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Egypt event prophesied ww3 to start

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posted on Nov, 4 2015 @ 05:34 PM
a reply to: ketsuko

Why would they do that? It makes no earthly sense at all. Egypt can't project that kind of force.

The puppet state of Saudi Arabia and Turkey are already supporting ISIS in attacking the Syrian government but are now loosing against Russian forces. So US could order their puppet state of Egypt to join the theatre and perhaps expand the war to include Iran. Egypt with their 220x F16's could do some damage against Syrian/Iranian forces.

So on the surface it would seem to be Muslims fighting Muslims. But if Russia starts rolling its 10.000 tanks and free's the countries from their US/UK dictatorships the majority of Muslims might join Russian forces to end the continual meddling of their culture by US/UK once and for all. West has economically crippled Russia so its got nothing to loose. Russia is now on the offensive.
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posted on Nov, 4 2015 @ 05:39 PM
a reply to: piney


posted on Nov, 4 2015 @ 05:43 PM
a reply to: piney

I don't ever remember Nostradamus mentioning "Soviet "
so I am assuming this is a rewrite of a quatrain,
it would really help to have the original verse and not something rewritten by someone else if you have it or can find it.

posted on Nov, 20 2015 @ 09:30 AM
We also have a prophecy from greek monks who had the "charisma" and I will firstly explain what prophecies means to me and create a paragraph noted as : Prophecy, in order for you to read what the prophecy is about.

some knowledge
Prophecies are actually plans/geopolitical to achieve a goal. A total domination of the planet, extermination of human populations, be able for them to rob the planet and get away. My belief actually involved alien thing, because from our ancient books we are aware since Atlantis/Poseidonia that the planet invaded by draconian forces, they created with genetics what we called in ancient years "satyrs", false genetically species, with strange looks non humanoid, but was not successful in the long term, so they after created a race of humanoids (hybrids), more human looks, with our dna and draconian dna. The reason was be able to corrupt, exterminate populations and act as their slaves after, in order to suck the planet resources. After the destruction of Atlantis and Aigiida (plus middle earth/ today known as Mediterranean seas) a part of that race survived in the surface of earth and caused many genocides from 5000-6000bc and after. But the actual invaders/criminals most of them are shielded in a kind of ultradimensional prison or many fled under the crust of the earth in order to survive, or other satellites of our local solar system. Then they forced/promoted the system we live on today, democracy, etc, they used mind control, to manipulate all the earth/humans priests/priestesses and mediums/prophets, with their geopolitical plans, as prophecies. You have to consider how many genocides and wars these mediums caused in ancient years. The imprisoned criminals promoted themselves as gods with relligions and after as angels/demons/satan - modern relligions. So people can fear and accept their plans, as a human fate/non reversible. They manipulated titles and symbols for their goals, such as the word DEMON was a honorable title, equal to "fate", the cross which is the original symbol of "Father of all gods" - including humans.

my opinion
so prophecies actually are plans they've made in the past, with some paranormal essence, promoted by their followers (race they created, mediums, witches and wizards) as witchcraft is also a part of their culture. Be able to create fear and overwealming feelings to humans. While its so obvious, that most of the events, if not all of it, are technical. Since its technical, its fake. Thats what prophecies means to me and if people knew how to understand prophecies, we could avoid most of it. Not to allow our self's into it.

Someone may ask, where is GOD to all of it and where is good guys. According to our knowledge, during the destruction, a part of the local armies of the free earth, fled to report the invasion. another part shielded and guards the solar system, not to allow the invaders and rebels to flee and another part of the army resided in a higher dimension, inside earth (hollow earth). The definition of "under the crust of earth" and "hollow earth" is a different manner and thing. The first is under the external crust of earth (caves), the second is, what we call the core of earth. Waiting the right moment and time to retake earth back. So the good guys actually are around us and beneath us, all these according to books.

Anyway, now I will share the prophecy that turns to be almost completed. " In a very short period of time, my country (Hellas) will change 5 governments and then the great events, with big catastrophes and ww3/their fake western one world government/the fall of one world government and thereafter the total extermination of humans, by Chinese (200 million army they say in prophetic books, is it? China is the only race who can afford it today), in order for them to fulfill their agenda. (some may survive maintained in the ghost towns China builts today and its strange to watch huge cities like ghosts and why)

this prophecy is interesting (and again technical) because we already changed in 5 years 5 government and soon this government falls as well! That means the next one, will be the flag of the whole party.

reading my opinion and knowledge, comparing it with the prophecy, we know what comes is it? The only thing we dont know is what Father will do, nobody knows his plans, we only know their plans, because they are not such a big deal after all.

