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Old Earth has fallen...

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posted on Oct, 30 2015 @ 09:20 AM
Old earth has fallen.

The war that has ravaged our planet for 35 long years is over. We, the proud race of ‘Earth born’, have lost. For generations, our people have foretold of the end; but I never thought I, would live to see it. We fought for so long. Now it’s gone.

The enemy’s ships appeared from nowhere and began to swallow our planet; within minute’s chaos erupted; they used their ships to create a dome around us, and I swear right before their ships connected I could see them; falling from the sky. They looked like birds… or bugs, thousands of them; too high to really see what was coming, too numerous to not appreciate, at least in hindsight, how doomed we really were. Once the enemy had completed their formation, it got dark; the whole world went dark, and the silence was deadly. Then, the screaming started.

We were cut off from the rest of the solar system, with no way in or out we were left under siege. It was like a great plague, sent to engulf our planet and destroy precisely what we had built. They were so prepared. We threw everything we had at them, with most of our weaponry rendered ineffective; the majority of our military forces were destroyed. Worldwide we were being forced to retreat and our people began to rely on guerrilla tactics for survival. This was Old Earth; our people aren’t capable of going down without a fight.

Once we realised they were immune to our spirit and magic based power, we reverted back to the old ways and took up arms. Guns were mostly ineffective, bullets would just bounce off of them and melee involved a lot of hacking. Our people are well versed in combat; and we initially believed we had a chance. Every fight needed strict co-operation; any mistakes could leave you in pieces. If you were really lucky, you could get yourself kidnapped and be shipped off to the dome. I don’t know what happened up there, but being in a ship with one of those things? I won’t dare to imagine…

We spent most our time during the initial chaos hidden underground. I managed to escape death thanks a small team of my personal guard and got away with two of my assistants; we avoided conflict, despite the power being down and were able to get safely into Underworld, thanks to a secret entrance built into my temple.

Once we arrived, we discovered there were many souls lucky enough to have been evacuated before the lights went out, and my pride was warmed to know that our safe haven held. In the old days, our people were divided. They built bunkers in order to protect themselves from each other during times of war. After Disclosure day, we decided we should evolve this idea into something that would suit our new way of being. We decided to build a huge underground system, connecting the worlds mines, bunkers and underground railways into a safe haven for our Earth Born. We called it the Underworld; a place where we can all be safe, as one.

The entrance locations to the Underworld have been a closely guarded secret since it's manifestation, and only key members of our military were trained to access them. I’m sure the council will be displeased, to only now hear of our Underworld; please forgive our silence on the matter, we decided it would be a more effective measure of protection, if it's existence were to remain a secret. We took these measures to allow for the safest possible evacuation of our people during any extinction level crisis, and I was glad to see that everything we had built wasn’t completely in vain.

Those lucky enough to have been evacuated had questions. Unfortunately they weren’t the only ones and while everyone was looking to me for answers, I had none to give. I could only tell them what they already knew.
We were taken completely by surprise.

Our planet was prepared for many worst case scenarios; Venusian raiders, civil uprising, even an alien pandemic could have been dealt with. But an entire planet worth of invaders… How did they enter our system undetected? The SSS don't use magic for surveillance, neither do the geniuses on Moon-a. How did they not see this coming?

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