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Have you been feeling it too?

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posted on Nov, 4 2015 @ 08:17 AM
Sadness & Confusion is the new trend guys !

posted on Nov, 4 2015 @ 12:18 PM
I have been feeling a change lately. Within myself and others around me. Its a negative draw or something. Agitation and irritability.. I recently read about the "God particle" machine in Cern, switzerland. Its disturbing to say the least what they are willing to do. Check it a reply to: soulpowertothendegree

posted on Nov, 4 2015 @ 12:33 PM
a reply to: Toseekthetruth

That may be true but that is not what I am expressing here and while I may be sensitive to those feelings of sadness and anger, what I am feeling is a sensation deep with in my soul, and energy that is rapidly increasing.

I attribute this to a cosmic change, not necessarily Earthly in nature.

However, I do believe the souls that are inhabiting this planet right now are very much affected by this and in many cases are exacerbating rather than having a calming effect.

There are varying degrees of harmonic frequency and I feel I am at a higher amplitude, this does not mean I think I am alone or special, just different.

posted on Nov, 4 2015 @ 12:34 PM
a reply to: Toseekthetruth sorry, forgot to elaborate! I'm new to this. It's a particle accelerator machine that is running as we speak. Their goal is understand the big Bang theory. this thing literally creates anti-matter. They are going to colide matter and anti matter together to try to re create the big bang to better understand how we were created. what is happening when this thing is running could already be affecting us all. And what could happen as a result of a particle collision is unknown but there is speculation.

posted on Nov, 4 2015 @ 12:35 PM

originally posted by: Genotin
Sadness & Confusion is the new trend guys !

Nothing new about that. Neither is being flippant.

posted on Nov, 4 2015 @ 12:36 PM

originally posted by: Jefferton
I read this same thread ten years ago.

And we all good.

No you didn't and no you are not.

posted on Nov, 4 2015 @ 12:39 PM

originally posted by: AceWombat04
In the years I've been on this site, this comes up quite frequently. So much so that unless there's something more distinct about this specific instance, I can't believe that it's a new or unique sensation you're describing, but rather one of the following:

  • An ongoing phenomenon of some sort that different people begin to become aware of or "sense" at different points, either in time, or in their own development
  • Something which is triggered by different things in different people
  • A psychological phenomenon or symptom
  • A completely unique-to-individual form of gnosis or "awakening"
  • Some combination of the above

Over the years - and I'm sure since long before I joined ATS - I've seen topics such as, "Have You Felt It?" "The Waiting Game," "Can You Feel It In The Air?" "Have You Experienced The Awakening Yet?" Etc. repeatedly.

The answer to your question, depending upon who you ask, is most certainly "Yes." But what exactly it is, or means (if anything,) is another question. And the answer to that may be (probably is?) different from person to person. In my case at least, at different points it has involved depression, and for others it has been a manifestation of other forms of mental illness.

Which is not to say that's what it is - merely that that's one possibility to consider. (I've also experienced "it" when I was perfectly lucid, happy, and even headed, so I do not feel it's always that by any means.) In short, I don't know what it is in every case, only in some cases, and even then only for myself.


And yet you felt the need to reply. Nothing I am speaking of has to do with depression and you clearly did not bother to read what I did write, you just read the headline and inserted your own representation.

posted on Nov, 4 2015 @ 12:43 PM
I see. I agree there is a change going on. Do you believe that you are created by God, and that just maybe he is calling us all who are intuned or willing to listen to him? he's an energy we can't understand Or fully explain, but at times can feel. Especially with the direction society seems to be headed. Just a thought. What do you think? reply to: soulpowertothendegree

posted on Nov, 4 2015 @ 12:49 PM
What I am feeling has to do with a vibratory harmonic frequency of energy that is resonating deeply and more rapidly than it has in the past. I have felt this for many years, but recently it has become stronger and longer lasting. Earth and it's soulful inhabitants are being Cosmically charged by the source and I am sure I am not the only one who is feeling this, but it has nothing to do with "DOOM" and "GLOOM".

