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My lesson learned

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posted on Nov, 3 2015 @ 07:40 AM
As a kid i was told, be glad for what you have, there are those who have nothing..
The words always stuck around, but the words were just that, words.
I could never relate to someone who was starving unless i saw it on the television, on those images etched themselves onto my mind, but they were still just that, images.
So years went by, and somehow you became an elder child that never could relate. So i was sent away to my relatives in a far away land to learn the old ways of an ancient past.

And the first lesson was, if you want to survive in this world you better learn what you are and you better learn the lecture of the cross.
So they said bread and water, comes only for those who made themselves worthy, you think the ancient Egyptians worked for a whip or the tools for survival.
Still to this day even with my course of path, i still think back to those words; The choice between the whip or survival.
And every morning at 5am i went outside and took care of the horses, while my uncle had an eye through the glasspainted windows.
When you are done here go and paint the fence, no bread nor water comes from taking care of the horses.

So i painted the fence, i did not complain nor did i have a choice. And my uncle said, when you are done, come down to the butchers slaughter.
Noon came and i went down to the butchers farm. And the words came, do you like your meat, nice and tender. And the horse i took care of every morning stood right there before my very eyes. Do i remember the feeling of how to relate, on that day i understood. The horse looked me in the eyes and his soul said, im gonna die. I grazed him with a gentle stroke and saw the shoot between his eyes.
And there he was no more.

And those simple words that came after is something i will never forget; This world has no survivors.

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