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When the woods are scary

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posted on May, 30 2017 @ 01:52 AM
Yes I posted this story ten times in three years or so.......

Anyone can go to I-90 and state hwy 18, just east of Seattle 40 minutes....

There's a logging road closed to all except bikes and foot travel....right there....a big well known entrance turn off gate is usually open deal

There's an area just 5 miles or less south by southeast....where there are no roads for 13 miles guess what.....all that area is inaccessible unless you stay on a trail.....not many....or stay on that logging road.....nothing can move there due to the cross thatch and slippery ravines rain forest type country, not like Colorado at all, where ya can see a spot and walk to it

That area...when you see the sightings map on TV for Bigfoot.....all the markers are right there

I called for thirty five minutes at top of the scree slope, and left for 40 minutes

Then sneak back to see that bobcat or whatever can always catch em being curious as to what was making that awful sound for thirty minutes in their territory

I heard a bulldozer get thrown the scree slope and it would now and then hit the big 4 foot diameter Spruce or Red Cedar trees....two hundred feet tall......

So it goes hittin trees and mainly SCree boulders for a short while and I think that's pretty far down the mountain.....but it just keeps going ....hittin trees sounding like a big baseball bat knockin solid homeruns....shoulda friggin hit bottom a minute ago....

And it kept goin......I realized.....some serious crap just went down......what could do big was what could do that and were his friends in on it
It was their friggin mountain

I had two guns with super hardened bear bullets...Garrett Hammerheads 44 Mag

I hopped on my trail 80 and ran outta there like a screaming meemee....

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posted on May, 30 2017 @ 02:30 AM
a reply to: GBP/JPY
Shows how much I end up missing over time.
Thanks for explaining.
Haven't checked out that area in person yet so this helps.

posted on May, 30 2017 @ 02:40 AM
I think ten people....some set up with video......and go callin.......I left grapes and something else when I called.......there at that logging pinnacle

As for that area with no roads......has all the markers on top of each other for Bigfoot historical sightings....and get of the first ever credible sightings by a bunch at a cabin there in 1905, right exactly there.....historical multi party sighting.

Several days or was the Bigfoot coming beside the trees by the cabin as they were haulin ass out....the witness said friendly like, but he ran out the front road anyway catching up to the others in daylight

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posted on Jun, 1 2017 @ 04:43 PM
I love the woods. Big fan of hiking and camping, and will even get my hunter's permit this year to try and get a deer or two.(I love deer venison) and I have heard about strange stuff in the woods along with personally having some odd experiences.

The one was while at a campout for my Tae Kwon Do organization. Every year(except for the last few where they had to make alternate plans due to bed bugs) they have a weekend group camp at the Wyandotte( Frank O'bannon Woods) State Park. Neat area with lots to explore and most of it is way out in the boonies where you can't even get cell phone reception. I always feel "refreshed" after coming home from that.

Well anyways on my first time there about 12 or so years ago one of the instructors told a "ghost story" about how the park and many others like it were made by the Civilian Conservation Corp formed during the Great Depression as a way to get young men employed with good jobs. Not far from the group campsite we stay at is where their old campsite was when they were doing work in the area.

One night a sinkhole opened up under their campsite and quite a few of them were killed. Now it's said their ghosts haunt the area. He also said that they still haunt the area and at night and may even come up to the cabins and knock on the walls or scratch at the window screens. A few of my friends and I joked around how we could have a lot of fun that night but some of the younger kids were terrified and the instructors told everyone to "Please don't try and freak out the kids". The was he told the story you also couldn't be sure if he was being truthful or if he was just trying to mess with anyone.

That camping trip went pretty uneventfully and so did the next few until a few years later when we had the camp again. I even tried doing research on the conservation corp in the area to see if there were any reported accidents or any work in that are and couldn't find anything. A few years later at that I was messing around with a few of my friends there at night and we were playing hide and go seek tag. (Yeah, a group of people in their late teens to early 20's running around the campsite at night, what could possibly go wrong!?) And one kid who happened to be the Grandmaster's son came running up to everyone from his hiding place and was freaking out.