There is a quickening occurring, I welcome it. I am not crying about the war mongering and the refugees and how that is a major problem affecting us all, but I am aware of this change rapidly approaching and there is not much that can be done to stop it from happening.

Nor do I want it to stop. I embrace it. The man made crap is never going to stop. I accept that. No matter how much I want humans to change their way of doing things.

Cosmically. there is not much humans can do to stop that or screw it up any worse than they have, so, I await the change and prepare myself daily spiritually while doing what I can to help others around me be aware.

ATS is just an outlet for me to express myself, if I can get one soul to wake up that is fine with me, if I am met with incredulity and eye rolling that is someone else's problem and completely expected, rather it is the norm for unsuspecting uneducated young souls to dig their heels in to their already convoluted human condition and lash out at what they can not possibly understand.

posted on Nov, 4 2015 @ 01:06 PM

originally posted by: NateTheAnimator
a reply to: soulpowertothendegree

It does not bother me that this happens, rather I am happy to be of service to those in need, but it drains me physically, emotionally and spiritually, to the point where I will need to isolate for days to get my energy replenished.

Sounds like your extremely empathetic and introverted! At least to me. I've had similar sensations and experiences in the past as well with regards to having to isolate myself from being around people for extended periods of time. It was like as you said you can feel the suffering and overwhelming stress that other people deal with on a daily basis..I just feel so exhausted emotionally, even if I'm out partying with friends there are times where I have to leave the room for a few minutes because of how draining it is sometimes...

I wouldn't really call it a soul or get into the metaphysics of it. I would say there's a connection with people, that those who experience this that transcends beyond what we can perceive and measure empirically. Do you ever absorb or take on the emotions of others randomly? Very inline with empathy? Or am I misinterpreting your entire OP...

Empathic yes, introverted, no. I am outgoing and extroverted. When I need to replenish my energy I do so. The energy source is increasing it's vibratory levels due to a change in the Cosmic location of our solar system. This is a naturally occurring event and happens at regular intervals throughout the Universe. Ebb and Flow. Right now it feels to me that there is a rapid increase that I am specifically in tune with.

It is happening faster and longer and more frequently. I have only been on this planet 53 years and for 20 of them I have been aware of this vibratory energy. For the past 10 years I have been feeling it and paying attention. Recently, it has changed. It has gotten stronger. The humming. The buzzing. The vibrations. The colors. Faster. Stronger, Longer. Louder.

Yes, I do feel the surrounding energy of other souls. Yes, we are all affected. I am not anxious. I am not nervous. I am not angry. I am not sad. I am more alive than I have ever been spiritually as a soul, as a human I am cautiously optimistic that one day humanity will wake up and feel what I feel, but I am a realist, also.

I do not see it happening before the Cosmic changes forces the humans to do what they should already be doing.

posted on Nov, 4 2015 @ 03:31 PM
Yes I do and it is so very overwhelming at times!

posted on Nov, 4 2015 @ 05:12 PM
How can one know if the feeling is coming from an outside source or from theirself? If one is experiencing a strange new feeling, couldn't it just mean that one is feeling what was already there. Maybe a new awareness has risen.

I remember a friend telling me that people can meditate for years, or even their entire lives without anything happening. Or even, just something happening without much practice at all.

My point is that; how can one tell that a feeling is from awareness expansion or from an outside source? I'm not talking about walking into a funeral and feeling the heaps of negative energy. I'm talking about whether there is some universal flow of energy that affect one's self.

If there is a change in our space of the universe that is affecting all life, I would ask the enlightened people of our time about it. Not the pseudo-spiriitual ET-channeling ascension masters that seems to be all over the internet. Then again, it's impossible to verify "enlightenment" or spiritual status. One can only really get an impression from personal communication.

Also, it may be hard to find enlightened people to contact and interview. From my understanding, most don't publicly proclaim enlightenment unless they are writers or mass teachers.

posted on Nov, 4 2015 @ 09:40 PM

originally posted by: soulpowertothendegree
Have you been feeling it too? “Feeling what“, you ask? There is something very strange going on and it is becoming more and more prevalent.

