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Terrifying sleep paralysis shared by roommate and myself while in the "funny farm"

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posted on Nov, 1 2015 @ 07:12 AM
a reply to: JackReyes

That's an interesting response, and well argued using scripture; however, I believe there's a depth of meaning beyond the use of a simple English transliteration of YHWH. For the reasons I stated before, the use of the transliteration in isolation from a discussion of the deeper meaning, brings the risk of negative connotation & a closed door, much in the way that doors are closed on the official Jehovah's Witness movement.

Have you read into any material covering the amazing depth of meaning which is conveyed by the Hebrew language itself? Each Hebrew character is a letter, word, gesture of sign language & number. There's a fair bit of material coming out now regarding the multi-dimensional nature of the script, and I'd recommend having a look into it. Sadly I can't recall the name of the author I'm thinking of, but I can check and let you know later on.

As you didn't answer explicitly, and basing it off the way in which you replied, I'm assuming you are a Jehovah's Witness? Great Bible knowledge, but I'm not alone in believing that the interpretations are very, very skewed.

Anyway, we're definitely off-topic now, so I'll sign off on this conversation.


posted on Nov, 1 2015 @ 07:12 AM
double post!
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posted on Nov, 1 2015 @ 07:18 AM
a reply to: FlyInTheOintment

Ok. And yes, we are off topic. Just to let you know the name Jehovah comes from the Hebrew verb Hawah, which means to become. And YHWH, or Jehovah, literally means: He causes to become. In other words, God can become whatever he wills to accomplish whatever his goodwill desires. And only God can rightly call himself that.

That is why in the NWT, while you may read in different translations when Moses asked him who he should say sent him, some translate the Hebrew "Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh" as: "I am that I am." But he was not referring to his self existence but reaffirming his personal name, thus more accurately translates this as:

(Exodus 3:14) . . .So God said to Moses: “I Will Become What I Choose to Become.” And he added: “This is what you are to say to the Israelites, ‘I Will Become has sent me to you.’"

I'll sign off on this too as well.

And no as of right now I am not a Jehovah's Witness. But perhaps will be one day.

posted on Nov, 1 2015 @ 03:43 PM
a reply to: seaswine

Like someone mentioned, this could be a side effect of some pharmas you were on. Opiates make me have especially weird dreams.

But there are also entities who feed on fear like a drug, and they will project hallucinations to make you afraid. It's just how they get their jollies. They usually manifest as a black shadow shape on your chest, trying to restrict your breathing, thus promoting fear.

Were you in an especially old building? They sometimes attract odd entities, and can have residual hauntings. Remember, if someone was nasty in life, their spirit will probably be just as nasty.

posted on Nov, 3 2015 @ 06:39 AM
One of my all time favorite expressions of this phenomena is painting done by Van Gogh after he had been committed to the insane asylum.

For many the dark "shadow man" on the left appears to be the source of all the psychotic voices.
Van Gogh used a Cypress tree as a kind of static symbol for Hades the unseen forces.

For many years this painting remained an unexplained symbolic gateway to hell for me.

How do you build on something this esoteric?
Just looking at this painting always summoned a cacophony of voices that left me paralyzed.
Like trying to analyze x ray light emitted from beyond the event horizon of a black hole.

Then one day out with my camera I noticed this dark sculpture which was kind of similar to the Starry night "shadow man" when viewed from a static perspective. In the real world it could be navigated, flown around or maybe even flown through like Jonathon Livingston Seagull diving faster and faster towards the stone wall?

Maybe Hawking was wrong you can free fall around the event horizon of a black hole to see the light?
And just at that moment a new noise entered my consciousness where there had been silence, I pointed the camera and snapped the picture.

Instinctively I knew the plane was too low the engine was sputtering they weren't going to make it.
I ran for cover as the plane circled around and crashed.

Why did those people have to die?
Was it Gods will or the will of Satan?

posted on Nov, 3 2015 @ 07:07 AM
I've had out of body experiences and sleep paralysis most of my life, its scary stuff I've only recently learned what it is and I'm trying to learn to control it but so far I cannot.It happens to me randomly, but more often than not its during midday when I decide to take a nap.Once I was on the couch I started getting shallow breaths and I looked at my wife and tried to get her attention and speak but could not.I then felt a full body jolt like when you have a feeling of falling in a dream and you jerk! I woke up I guess lol scary stuff but tons of other things have happened to me better left said on other forums

posted on Dec, 11 2015 @ 11:39 PM
I know most people will dismiss this as superstitious nonsense but try this it doesn't cost you anything and won't hurt if doesn't help. It will certainly help so don't dismiss it outright unless you enjoy sleep paralysis. It obviously has saved me so I am trying to help others. I was not a religious person by any stretch of the imagination until recently.

Recite the following at least but preferably three times before sleeping:

I seek refuge in God against the Accursed Satan.
In the name of God, the All-Merciful, the Compassionate.

Say: I seek refuge in the Lord of the Daybreak
From the evil of that which He created;
From the evil of the darkness when it is intense,
And from the evil of malignant witchcraft,
And from the evil of the envier when he envieth.

Quran Chaper 113: Daybreak

I seek refuge in God against the accursed Satan.
In the name of God, the All-Merciful, the Compassionate.

Say: I seek refuge in the Lord of mankind,
The King of mankind,
The god of mankind,
From the evil of the sneaking whisperer,
Who whispereth in the hearts of mankind,
Of the jinn and of mankind.

Quran Chapter 114: Mankind

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