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Loving Beauty at Hand

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posted on Oct, 29 2015 @ 10:19 PM
Step outside on a brisk autumn day.

Stroll long beneath the spreading trees and firework leaves.

Gaze up as the sunlight streams between the thick-tangled branches of that bark-twined spiderweb interlaced above you. Admire the vast array of breathtaking colors--looking long upon the deep reds and bright yellows and vibrant ochers of the leaves on high. Then take a deep breath whilst crisp winds swirl caressingly around your form.

Moments like these come along every single day--picturesque times when the world becomes a snapshot awaiting capture, pristine occurrences when nature aligns in such mesmerizing fashion that nothing can you do but stare.

And whence those moments strike, when those times occur, recognize and appreciate them for the miracles they are. For you live upon an ever-changing terrestrial sphere in constant flux and ceaseless motion, a convergence of energy made matter that subsides solely for your spiritual evolution.

You only exist in this realm to evolve yourself spiritually into ascended forms and gorgeous states. And you've only been given a material form in a solid universe for purposes of implanting your spirit in this classroom setting of physical senses and corporeal consequence and inundating you with the beauty made possible when nature converges in pristine fashion.

Thus because you exist for purposes of becoming more beautiful--because you've been birthed into this realm for a decades-long jaunt down these temporal rivers of pleasure and pain--you should take every available opportunity towards appreciating those moments of natural beauty when they arrive.

Remaining alert towards recognizing and realizing those captivating scenes of immense beauty will help keep you alive and alert and awake in a world that works hard towards otherwise lulling you asleep with boring jobs and tedious drudgery and minute trivialities that sap away your time and energy in minute increments until at end of the day you find yourself so depleted you simply collapse upon the couch then surrender consciousness unto the autopilot programming of the brain. And there you sit largely mindless and entirely discontent whilst equally mindless programming plays upon the television or computer.

But you need not fall into that pattern of ceaseless chores and drudging routines. At any point you can break out from that pattern of letting the mundanity of this society drain your energy dry and put your consciousness to sleep.

All it takes is making a concerted effort towards awakening yourself unto the beauty of the world. All you need is step outdoors and derive the immense energy arising from walking within and appreciating nature.

Through loving the beauty at hand you begin awakening the spirit from hibernation. Through finding things to appreciate within the reality in which you subside you start kindling the soul into growth.

For in searching for beauty in the world--in appreciating the amazing spectacles around you--you eventually begin searching for and appreciating nothing more than the beauty and amazement in yourself.

Then no longer will you tolerate within your mind any forms of corruption or decay. No more within your spirit will you accept anything less than utmost light.

Through seeing the beauty in nature and basking in the glow of creation made well, you grow brighter in return. For in addition unto deriving the energy of gazing upon real prettiness in the world, you also gain inspiration towards making concerted efforts towards crafting yourself into newer and greater forms.

So tonight before you go to bed, or tomorrow when you read this message, write yourself a simple note and leave it somewhere you'll always notice. Remind yourself to go out into the world with one intention in mind: Love the beauty at hand.

Then each day after you wake up and drink your coffee, after you stagger around your home getting ready for work or awaken late on the weekends, whenever you leave your house keep that simple suggestion in mind.

Go out into the world each day seeking out all scenes of beauty within your surroundings.

Inevitably you'll find an endless number of things to admire. Invariably you'll discover scenes of incredible attraction and worth.

Practice that method constantly and you'll rejuvenate yourself upon the energy of nature. Employ that technique ceaselessly and you'll enliven yourself with a mindful of inspirations scenes.

Then slowly but inevitably, those scenes of amazing attraction will wash the ugliness from your mind.

Then, gradually but inexorably, you'll awaken your spirit and discover the true beauty within yourself.

posted on Oct, 29 2015 @ 10:56 PM
Every inch of Nature is a marvel.
Walking barefoot does wonders for connecting.

posted on Oct, 30 2015 @ 04:35 AM
a reply to: Trachel
Trees with so much colour and movement are an awesome sight. 'Nature' is so beautiful.
However there is no need to seek out 'nature' - no need to go and find beauty - whatever is at hand is amazing. It is when the mind believes it has to seek it out that what is at hand is missed - what is at hand is the beloved. To be with what is at hand is love - it is harmony - non conflicting.

It is when time comes in that the true image - that which is at hand - is obscured.
Can a tree been seen as it is when there is knowledge about the tree?

posted on Oct, 30 2015 @ 04:51 AM
I am inspired to soak up nature today, thanks for the prod.

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