We got him calmed down and asked him what the problem was and he said he saw this large whitish, blob like thing in the woods. We all kind of blew it off and told him he was probably just seeing things. Nothing much else happened that night but then the next night, I was leaving building I was sleeping in to go out to the campfire and in the woods I saw this odd white blob like thing moving through the woods. It wasn't a reflection of the light as this thing was actually WEAVING through the trees at a pace I estimate to be a quick walk or a jog. I wasn't scared or worried like other paranormal experiences I've experienced but it was very strange. Another kid apparently saw it that night and the next day we separately told the people who help out there as cooks and cleanup what we saw and they said those were probably the CCC ghosts and quite a few people in the area have seen those blobs and no flashlight or reflection has been able to recreate them. They also said that the story about the CCC workers staying and dying in that area is TRUE so that would explain the ghosts.

I just so happen to be going back out to that same camp tomorrow so I'll try and see if there's any activity this year.

I have any story, I'll probably post it later. This one ended up being a pretty long read by itself

posted on Jun, 11 2017 @ 04:12 AM

I am new to ATS but I have been a fan for years. I finally decided to upload these pictures to see what the community thinks.
These pictures were taken in 2015 on a camping trip in Northern California. These pictures are not tampered with in any way. While we were camping, my friend decided to take pictures of the bonfire. He did not see these figures and try to get a picture. It was not until we all returned home that my friend discovered the beings in these pictures. You can clearly see 2 separate being almost dancing in the fire. To this day we can't explain these pictures. I would love to hear feedback and if anyone else has had experiences like this.

posted on Jun, 11 2017 @ 11:59 AM
here is why you Creep your self out in teh woods.
find a cematire any will do spend the night .
( if you can last that long .
living in a city big town rarly getting into the woods we fear what we do not know .
Its as simple as that .
As for the kids and the farm house they heard the stories woods are scary ( not ) and taht was all it took . easy to describe something you hear about 20 times .
Nope spent years and more years in the woods lots of birds squarls deer possims racoons .
no ghost no gouls no witches even ( man i really wanted to find that house of candy lol .
Funny isnt it of all teh ghost stories non are of Egyptian ghost nore Indians nore .
every one is the old fart who lived down the street last year .
what no ghost over 20 alawed ?
If any of it was real we would be hearing of nethierandle ghost

posted on Jun, 12 2017 @ 04:31 PM
Holy #ing #, I was literally about to start a new topic about an experience I had today. Was looking for the right place to post it. I guess this thread (at the top of a sub forum) is the right place.

Around me there are some truly nice roads. I was trying to find one, and I got lost. No phone service.

My intuition is pretty good and I have learnt to follow it. Some part of mine is like a pigeon brain, I ALWAYS no matter where I am somehow "know" which direction to go to get to where I want to go. So I was like, Ok, no biggie.

I drove down into this forest area and the first thing I noticed was the heater on my car felt cold. Checked it, no blowing hot air as it should, but all I could feel was chilly. Next thing I know all my hair is on end and I feel almost paralysed, my intuition / inner voice is SCREAMING at me GTFO NOW... I managed to get out the other side, but when I think about it now, 20 miles away, in my own home, I get scared. I don't know how to explain it.

Here is the road I was on. There were no gaps in the trees at this time of year. NO phone service, NO GPS signal,

53°03'50.6"N 3°27'13.7"W

Where it got creepy was here 53°03'57.0"N 3°29'13.2"W You need to tilt the map round 180 degrees.

Looked like this but again with no gaps in the trees.
Even just looking at this image makes me scared.

I can't explain this fear. Again felt nothing like this. Got beaten up a few times before and nearly stabbed and none of this fear. I went on the Alton Towers Nemesis when it opened and none of this fear. It was like all the fear without the adrenaline. I was #ting bricks that my car didn't break down there... My dog was next to me and acting very wierdly, kinda staring at the floor, tail down, whining. So wasn't just me.

