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It was never about

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posted on Nov, 6 2015 @ 06:46 PM
A king in a far away land, saw his kingdom fading away. He loved his land and its grand, his flag and everything within his borders.
So one day, he told his court; " Get me the wisest man of them all. "
The court sent message through all of the five corners of his once mighty kingdom.
Six days and six nights passed, and no one would be near.
On the seventh, a witch appeared; "You summoned my oh great king" The witch hailed with a voice of despair of not knowing.
The King said; " Give me what i need, witch. This mighty kingdom needs a never ending story "
The witch did what she was told, and a mighty army of faceless men came roaring, yet no voice to speak.
The King looked through them all, and said; " This is not what i asked for. Witch, you tricked me! "
The witch knew what was coming and the King said the simple order; " Off with her head ".
But before the witch was beheaded, she told the king a wicked curse;
" There will come someone who will come after me, he will give no man, woman or child a choice. Dont forget to remember his name, its... " And her head rolled on the floor and she was dead.

Years passed, those faceless men turned the Kings kingdoms to its former glory, but they turned one by one to dust and the kingdom started fading away instead to its future glory.
The King knew he slain the witch, but he still ordered his court; " Get me the wisest of them all!"
And the kings golden doors opened, he saw a man with a face of beauty and agony.
The man said; " You summoned me my King ". The King said; " Make my kingdom remember its glory days ". The man looked at the king and said; " Everything has its prize " .

The King replied; "Who do you think you are!" The king wondered if the man was insane, did the man know who he was? Or was this The ancient witch curse coming to haunt.

The man replied; " The one who can save your kingdom to its past glory"

The King said; "Do what must be done, and i will give you what you want, but dont ever trick me like that wicked witch!"

The man stepped out on the kings balcony looking down towards the kingdom he always loved, snapped his fingers and he heard the scream of fair and despair, half his kingdom destroyed in a within the blink of an eye.
He looked to the King and said; " I did what you wanted, the men, women and children you can burn, their ashes will provide you for a glory of tomorrow .
The King looked with terrified eyes on the man, took a step back and said ; " What have you done?
He looked at the King and said;" What needed to be done, but i said it comes with a prize, do you want me to make your kingdom to its glory days? Or?
The King terrified from what he saw said with a voice of fear; " Or what? Whats the prize?

The man said; " I saved your Kingdom,but your bloodline ends here. A righteous will take your place."
If not your kingdom will crumble and only you will die and your family will live, your son will have time to repent your sins with a fallen kingdom.

The king looked down, and a tear fell down from his face;" Save my family" He cried out.
And the man said; "It never was about your kingdom, it was always about you"

The man snapped his fingers and the King lied dead.


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