yet to be fully appreciated. Important properties of Psi, strongly suggested by the evidence, include • Space/distance independence • Time/order independence (clairvoyance vs. precognition) • Complexity independence (goal orientation) • Experimenter effect (belief, audience) • Selectivity (which target?), both sensing and affecting • Small effects (in principle?) Perhaps the most shocking and perplexing—and thus the most pregnant— characteristic of Psi is its apparent independence of time as well as space. Experimentally, for example, it does not seem to matter much whether a remote viewing takes place before, during, or after the viewed event, whether nearby or at a great distance (Radin, 1997a,b). Persistent evidence suggests strongly that thinking about these phenomena in terms of the usual notions of cause and effect is not likely to yield new insights—and may in fact be the major impediment to a deeper understanding.

posted on Jun, 8 2016 @ 09:00 AM
Human visual contact does.....
it's the visual destroys a cloud at any range in 2 and a half minutes......

good science.....I told my son and daughter in law....while we were driving and she did it gone.

everyone reports the same 60 seconds the cloud gets to churning....half gone at the 2 minute mark....

you don't believe't blame ya

posted on Jun, 9 2016 @ 08:47 AM
How about the "Cayce Approach"? I wonder if people like him are studied more rigorously these days and if so how are they studied?

A couple of years ago David McMillin gave a presentation/lecture at the A.R.E in Virgina Beach regarding the Cayce Approach and how he came to do what he did and how Cayce believed each of us could do the same. Jesus said the same thing, yet we do not connect to others this way on the daily..... why is that and how can we?

Would the powers that be want us to have this type of power or would they suppress it?

posted on Jun, 10 2016 @ 10:34 AM
Check this out. It's a pdf on William Tiller's website that lists 155 papers related to this subject.

W i l l i a m A T i l l e r
B i o m e d i c a l / P s y c h o e n e r g e t i c s / P h i l o s o p h y
P u b l i c a t i o n L i s t

posted on Jun, 10 2016 @ 10:55 AM
a reply to: Frocharocha

>Claims he has strong evidence

>Isn't publishing his work in reputable journals for peer-review and replication

>Is asking for money on a crowdsourcing campaign

Um.... yeah. No thanks.

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