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megas archon

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posted on Nov, 11 2015 @ 05:08 PM
Every house needs an Archon, if the Archon dies the house becomes weakened. An Archon of ancient dorment from far away, is coming crashing fast in to our realm. The Archon tried to force his will from another place in time and space.
One of the houses saw the shining beacon and said; "I dont think we are coming back from this" The Archon devoured every celestial planet on his way down.. Nothing had stopped him and now it might be to late, The Archon was titled a megas archon..
All the other houses didnt see him as a threat and now he stands on top of them all, screaming;" What have you done to my home".
The Archon reached out to the old House of Winter now in ruins, and said;" I will make you kings if i get my revenge!".

And they said;" We been expecting you for a very long time"
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