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JFK Assassination Plot Mirrored plot to over throw Charles De Gualle in 1961.

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posted on Oct, 22 2015 @ 04:59 AM
As you watch, perhaps with alarm, as thousands of refugees from Muslim countries make their way through Europe in a seemingly endless parade, you may be wondering if some of them will end up living near you, and how this might affect your life.

If you step back and look at the bigger picture, you will see the situation in reverse: how much the dominating presence of those from the western world has affected the daily lives of people living in Muslim countries.

What the colonial powers have done in Muslim countries is well known. Less well known are the machinations of Allen Dulles and the CIA in one of these colonial powers, France.

Without the knowledge or consent of President John F. Kennedy, Allen Dulles orchestrated the efforts of retired French generals, rightwing French, Nazi sympathizers, and at least one White Russian, to overthrow Charles de Gaulle, who wanted to give Algeria its independence. Dulles et al feared an independent Algeria would go Communist, giving the Soviets a base in Africa.

And there was another reason to hang onto Algeria: its natural resources. According to the US Energy Information Administration, it is “the leading natural gas producer in Africa, the second-largest natural gas supplier to Europe outside of the region, and is among the top three oil producers in Africa.”

We note with great interest that the plot to bring down Charles De Gaulle — the kind of people involved, the role of Allen Dulles, the motive behind it — all bear an eerie similarity to the circumstances surrounding the assassination of John F. Kennedy. But that is another story.

As we have said earlier, Dulles’s job, simply put, was to hijack the US government to benefit the wealthy. And in this fascinating series of excerpts from David Talbot’s new biography on Dulles, we see how his reach extended deeply into the government of France.

WhoWhatWhy Introduction by Milicent Cranor

JFK Assassination Plot Mirrored plot to overthrow Charles De Gualle in 1961.

by David Talbot

Plots, Panic, and Rumors of CIA Involvement

It was Cuba that created the first fracture between Kennedy and his national security chain of command. But while the Bay of Pigs was still dominating the front pages, the CIA mucked its way into another international crisis that required the president’s urgent attention. The Cuba invasion has all but erased this second crisis from history. But the strange events that occurred in Paris in April 1961 reinforced the disturbing feeling that President Kennedy was not in control of his own government.

Paris was in turmoil. At dawn on Saturday morning, April 22, a group of retired French generals had seized power in Algiers to block President Charles de Gaulle from settling the long, bloody war for Algerian independence. Rumors quickly spread that the coup plotters were coming next for de Gaulle himself, and that the skies over Paris would soon be filled with battle-hardened paratroopers and French Foreign Legionnaires from Algeria. Gripped by the dying convulsions of its colonial reign, France braced for a calamitous showdown.JFK Assassination Plot Mirrors plot to over throw Charles de Gaulle

posted on Oct, 22 2015 @ 05:07 AM
Allen Dulles and the agency mucking about in France during the Algerian War for independence.There was 3 divisions of the French army outside of Paris waiting orders to march two a division of paratroopers who fought in Algeria and a tank division this was as serious as it got.It left many around the world wondering if JFK was in control of his government.The fear among the CIA and the French right wing was that an independent Algeria would turn communist and align itself with the USSR and the loss of the country's natural resources. Part 2.
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posted on Oct, 22 2015 @ 03:02 PM
Talbot's not the first to notice this. It's even mentioned in the movie JFK.

But always worth bringing up again.

posted on Oct, 22 2015 @ 07:00 PM
Part 3.

Part3: Goes into de Gaulle's purges of the entire French Intelligence Community.The former head of SDECE General Paul Grossin told Frank Wisner that de Gaulle's return to power was like the communists taking over Paris.He also shut down their direct action arm the 11th Shock. (Shock Battalion) He suspected that a good portion of the plot came from that unit.Needless to say Allen Dulles freaked when JFK did the same after the Bay of Pigs.

posted on Oct, 23 2015 @ 03:18 AM
a reply to: mike dangerously

De Gaulle was dismissed after the French riots taking place in May 68. His problems started after he wished France would adopt a firm stance towards Israel in the aftermath of the 6 days war. He issued at the time a speech that was a strong critic of Israel's actions.

- Speech transcript and translation -

CDG :We will now talk about the middle-east. If you want, I was asked questions about the current conflict and I'm now ready to answer them.

J1 : War having started in the middle-east 6 month ago, it ended almost immediately as everybody knows. What do you think about the evolution of the international situation in that part of the world ?
J2 : How is that, that Israel is the aggressor when it is Nasser who closed the strait of Tiran ?

The establishment, between the two world wars … because you have to go back that far.
The establishment, of a Zionist seed in Palestine. And then after the second world war, the establishment of the state of Israel, was raising a few suspicions.
People were wondering, even many Jews, if the settlement of this community on lands that were acquired in a more-or-less legitimate context – and in the middle of arab people that are deeply hostile to them – wouldn't generate unstopping, endless,frictions and conflicts.

And even some were fearful that the Jews, - so far scattered, but that managed to stay what they have been forever : an elite population, self-confident, and dominating – started, once gathered on the site of his previous glory, to change their ambitions in the hopes they were chasing for 19 centuries : 'Next year in Jerusalem !'