For many years I have had this strange sensation, but it has become more frequent and stronger of the past few weeks.

It is not easy to describe, but I will try.

It is not anxiety. It is not nerves.

Vibratory. Frequency. Energy. Magnetic. Resonance . Harmonic.

All of these words can be used to describe what I have been going through on a deeply personal level.

But it is more than that.

There is a connection to a collective source that I feel.

I have been more capable of discerning different energy.

I can see colors. Emanating from others. I can feel their energy. I can feel their vibratory frequency.

Auras. I can sense the overwhelming trepidation that other souls are dealing with.

Empathic to a major degree. I feel drained after being near certain souls. It is as if they are siphoning my positive energy in order to replenish themselves.

It does not bother me that this happens, rather I am happy to be of service to those in need, but it drains me physically, emotionally and spiritually, to the point where I will need to isolate for days to get my energy replenished.

Different parts of my body experience these sensations where I can actually feel the energy changing drastically. There will be a humming in my inner ear, there will a vibration in my extremities, this will happen for hours at a time, days at a time, and then stop.

It has been happening with more frequency lately and has become even stronger.

I think this is the empathic response to a collective draining of the source.

By this I mean, collectively the energy of the souls attached to the source are causing this increase and depletion at a more frequent interval.

I wonder how many of you here on ATS have experienced what it is I am talking about.

I will respond to serious minded souls and I will ignore the trolls.

Don't mean to steal your thunder but someone already made a thread about this "feeling" a couple of years ago. I will still contribute my thoughts to your thread.
The Earth is damaged. When I used to live and work in my old hometown, we didnt see one drop of rain (or clouds) for three months. No clouds! Nothing but clear blue skies. This was more than 11 years ago, so we can't attribute it to the El Nino weather pattern. It was strange.
I live a little north of my hometown, and the weather pattern here has been VERY erratic.
Looking at this at a global level, I have seen an uptick in severe weather and flooding. Things are changing and I think the over-population of Earth with humans is contributing to this.

posted on Nov, 4 2015 @ 10:09 PM
a reply to: Kratos40

I would love to read such thread, feel free to insert a link.

I would suspect you are mistaken and nothing I suggested had anything to do with the weather. That is an entirely different set of energy occurrences than I am referring to.

posted on Nov, 4 2015 @ 10:13 PM
a reply to: blueman12

I can tell because there is a different feeling involved. I know where it originates from. The ability to differentiate the source is in direct connection through the soul as opposed to the human condition being regulated by interference of a man made variety.

posted on Nov, 5 2015 @ 03:04 AM
Greetings and Respect, SoulPower

Every human is endowed with some empathic ability in varying qualities. This ability, as well as 'others' (e.g., the spooky and yet colourful variety of what we may generically categorize under the umbrella of the '6th-sense') can definitely be strengthened and refined to a formidable quality in excellence, degree, as well as control - far surpassing what most people would even believe as being in the realm of possibility.

For example, as children, we would often play a game wherein the objective remained to quickly determine the 'colour' of any given individual. I'm certain you, and several readers know exactly what I'm talking about, and probably had your own variations on this simple pastime. We knew then, as now, these colours are not seen by the apparatus of the eye itself, but are apprehended by some mysterious antennae of our being that modern scientific equipment is unable to observe (at least presently).

Remember the game? : "Most certainly, Jack is green, especially above his neck - and a really bright green, with a sort of sparkling small cloud near his forehead!" While, "Jill is purple most of the time, and has brown streaks that reach into the ground like tree roots" (and that's what put us off about Jill for some reason). At last, "Well, when Evan is really excited, he turns pink all around - like the pink sky of a dawn, with golden streaks brilliantly reaching all around him - and when he gets too excited, the streaks of gold become more yellow....and then Evan turns yellow....then a gross yellow that isn't pleasant...and then he just kinda sucks to be around; especially when he is sad about something - and when he is sad, he is most positively Dark blue, like a police officer's uniform..." And importantly, it rarely had anything to do with the color of clothes.

