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Friday 13th revives ancient blood

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posted on Nov, 12 2015 @ 05:31 PM
My mom once said, with a smile on her face; "On a friday long, long ago, actually exactly on a friday 13th over 700 years ago". She looked at me and took out a claw, and gave it to me. So i asked;" What is this?".
She said with a whipsering voice;"Our kindred made rules for everyone to follow. Then one day on a full moon gloom, they tried to kill us all"
While i wondered i asked;" Times are different now arent they" She looked away and said;" No, they arent, many tried to be like us, everyone failed"
And suddenly a knock on the door, who comes this late at night i thought;" Who is there my mom asked" frightened.
A chilling voice behing the door said "; Daddys home!!"

And then i knew, on this very Friday the 13th, The ancient bloodlines of the past will take its wooden throne next to a golden throne.
I thought to myself; " Fear creates the monster, and man will fear no man if he isnt but a monster"

And when the door opened all you could see was the darkness.


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