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A question, hypothetical but plausable.

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posted on Oct, 27 2015 @ 06:21 AM
Hello ATS,

I have an odd question. Well, maybe not odd, but certainly something I am curious about.

Should WWIII break out before the next US President takes the oath, and is fully in the position, would the current president have any way of blocking an election, or suspending such things "In the interest of national security"?

What about a financial collapse? Would the same suspension of such things be possible?

Is there law or president for such action?

Is there any sort of.... Continuity of Government for this sort of action?

More importantly, do people have a feeling this could happen within the next year?

NOTE: I'm expecting a polite discussion on the laws, and such.. NOT the people in the office in question. Please remain civil, and respectful, and lets enjoy the topic I've brought up. Thank you.


posted on Oct, 27 2015 @ 06:36 AM
a reply to: Cygnis

Elections have occurred during your civil war as well as the two World Wars. The 22nd Amendment seems to say a flat 'no' to any mucking about with the election cycle at any time.

Of course, it'd be understandable to delay elections due to something as inevitably 'attention-needing' as the next World War. Time will tell.

posted on Oct, 27 2015 @ 06:37 AM
a reply to: Cygnis

It's an interesting question that I wondered about during W. Bush's last year in office. But after witnessing hardly any change in policies, both foreign and domestic, after Obama became president, I no longer see the importance of who is president.


posted on Oct, 27 2015 @ 07:01 AM
a reply to: Cygnis

In a nutshell, it is possible...If WW3 breaks out and the US is directly attacked, then he can invoke Article II, Section 2, clause 1 of the US constitution and assume the role of "Commander in Chief" of the Army and Navy of the United States. Presidential power advocates argue that this provision confers substantive constitutional power upon the executive branch to engage military forces in hostilities.

He can then declare martial law within 48hrs and nullify all elections until further notice or the risk of danger has been eliminated. He will be required to remove all troops after 60 days if Congress has not granted an extension.

So, he can use the military to remove Congress and install a new one - if he can convince the Military to circumvent their oath to uphold the Constitution and defend the US from all enemies both foreign and DOMESTIC.

This has never been tested, but it's all there in the US Constitution for just the right set of circumstances to manifest itself for a sitting POTUS to enact it.

For US civilians, this is where the 2nd Amendment to said Constitution would come in rather handy - as long as you had guns and ammo of course.

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