Oh, how we would play! The sheer astonishment of collective agreement after a given musing or assessment - any fakers were easily identified, but usually came to 'get it,' and learned how to "see what color a person was." I ramble on, if only to jog the memory of some readers, and delight in my own.

I'm getting to it, bear with me, please.
As we intuitively know, children are endowed with a heightened capacity of a sense we could properly call 'astral' vision (AV). Heightened it may be when compared to the AV of an adult (generally speaking), yet a child's AV remains largely unrefined, and tragically is not given the proper consideration or respect, and neither the proper environment and tools by which the range of this and other capacities could be explored and developed, refined and eventually carried through into adulthood. Thus, for the most part, awareness of this mysterious sensory apparatus most often goes dormant as a result of a variety of environmental variables.

What caught me about your post was the 'hum' or 'buzzing.' I get this too, usually only in a waking-dream state, or sleep paralysis - a friend of mine recently confided his experience of this phenomena, as well as recalls your description of present circumstances almost exactly.

Seeking my advice, I explained that while it is fun to 'light-up,' one can't be turned on all the time, dig? If one's chakras are constantly open, beaming and spinning beautifully, one does a great deal of good for others and the world around him, as he helps to positively transmute the vibratory rate of a location and its occupants, whomever they may be. Yet, by doing so he also places himself in a vulnerable position that will inevitably become a bit unsettling:

To be sure, it is the virtuous, if not desirable position is to become as a brilliant flame to warm, lift and arouse to joy the saddened spirits of the uncheerful who know not the Garden Eternal, secret amidst this World of Horrors. The risk of such virtuous action is that one may unknowingly be instead the flame gathering myriad moths seeking to dive into the core of the flame so to identify with a Will ( for of their own Will they either lack or are unaware ) and risk the possibility of extinguishing the very flame with which they seek to unite.

Further, people who derive benefit from your vitality may unknowingly assign a particularly negative, counterproductive, or even parasitic thoughtform of their poor mental hygiene to you - and brushing it away can prove a pesky procedure.
I would wager that you have, in your days of revitalizing and recuperation, identified some peculiar and certain thought or perhaps a pattern/train of thought that just kept at you, and was without a doubt, foreign to your own established patterns of thinking.

Maybe this thought irritated you, or perhaps you found it disturbing or frightening; unquestionably bothering you for some reason or another - once or twice it may have even kept you awake when you'd rather sleep. Again, it was a foreign thought and not of your own. Yet, such a thing does provide a glimpse into the mind of somebody who respects you, or derives esteem and great benefit from your company. When this person is around you, their negative thinking, as exemplified by the very nature and content of the thought, disappears (even though it is unconscious), and you bring them relief, or a spirit of hopefulness, or strength - something more powerful than their negative pattern thinking that seemingly arrests their growth and success, enjoyment and quality of life.

Now, a certain type of magician might decide to isolate and entrap this thoughtform, perhaps to extinguish it as one would swat a mosquito. Another may instead decide to first to examine it in every detail, identifying the very reason why the patterns and content of which it is composed lead to the despair, suffering and short-circuting of the cherished goals and ambitions from whom it originated.

Out of good-will and a love for our species and the gift of life, this magician may decide to then begin to subtly reform and reconstruct the patterns and content of this thoughtform, such that the very nature of its polarity (being negative and altogether non-constructive and unhealthy), is forced to reverse polarity by its own momentum and operation, along with a little tweaking (becoming positive, constructive and healthy).