Despite the cycle of persecutions that they were causing – or should I say inducing – in some countries, at some eras, they managed to keep an important amount of sympathy and interest in their favor. Mostly, let's admit it, among the Christians.
An amount (of sympathy) traced back to the memory of the Testament, fed by all source by a wonderful liturgy, enforced by the empathy caused by their ancient suffering, and turned poetic by the legend of the roaming jew, re-enforced by the abominations they endured during the second world war, and developed – since they got back a homeland – by their constructive achievements and the bravery of their soldiers.
That's why – despite the numerous supports, in money, influence, propaganda that the Israelis were receiving from Jewish communities of America and Europe – many countries, including France, were satisfied by the establishment of their homeland on the territory that the big powers acknowledge them. But were hoping that – by using a bit of modesty – they would be able to reach a peaceful 'modus vivendi' (way of living) with their neighbors.

These psychological considerations changed after 1956.
After a joined French and British operation in the Suez Canal, we noticed a Israeli state warmongering and ready to expend.
And then, the actions they were carrying out in order to double their population, through immigration, led us to think that their new territory wouldn't be enough anyway and that they were ready in order to further extend it, to use any opportunity to do so.

That's why at the time the fifth republic took distances with Israel, special tights that were in place as part of the previous situation were reconsidered and, the fifth republic was trying to make less tensions in the middle-east.
Of course we kept with the Israeli government good relations, and even, we provided them for their defense, the weaponry they were asking to buy.
But at the same time, we offered them some moderation advises, about the Jordan River or about the skirmishes that were opposing forces on both sides.
Finally we disagreed with their installation in a part of the city of Jerusalem they conquered, and we maintain our embassy in Tel-Aviv.

Then, once the Algerian affair was over (Algerian independence, we initiated with the Arab people of the middle-east, the same policy of friendship and cooperation that was for centuries the one of France in that part of the world. And this policy has to be the base of the way we treat our foreign affairs.

Of course, we made it obvious for the Arab as well that for us, the state of Israel was a fact and that we wouldn't tolerate its destruction. So that, all in all, we were expecting to be able to offer to that part of the world a long and lasting peace cause be installed. If only no new drama takes place … And, unfortunately, the drama took place (Six Days War). This went gradually, with an increasing tension caused by the scandalous fate of the refugees in Jordan. And because of the threads calling to destroy Israel.

The 22nd May, the strait of Tiran closure, embarrassingly caused by Egypt, would offer the ideal excuse to those who wanted to fight.
In order to prevent hostilities, France offered as of 24th May, to the three others main powers, to prevent both parties to engage conflict.
The 2nd June, the French government officially declared that he would disprove the one who first would start the fight and we made it clear to all the countries involved. That's what I personally declare on the 24th of May to the foreign minister of Israel, I happened to meet in Paris.
'If Israel is attacked' – I told him – 'We wouldn't let it destroy. But if you, we will condemn your initiative. Despite the numerical inferiority of your population since you happen to be better organized - united – and armed than the Arabs, I wouldn't be surprised that you would have military success. But then, you would be engage, on the ground and on the international scene, in ever growing problems. Mostly because war in the middle always causes an increasing tension in the whole world and have a lot of embarrassing issues for the other countries as well. So that it's up to you, now conquerors, that should be blamed for the side effects.'.


posted on Oct, 23 2015 @ 03:19 AM

We now know that the voice of France hasn't heard, Israel having attacked.
They reached after six days of war most of the objectives they targeted.
Now, they organize on the territories it conquered, occupation.
Occupation that goes along with oppression, repression, expulsion.
And there manifest itself against him, the resistance, that he then label as terrorist.
It is true that both parties are now having a fragile cease-fire, promote by the united nations but it is obvious that the conflict is only suspended and that there can't be any solution without an international agreement.
But a solution – unless the UN decided to scrap its own chart – a solution needs to start with the evacuation of the territories that were grabbed by force, the end of all combats, and the recognition of both states by all the others.
After that, with the approval of the UN, their presence and the guarantee of their troops it would be possible to define definitively the drawing of the borders. Conditions of daily life and security on both sides. The fate of the refugees and the local minorities.
And then, the conditions for free navigation for all in the Tiran strait and the Suez canal.

So that such a solution could take place, solution to which - according to France – you should add an international status for Jerusalem. For such a solution you need the agreement of the major power that would automatically provide the agreement of the UN.

And if such an agreement can take place, France is ready to offer political, economical and military support to enforce the deal. But I don't see how such an agreement could take place as long as one of the biggest of four, would be rid of the infamous war he is fighting elsewhere.
Everything is entangled in our world today.
Without the drama of Vietnam, the conflict between Israel and the Arabs would have escalated that much. And if south-eastern Asia would see peace coming back, the middle-east would have it back soon as well. As part of the overall decrease of tension that would ensure …

posted on Oct, 23 2015 @ 08:12 PM
A great post-script!
It seems that the ME vexed even Charles de Gaulle himself.Great speech if someone gave the same speech BiBi would be howling about "anti-Antisemitism"


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