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posted on Oct, 21 2015 @ 05:24 PM

Whilst they schemed they missed
the water that rolled over the rocks
the smile in your eyes
those lips that whispered
the secrets of bliss.
Whilst they built chains, they missed
the pink and blue skies.
the wonder of the stars.
the pleasure of feathers
that travel free and afar.
Whilst they dabbled in the dark arts
They missed, their chance.
to be lovers, breathing
in the eternal dance.
Hearts beating strong and fast.
Whilst they fixated on death,
they missed the beauty
of the fallen leaves
the gift of the trees.
Snow peaked mountains
and the awakening breeze.
Whilst they despised us,
lied to us and tortured us.
Our hearts grew stronger
Like oaks, sacred acorns,
seeds of love & wisdom
crossing rivers, always afloat.
Of this,our lives truly spoke.

Eliberocelta Oct 22 2015

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