As for Russia, they will fall, because indeed they have the potential of taking over, but chinese (their today allies), will turn against them, the right momment...when russia thinks they are succesfull and scattered all over the place, China will invade Russia.

it is interesting geopolitical stuff and many things will begin during 2016... It already started, but its a kind of preparation stage.

I will close this message with a good example, just to open you eyes a bit wider and look around. The prophetic books (created by Judaism) say that the abomination races will come out from the earth, they will eat insects and strange things with such a pleasure... Well hold on, we already have these races on earth, which they cook and eat insects and strange things with such a pleasure... lol (you see how their prophecies are made? their image reversed against their enemy, us).

This prophecy actually is taken from a Sybille, but she referred to that race, not from an enemy within the core of earth. This prophecy is reversed and manipulated in Judaism. Read the news today, animalistic humanoids destroying, killing, even eating human parts along with insects, trying to take over, in the name of a bloodthirsty "god" who actually is a copy paste from judaism... So open your eyes.

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posted on Nov, 20 2015 @ 10:08 AM
um sounds like the WW2!

posted on Nov, 20 2015 @ 03:17 PM
this part is what I wish to share my thougts

"Keep your eyes on Cairo
Putin will use the events in Cairo as an excuse
To invade Europe
The prophecy is unfolding
Comet Catalina is on que
In the next few weeks
Russia will reach Paris in 7 days
When the comet is seen
2 sun's will appear in the sky
And the Pope will be captured
By Russian troops in southern France
Trying to flee the incoming Russian invasion
There are more and more meteors falling
It is coming
Thousands upon thousands of meteors are going to Fall from the comet and trigger a accidental nuclear strike by Russia
Get out of Paris "

Russia right now is part of a Sunnite vs siite war (that also target christians) and Russia transformed the war into sunnit vs siite vs christian war.

"Arabs/turks/west mongoloids versus siites eastern mongoloids". Thats the definition I give it.

that, destroyed the plans of NWO and the least delayed them for another 6-8 years. Its not coincidental the explosions in China. Someone slowed them down.
We see Russia bombarding islamists even in Libanon and that is very near israel. In our knowledge and through these kind of prophecies, Russia in a point will transfer forces near Libanon and Israel will feel threatened. There is a NATO treatment that NATO will protect israel from any external threat.
That will trigger the cause of west vs Russia/east war (in the beginning). We also know that Israel is preparing to sudden attack Iran, but they cannot the way thing goes... So YEAH, something will happen down there.
Europe invasion from russians indeed there is prophecies, but it unfolds after the bloody war with NATO, or during that.. Then china comes in and eats Russia (because the major goal for american government and zionists overal, is to transfer the power over to china)..

Zionism is chinese, ZION=SION in my ancient language and also in Latin. The mongoloids who are jews (second generation of mongoloids) are actually promoting zionism in West and people think that zionism is jewish, IT IS NOT. Zionism definition comes from SINA-CHINA we called chinese SINES and from that the word "sionistis" that means a person with chinese beliefs or ethics... or zionism.

This word belongs to my country and its not a good word.. SINAS, thousands of years old word. As for the comet thing, is a very ancient prophecy like 8000+ years ago from the first Sybbile, she said many things that mostly destroyed and manipulated after (used in chistianity later on and bible).
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posted on Nov, 20 2015 @ 03:37 PM

originally posted by: piney
There will be a world wide surprise
Of an act of war committed by egypt
Against a Soviet ally
Which will make the Russians go
From east Germany into west Germany
And from Malta as far as the var coastlines
Of France

These words MUST have been written, originally, before 1991.
Since 1991 there have been no "Soviets" (and no Soviet allies).
The Russians can't go from east Germany to west Germany because they're not in east Germany any more.
Who is supposed to be commtting this act of war? Colonel Nasser?

posted on Nov, 20 2015 @ 03:40 PM

originally posted by: piney

Get out of Paris

Wait a minute!

This is written on november 4.

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posted on Nov, 21 2015 @ 11:02 AM
they also made twitts 2 days before the event in france, for over 120 dead people in france terrorist attack. Thats not a prophecy, thats a technical "prophecy".

Look what happened yesterday, thats the most important. They restrict the way europeans travel within EU! Only with an RFID chip passport.. lol (so they forced persuade new passports with a chip and face recognition thing - biometric).

that says it all is it?
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