With the intent to 'return it to its owner' such alchemy aims to bring an energetic balance (rather, a constructive imabalance) when it meets again its parent thoughtform from the individual from whom it originated, the Mage would imbue it with the most potent energy composed of the substance of Love, as opposed to the converse, but all the while keeping in mind that the energy of the originator must still remain as the 'substance' from which the magician fashions a different 'essence'. The reason for this is that if the magician were to subtract the energy of the originator, the thoughtform would then be a foreign thing to the recipient, and would likely not 'take' as well, possibly rejected.
The goal is for the recipient to believe with this gift that they themselves were inspired, or had originated this transmutation of unhealthy thinking in to positive thinking and is thus helped by a legitimately intuitive insight into the manner by which he may re-pattern his own mental tapestry.
Just some thoughts - maybe I'm way off. Best to you,
Kissy xo

posted on Nov, 5 2015 @ 04:30 AM
a reply to: soulpowertothendegree
I also feel that the energy on this planet and elsewhere is increasing. This energy is nether good nor bad of itself. This means that we will feel our feel our emotions much more deeply and manisfestation to the physical from the etheric world will also happen a lot faster. The war for our conscienciousness is also being steped up at a rapid rate and as most people have a lot of trouble controling their thought patterns the negative beings are really trying to attack us to bring our level of consciousness down so they can feed of our negative energy Eg feelings of anger, depression, hopelessness, hatred, uncooperativeness and all the side affects and physical manisfestations that go along with these negative feelings On the other side the positive beings are trying to help us to feel positive feelings such as love, kindness, appreciation, empathy and all the side effects and physical manisfestations that go along with these positive feelings

We as a race are going to have to learn to control our thoughts a lot better than we do to day and to think a lot more positively if we are going to have a bright future.

posted on Nov, 5 2015 @ 05:57 AM
Short answer: yes, for a while now, but i at least am getting used to it, and the up-ramp of draining was expected..


I recently moved from what was basically solitude in the bush, to slap bang in the middle of suburbia.
It's so different here, i was adapting.. until today.

there's a large mall about 20 mins walk away, for the past few weeks it's strongest (obviously) at the mall and it's getting worse. I read earlier today a few friends complaining about "what's wrong with ppl today?" but thought little of it.. as it's crappy humid and we're being hit with crappier weather.. no biggie i thought.

Before the mall is a major intersection.. normally the feeling is of mild frustration.. i walk.. so i can fell that oozing from the drivers as they wait impatiently at one of the worst (slowest) intersections in this area. today it felt ravenous, like rottweilers on a leash... the driving from just about everyone i saw was ultra aggressive and so was the bio electric output coming from the moving mass of steel and souls.. that should have been my indicator to just go home.. but i as always put my head down and tried to just block it. it was the same as i shuffled through the parking lot. this big angry/scared viciousness that just wouldn't abate.

When i entered the mall, it was like diving into the ocean during a storm.

It's normally just a few.. in a crowd of many that put out this kind of energy, that.. as disturbing as it can be, is tolerable, avoidable.. today was in total reverse. I came for 4 things.. i did a beeline for the most important one and hightailed it back home.. im used to "emphatic stress" but this was like shoving your head into a fast flowing river of hate and fear.

It's getting worse

posted on Nov, 5 2015 @ 07:12 AM
Of course people are sad and depressed and stressed out and disconnected.

A good majority of people are worried about their jobs, worried about their economy, worried about who the next President will be, worried about the interest rates increasing, trying to pay their mortgages, HELOCs and cell phone bills, trying to raise children in a world that is filled with war, hate and violence.

A lot of people have lost their ability to communicate effectively (face to face) because they no longer have to. It's not the Earth that's changing, it's the population. Get enough negative energy going in one place and sooner or later everyone will feel it in one way or another.

Personally I've felt it and watched it going on for a while. But I haven't forgotten that I have a choice in the matter and that I'm not a victim of society, I am not a slave to what they tell me on TV. I don't have to buy a certain product because everyone else does. I don't have to be angry because of a viral video, I don't really give a damn what might be going on with Caitlyn and I certainly won't allow myself to be sucked into the drama. I can put my iPhone down and have a conversation, or just sit around in silence. I chose not to be a part of the toxicity.

I keep a watchful eye open and I know how to protect myself. I have tremendous faith and remind myself that it is what it is... and everything that happens is supposed to happen.
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posted on Nov, 5 2015 @ 09:36 AM
It's a feeling of something's approaching or like reality is different. There just an energy in the air.

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