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Extraordinary Temple Events

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posted on Nov, 14 2015 @ 02:17 PM
Hi all,

To be clear, some of these events have happened to my mother and I have not witnessed them personally but all of them are real.

1. We had gone to the temples in the Himalayas, in one of the Temples, Kedarnath Temple. In this temple it is a custom to put a silver leaf on the rock/stone in the temple and then take it back with you to your home. We had taken a rather large silver leaf to this offering. And when we put the silver leaf on the rock/stone it just like in front of our eyes just vanished... like the priests there also searched the vicinity for it as it was a rather large silver leaf not like it would be hard to see... but it was just gone... We just said that the temple accepted our offering and we left the temple.

2. My mother occasionally visits the Himalayas for trekking. And also has visited most of the temples there. But one time as she explained to me that she had taken a bus/shuttle bus to the temple but as the first bus was full... she climbed onto the second bus that was going there. She explained that she met this ordinary looking priest in the bus and talked some things about the temple they were visiting. But once she got off the bus this priest was no where to be found. She even asked around and other priests about this fellow, but no one has seen or heard about such a fellow. As she visited the temple there was a painting of the Lord Shiva on the wall and there was grass in the center and behind it was a man ( I have seen the painting but I can't find it on Google... I will post the image when I find it). The man in the painting was the priest she met in the bus on the way to the temple.

3. On one of our family holiday's we had visited a massive temple in the city. We went to the temple and came out to the back courtyard to get the prasad ( I am Hindu btw ). We got the prasad at the counter and were just relaxing there for a few minutes. I remember vaguely like what happened next but my mother remembers it like crystal clear. A mysterious person approached us who had a very distinct type of clothing on of a old priest, with like animal hide loin and all. He shoved a packet of like prasad into my mothers hand and said take it, take it, it is for you. All throughout our lives we are told not to take anything from strangers, so my mother obviously hesitated in taking the packet from him. But as soon as he shoved it into her hands he left from there and as she describes it he was gone like after the second step he took. While for the rest of us, i.e. me, my father, my brother we all just remember some guy approaching and the packet in my mothers hands, we just can't remember the guy or how he looked or the part that he shoved it in my mothers hands...

4. I myself being a bit on the spiritual side my mother often like did Puja's and stuff to keep me safe. So one time I accompanied her to this place and there was like a waiting line. So there was like a seating step stairs made of concrete where people were sitting awaiting their turn. So anyways, while we waited there was this dog that approached me like it was a fluffy orange fur dog almost looked like a lion. He had like yellow orange eyes as well. But was like very kind and I petted him and was playing with him for the entirety of waiting there. Then it was our turn so we went inside and as we were speaking to the priest there we mentioned the lion looking dog outside. He panicked and immediately sent people to chain him up. He mentioned to us that this dog has seriously injured a person before and is extremely dangerous dog. But I was petting and playing with this dog for almost 20-30 mins as we waited.

5. I went with my mother on some of her practice treks/hiking trips to many nearby mountains. I have a very good incident that happened to me when we went to one of the mountains... Our trail was suppose to go through a jungle and then climb from a waterfall area... Anyways so as soon as we started walking towards the mountain on the start of the trek... two dogs accompanied us... There are usually a couple of stray dogs around that area... but these dogs were like our guides and by that I mean literally they were our guides through the trek, one in front and one at the back. They led us through the jungle to the opening of the waterfall and helped us maneuver around the waterfall as we climbed a slippery slope, all the way to the top. We relaxed there for like 1-2 hours on the top. The dogs stayed with us for the whole time. There were almost like 5-6 groups of people who were doing the trek during that time, but these dogs were like with us only, they did not wander. Then we started our way back and again like guides they accompanied us throughout the climb down and till the bottom of the mountain, and then they just dispersed like normal dogs. We reached the village at the bottom and we relaxing and having tea, we over heard a couple of people speaking about how they got lost in the jungle as they couldn't find the correct path for hours and the local even agreed to this and said many people do get lost in the woods as there is no clear path there. Then we inquired if they had some sort of like trained dogs to guide people through the mountain. But there was no such trained dogs. They were absolute stray dogs which helped us through the whole trek.

6. I visited the Himalayas to this place called Gangotri, but being a lazy and an amazing actor that I am, I like forced my parents to like make me take a mule to the place, instead of walking the whole way, which is the whole point of trekking I know... I was young...
Anyways, so I went ahead on the Mule with a guide with me. So we were obviously a bit faster than the others, so as we were following the path there was this patch where light snow had just fallen. We stopped at a sign which had accumulated some snow and we like ate a little and then continued on our journey. We reached the destination and I waited for the rest of the people to show up. As soon as they returned they were like discussing this massive landslide area which was really hard and dangerous and stuff and I was like in shock bcos I didn't encounter any landslides on the way there... On my way back I saw that the whole section with the light snow and the sign had just gone it was almost like a 1 km area that was like gone... The landslide must have happened in between when I passed it and when they walked there. But the odd part of this is that the snow part was not so far from the starting and there is no way that the others didn't see the landslide happen. Like there were almost 10-15 people group. If a Landslide of that scale was to happen in between me and them they would have at least heard something or even like saw something in the distance falling... but no one saw/heard anything.

posted on Nov, 14 2015 @ 02:32 PM
a reply to: sid1314

I am sorry but I have difficulty reading the word "like" so many times. I automatically hear a 13 year old girl in my head reciting the story. Like totally.

Edit: however, thank you for sharing your story
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posted on Nov, 14 2015 @ 02:58 PM
a reply to: sid1314

Very beautiful story. Thank you for sharing.

posted on Nov, 14 2015 @ 04:58 PM
I have heard many similar stories of long dead sages talking to believers. Like Babaji I guess they remain on our plane for the purpose of helping others. Thanks for bringing a smile to my face.

posted on Nov, 15 2015 @ 04:51 AM
Interesting... I have heard some whoppers from friends who spent time in Tibet and wondered... it's always a back-and-forth between knowing some are gullible and ignorant and also knowing that strange things really do happen and the mind (or "us") can, in fact, alter reality on occasion (or it's just more noticeable/obvious sometimes- or heck, maybe it's some passing-by god playing with us, but I'd suspect the monks know a thing or three about consciousness as they have been contemplating it for eons).

And, like lose the "like" as it's bad enough when people, like say that when actually speaking, like you know, but when they write it, too, like it detracts from the story and makes the reader suspect the writer is like, vapid or something, like, you know?

But thanks, too, for the tales.

Then again, saying "like" might make the reader like the story more, in the spirit of magik and manipulation of the consciousness... so perhaps you are, like, slier than you appear at first read? Heh...
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