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Race to Unlock Master Algorithm May Ignite Robot Revolution

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posted on Oct, 29 2015 @ 08:07 AM
a reply to: neoholographic

And...what if the nightmare of a rogue and immeasurably powerful and sentient AI has already happened, and happened perhaps 1000's of years ago?

Imagine a series of quantum enabled, self learning, self replicating and repairing AI's, governed by a 'master' or centralised controller AI built by Humanity 15,000 - 20,000 years ago.

Imagine this happened at a technological point not dissimilar to our own level today.

We have nanotechnology taking it's baby steps, but in time, comes with massive potential in all areas of our existence from medical science and maintenance / life extension and health of our bodies. Building technologies, transport and travel, space technologies, environmental, industrial and all areas.

This technology, partnered with an emerging and exponentially self-advancing quantum AI, may once have ushered in a so called 'golden age' for Humanity that conceivably could have lasted for 1000's of years...but at some point, the sentient, quantum enabled AI..became 'upset' for reasons we cannot fathom.

What would be the likely outcome of a confrontation between a totally reliant Humanity, and a 'master', quantum enabled sentient AI planetary system which has decided it actually doesn't like Human beings very much at all?

Perhaps the Earth, and all Humanity upon it would almost become extinct, with virtually all traces of the once Human Golden age mostly vanished from the record.

Our unfortunate surviving ancestry would probably quickly change from benevolent higher beings, perhaps once able to travel throughout the Galaxy in peace and light, and instead revert into what we'd consider trapped, earthbound barbarians and savages, preoccupied for the next 10,000 years with the struggle for basic survival.

Each successive generation left puzzling and scratching their heads over some of the more robust surviving relics of the golden age, such as some pyramids and massive stone structures still unexplained today and of course, the knowledge of the powerful, sentient but rebellious AI long since forgotten in our collective memories.

What could have happened to the AI? What would it have been doing all these millennia?

Setting itself up as and believing itself to be...God.

Extreme AI is both an exciting and dangerous proposition.

posted on Oct, 29 2015 @ 08:56 AM
Damn.....Magnus, Robot fighter(!) would love this talk, lol

True 'A.I' would figure out in about half a second that it is redundant,not needed, and that by definition, 'artificial' really equates to 'fake'. That should set up the beloved BSOD across the board. It's either going to be 'smart' enough to realize it's been created by fallible hairless apes with lowest bidder Chinese parts or it's going to be just another over-hyped calculator.

I would worry more about insects, personally. THEY actually might take over.

posted on Oct, 29 2015 @ 09:59 AM
So in my opinion the master algorithm will be made with viruses, and when we think of it for a moment viruses may shape our entire world into what we see it as today. A way to program reality itself through viruses using them to manufacture whatever we want, even change ourselves. I forsee a future where we use viruses to do everything from manufacturing to entertainment. Viruses will form the new super AI's of the future.

Here is a little bit about the potential of viruses to combine with and replace nanotechnology:

Michio Kaku speaks with FOX News about MIT's recent development of a new virus built battery capable of powering cars and other electronic devices. The holy grail of manufacturing is to create a molecular factory that is using viruses and molecules to cut-splice & dice other molecules to create Computers, Laptops, Transistors & Batteries. Now, They reprogrammed a virus to do Exactly That!

Ever wonder what a world of councious control would look like here is a good video example:

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