The other WIERD bit was when I drove on and went through the other side I SWEAR a whole hour had not passed by. It was around 6:30pm when I got on the other side and about 5:45pm or so when I entered the forest...looking on the maps it is only a few KM long

On top of that it was raining then the rain stopped in forest then continued outside of it. I put it down to canopy on a road, with no canopy above???

posted on Jun, 12 2017 @ 06:04 PM

originally posted by: symphonyofblase
a reply to: UniFinity

Nooo, this thread on

Creepy stories from the outdoors

Lots of people experience that hair raising gtfo feeling, whilst out in the woods. Many people assume that this is just a danger sensing "sixth sense" that all humans have built in, but now that we aren't neanderthals living in caves and forests anymore, we don't really experience it as much anymore. Makes sense.

My father was a royal marine from 16 all the way to retirement. A few wars. Perhaps a few kills who knows...he doesn't talk about it.

Anyway when I look at the image i posted above in my post, I get that 6th sense hair raising. My mother gets it to the point where she feels sick, just looking at the image.

My father however, he sees or feels nothing. Zip. Nada. A modern warrior who doesn't get any 6th sense intuition from that photography.

Wierd huh>?

posted on Jun, 13 2017 @ 05:24 AM
a reply to: Seeeeker

Those photo's are Awesome
!! May just be pareidolea but it really looks like 2 fire spirits or nature spirits having fun right along with y'all

posted on Jun, 13 2017 @ 05:33 AM
a reply to: mustafasaid

That is a Fabulous thread on survivalboards! Been reading it myself when i have the time,usually late at night.

Mustafasaid,i also have felt that GTFO here NOW! feeling,but in an empty apartment in an old Art Deco style apartment block in an old seafront suburb in my country,the most genteel,affluent,sophisticated place you can imagine.It is the most deep primal sense of danger,hard to convey in words,and what made it even creepier,my boyfriend felt it just as keenly,he just about yanked me bodily out of that apartment and we fled like the hounds of hell were on our tails.
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posted on Jul, 9 2017 @ 01:41 PM
There are certain places in the woods that can give you the creeps.

And yes, never go in the woods alone.

posted on Aug, 29 2017 @ 02:03 PM
The woods are scary because nuclear laser beam is fired onto them from satellites, space shuttles and international space stations. The laser beam comes from the top antenna of skyscrapers, and is reflected back from the space. People experience strange (and hurting) vision, and can hear strange noise. Animals like birds are also being harassed by radioactive laser beams.

It can also cause cancer, and other illness within seconds. All civilian people are under this worldwide threat.

This caused the 9/11 attacks in 2001.

posted on Aug, 30 2017 @ 04:08 AM
a reply to: spidermastermind

Sharks with lasers. You forgot sharks with lasers.

posted on Aug, 31 2017 @ 07:34 AM
I've tried numerous times over the years to hike the Presidential Range in New Hampshire's White Mountain National Forest. I'd load up my pack and kit, jump in the car, and make the three hour drive north. My goal has always been to hike the full length of the strenuous 23 mile trail, which includes Mt.Washington and seven other mountain peaks, and camp out for the night before making the return trip the following day.

But each time has met with failure. Each time I got a weird feeling in my gut that prompted me to turn back; I'd make the trek to Mt. Washington, then backtrack and head for home. The one time I ignored my gut, I continued on past Mt.Washington and got inexplicably tripped up and fell ... leading with my head right into a boulder. I swear I never bled so much in my life. I got bandaged up and made the long trek back, arriving at my car around dusk, and made the three hour ride home.

I haven't been back since.

posted on Sep, 5 2017 @ 12:48 PM
a reply to: Serdgiam

I've had my share of experiences in the woods, I was raised as a girlscout in Mexico (V. important i say it was in Mexico).
There's a place over here where we camp a lot its called "Meztitla" in Tepoztlán, Morelos. I've been camping almost once a month since i was 8 years old, and in this campsite i've had the strangest things happen to me, i know i am a magnet for everything strange.

Funny thing is that "Tepoz" (short easy name for Tepoztlán) is considered one of the "magic towns" of mexico due to its heritage of Chamanes "shaman in english?" and Nahuales or people that can turn into animals.

I had an uncle that was Chaman, he used to cure with plants and lived in a huge piece of land between 2 really high hills and whenever the wind passed between those hills you could hear Sirens sing, i remember being very young and visiting him and listening to the most beautiful "Whistle" ever. This is how my uncle described it to me, as something "magical" like Sirens singing.

I rarely saw this uncle but i wished i could have spent more time with him for guidance.

Back to the paranormal, enough backstory

I remember camping one time in Tepoz, we were inside the tent trying to sleep, we had a light bulb with an extension cord fixed to a stake so we could go to the bathroom at night without tripping with something, anyway, the light of that lightbulb hit the side of our tent and i clearly heard a neigh as a i saw a horse shadow being projected on the tent. We (
like 5 girls around 12 years old) opened the tent and to our surpise nothing was there, i mean horses are fast but at least you hear them galloping away or stepping on the rocks and twigs of the campsite...

Another time when i was nearly 16 we were camping there too and we were advised to make a "makeshift cupboard" out of broomsticks and rope so we could put the food in there and elevate it on a tree since dogs were stealing the food. We made it, put the food in it and hung it on a tree and away we went to our day, when it was time to make dinner i was one of the first girls on the campsite and i saw from afar a cow walking with a dog on its back up to the tree where we had the food hanging and the dog jumped to the branch and stood in it as he ate the food, people thought i was crazy but a camp leader later told me to not be scared because it was a Nahual (people that transforms into animals) controlling the cow so he could steal some food... I mean the camp leader has worked there for decades and he has seen some weird stuff..

And this happened to my brother when he was around 10 years old, he's 22 now, also on the Tepoz campsite:
The leader scout took them on a trail up a hill to have a special "mystic" meeting, you know, where you get your patches and stuff.. they also made supper up there, when they finished eating they closed their "fire in a tin" but the leader spotted one can that was not closed properly and could explode so he went to grab it to close it when it exploded on his face, the oldest kid was about 12, imagine having around 15 boys ages 9-12 years to help you get down the hill with your face burnt---- anyway, the kids were panicking when a dog appeared near their group, the dog was very insistent they kids followed him, the kids soon realized the dog was runnig back and forth to the path they took so they followed it "as any normal 12 year old kid panicking would..." The freaking dog led them to the campsite again!! DOWNHILL! there the kids yelled for help, again, the same camp leader knew it had to be a Nahual that helped those kids... a person disguised as a dog.

I've got hundreds of these, i've seen UFO's, strange beings, ghosts, whatever you can imagine, in those woods.

posted on Jan, 12 2018 @ 11:48 PM
I love the woods. When I was a practising pagan I used to do all my spiritual castings and works in there. Used to camp at night in there... love the woods...such solitude

posted on Feb, 12 2018 @ 03:17 PM
I love walking around woods, I find them magical and powerful, you can gain such energy just from being there, but yes, creepy at times too!

posted on Feb, 13 2018 @ 07:13 AM
a reply to: DeltaWonderland

I feel that too,in the wilderness,very true about how energising it is! Best thing in the world is playing in a cold mountain stream in the forest on a hot day,drying out on the rocks with the sounds of nature all around.On this planet,that for me is as good as it gets.

posted on Apr, 19 2018 @ 04:39 PM
The woods creep me out. Not sure why. I have had strange experiences in the San Luis Valley, though not specifically at the Sand Dunes.

posted on May, 5 2018 @ 04:04 PM
These are cool stories, but have any fellow British members of ATS had any strange encounters in our woods?

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